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Tippmann X7 Phenom

tippmann x7 phenom

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Introducing the new spool valved Tippmann X7 Phenom .68 marker. It's the latest and greatest addition to their tough line up of scenario markers. This spool valved X7 has a high rate of fire capability in a easy to maintenance familiar package. This electro pneumatic paintball gun is the birth of something special from Tippmann. You now have the ability to keep up with the rate of fire of the tournament markers that are brought into the woods. It's claimed to have a much more air efficient operation and be more consistently accurate. It can be fired manually or electronic, and be used with HPA or CO2. The price tag starts at $399.99.

The New Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Gun

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Tippmann introduced the new paintball gun today(10/21/09). It's arrival marks Tippmann's first fully electronic marker and sets the stage for more to come from the super manufacturer. Players have been trying to increase their rate of fire for years. This gun finally help accomplish that and more

While other manufacturers are partially retooling for the .50 cal, Tippmann continues its commitment to its hardcore scenario players. Earlier this month, they released the redesigned SL-68II pump gun. Although, it's price tag has received hard criticism, it is a welcome return to the world of pump guns.

The new Tippmann paintball gun is a dream come true for many scenario players. The Tippmann X7 has been regarded as the most customizable paintball gun in the sport. It has the ability to transform into almost and milsim look you could dream up. From super snipers, to AK47, to a purpose built CQB door banger, It has the ability to transform to any players needs. Now, with Tippmann releasing the X7 Phenom, it will have the much need rate of fire to match.

What's next for Tippmann? Will they join Kingman and Smart Parts in a new line of .50 cal guns? Is the world ready for that from Tippmann? Or will they sit back and feel the love from its' new player feedback about the X7 Phenom?

Posted by Redwood

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