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Tippmann X7 Sniper

tippmann x7 marksman

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The paintball sniper or marksman position is growing in popularity every year. What better way to accomplish this position than with one of scenarios best paintball gun ~ the Tippmann X7 Sniper Rifle. Set up correctly, this will be the dominant marker on the field. The Tippmann X7 is one of the most customizable weapons, with hundreds of upgrades available from several popular paintball companies.

Tippmann has developed several pre-built well balanced rifles to fit the needs of the paintball sniper. The Designated Marksman and the Rifleman kits are available with long range accuracy in mind. These kits include a barrel that will give you consistently accurate predictable shots and do so quietly. The porting on these barrels reduces your target signature by a reduction in noise and redirecting the noise.

Dominate the field with a Tippmann X7 Sniper Rifle

Another great option for building a Tippmann X7 Sniper is the Flatline barrel. It has the ability to shoot well beyond other barrels and can be used in a "shoot and run tactic". This can keep your competitors disoriented and hunting a ghost while the rest of your team flanks them. Another advantage of the Flatline on the X7 is the ability to shoot under dense canopy woods. This can come in handy when shooting from a limited view area under cover.

What ever level of sniper skills you have, the Tippmann X7 Sniper can take your game to the next level. Take your game up now...

Posted by Redwood

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