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Tippmann X7 Stock

tippmann x7 stock

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If your already shooting one of the best scenario weapons available, you know how important it is to get a stock on that X7. The Tippmann X7 Stock upgrade maybe one of the hottest selling accessories available. Setting your gun up to perform in a highly balanced manner requires you to have the ability to shoulder the weapon quickly and accurately.

A Must Have Upgrade ~ The Tippmann X7 Stock!

Any serious sniper or CQB expert will reinforce the ideal that having a stock that fits your needs is ultra important. A steady aim and ease of stability will help you to put a paintball directly on your target. With a properly adjusted stock on your X7, you will have a lot more control over your gun. This can drasticly increase your reaction time by making a stronger connection with the added gun to body contact point.

There are several styles of stocks available as a direct fit for your Tippmann X7. You maybe choosing one to complete a certain gun build look(e.g. AK47, M16, ect), or your searching for the most functional fit and feel. Most people will choose an adjustable style stock to add to the complexity of changing your gun to fit multiple rolls.

Even though the M16/M4 carbine stock is the most common, don't limit yourself to this choice. The Commando gas through is very convenient and can fill a strong roll too. There are also several other adjustable and folding stocks available. What ever you choose, make sure it's going to fit your playing style and help you on the field!

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Posted by Redwood

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