Hollywood puts Paintball on TV

Paintball on TV is becoming a popular addition to network shows. The show tries to create camaraderie between characters. Paintball is considered to be a mans sport and most shows will have the woman of the show dominate the males of the show. Hollywood hasn't figured out the safety aspect of it yet. They regularly show players in cheesy safety glasses or the players taking off there paintball masks on the field to discuss a plan of attack so we can see the person. No rational player in their right mind would dare attempt this.


CSI NY recently had a episode about two top level tournament players "scrimmaging" in an alley and into a warehouse taking no consideration for private property. One of them ends up dead after being shot by real bullets. At first the wise detectives thought it was a trick paintball with a lead inside before they figured it was a different shooter with a real gun. DOH!

Another paintball disgrace done by Hollywood is the use of paintball markers for vandalism. People are regularly show shooting paint at personal property to damage it. Jack on the Osbournes shoots at his neighbors house because he's mad at them. Jackass uses a paintball gun to inflict pain and welts on Johnny Knoxville. In a new episode of "Big Day" paintball players shoot the wedding staff(who has no eye protection) with paintballs causing them to be intimidated and run off.

Does Hollywood really have paintballs best intentions in mind? I don't think so

Posted by Redwood on 12/28/06

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