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US Army Carver One CQB Marker Package

carver one paintball gun

$188.95 (Last Checked 08/30/2010)
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If you're looking for an affordable scenario gun we have officially given the US Army Carver One CQB Marker Package the head nod. It's a seriously tough looking milsim weapon that can deliver a bucket load of paintballs down field or a single paintball to an unsuspecting sniper victim.

The base Carver One has been proving itself since Tippmann released it under the US Army line up of paintball markers. It's an excellent choice for the value conscious player looking for a gun that can be built up over time and have some of the better accessories right out of the box.

We have Officially given the US Army Carver
One CQB Marker Package the Head Nod.

tippmann carver one cqb

Tough and Rugged Looks

This version of the Carver One comes all tricked out as a paintball gun ready to go into battle. It has a 6 position collapsible butt stock that will allow you to tailor the gun to fit your playing style and needs. A vertical tactical foregrip is included to provide you with more control and better aiming possibilities. To further dominate the battlefield with pinpoint accuracy, a red laser with foregrip activation switch will be mounted on one of the front tactical rails and help you to choose your victim in a target rich environment.

If you're trying to decide what paintball gun to buy, we would recommend this marker if it's in your price range. It's a quality piece of equipment from Tippmann with their two year manufacturers warranty. This gun will serve you for many years to come.

Being a Tippmann produced product, there will be a lot of available upgrades to custom create a personalized marker that will stand out in a crowd. Add a long range accurate sniper barrel and a scope on the top tactical rail. You will be picking off your opponents one by one in true sniper style.

us army carver one cqb

Sleek and Smooth Performance

This gun shoots well on CO2 or HPA, although, we recommend an expansion chamber for high rates of fire with CO2. You could also add an inline regulator, if using HPA, to further increase the Carver One's air efficiency. This gun does well with air, but it could always be improved.

Although the US Army Carver One is designed for more of a CQB setting, this is an excellent choice for a multipurpose paintball player that wants to be versatile and able to complete any mission his team gives him. How can you go wrong with the Tippmann name attached and the US Army logo proudly displayed.

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Posted by Redwood on 05/10/2010