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Where to sell your used paintball equipment.

Selling your used paintball equipment can be fun and easy to do. Getting top dollar for your gear can help pay for upgrades or newer versions of markers and apparel.

Ebay is probably the most thought of place to sell your old equipment. The selling process is streamlined and there are a lot of eyes searching for used PB equipment there.

Another popular place to sell your equipment is Craigslist. Again, there are a lot of people search there, and craigslist ads may do well in search engine results. The great thing about Craigslist is that it's free and typically finds buyers locally. The deals can be made quickly and you get the cash in your hands right a way.

Sell Your Paintball Gear

Some of the more popular paintball forums get a lot of traffic through the "for sale" sections. You can post for free and possibly get a conversation going about the marker or gear that you're selling. Many of the forums have buyer and seller reputation tracking to help ward off bad buyers/sellers.

Don't overlook your local paintball field. Some of them may have a bulletin board in the proshop or field house where you could post the equipment for sale. Again, this would typically lead to someone local to help you avoid having to ship the item.

Check Facebook for local paintball groups where you may be able to post your used stuff. There are several groups on Facebook in our area and we often see items for sale there.

One of the most common ways to sell things is by word of mouth. Talk to your paintball friends and acquaintances to get the word out. We've sold most of our equipment this way. You may also be able to do this via social media - Twitter, Instagram, or others that allow you to post a brief description and a photo.

Take the time to look around at what options you feel comfortable doing and what is affordable for you. Selling your used paintball equipment is easy and fun to do. If you take your time and make sure you're getting a safe and fair deal, you'll have some extra money to buy new gear.

*Get started selling your used paintball markers and gear on ebay.

Posted by Redwood on 01/23/2014