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White Paintball Camo

Paintball is turning into a fashion platform. Seems every year some new crazy trend comes out in appearance. This year I've been noticing people with their white camouflage. It's the hot new thing!? Lot's of the top teams are shifting towards it, and every young team that want's to look the part on the tournament scene has been turning a ghostly white too. Dye has quickly responded to the feedback of their factory teams and jumped on board. Their cutting edge equipment is now available in the crazy white. Seems it has been selling good too. Dye reports a huge surge in the new fashionable trend. White Paintball Camo? Who'd have thunk?

White Camo Dye i4 Mask


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The popular i4 gets the white camo treatment. It's labeled as a limited edition, but supplies are plentiful for now. The great functional mask is considered to be one of the best masks to ever grace the paintball field. It's ultra light weight soft molded shell and incredible field of vision definitely sets it apart from competitors, however it's elevated price tag sets it out of reach of most players. Will the new ability to make a fashion statement with the white version make it more coveted?

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White Camo Dye Rotor Loader


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The Rotor isn't left behind by Dye either. Take the worlds fastest paintball spitting device ever conceived and splatter it with white camo. You just created an odd looking hail pelter on steroids. The 50+ ball per second loader is arguably the best option for keeping your high end marker fed. But when considering the investment needed to lasso one of these babies, you'd better put it in your Will so your kids can inherit the thing.

Check out the new Dye Rotor White Camo Paintball Loader now.

Posted by Redwood

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