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Radar Sensing Ramping Board

Most major paintball organizations have strict rules on how many balls per second your gun can shoot. PSP is 12.5bps and 10.5 bps, Millenium is down to 10.5bps. We all know that the guns we pour our money into can easily out shoot those tiny limits. Why not take back the advantage you deserve?

Announcing the Wolfpack Radar Sensing Ramp Board


The paintball leagues are using radar to check player's guns for rate of fire and feet per second. Just like the radar the police use to check your cars speed, this radar is detectable. The new Wolfpack Radar Sensing Ramp Board can sense when the radar is specifically upon you and changes the output of the gun to the "safe" mode. When the radar is gone, the gun returns to the "uncapped" mode.

In "safe" mode your rate of fire will be reduced to 9.5 balls per second and shoot at 280 feet per second. In "uncapped" mode the rate of fire is uncapped and the feet per second raises to well over 300 fps. Your team will have the advantage back that it deserves.

Other features of this board include:

  • A short burst radar scramble. This is used when the radar is first turned on and you need a second for the balls in the air to land before being measured. The refs won't notice the extra second it takes to get a steady reading.
  • An annoying squealing noise that will make the ref uncomfortable being close to you, and cause him to quickly move on.
  • A LED that illuminates while your being clocked.
  • An optional internal 10gig MP3 player with USB port.

Actual Board for Eagle Talon

The Wolfpack Radar Sensing Ramp Board has the complete appearance of your guns stock board. It is completely undetectable and only active when your custom predefined activation sequence is executed. This can be a series of trigger pulls or a certain toggle of your guns power switch.

The internal DIP switches are programmable to cap the fps. You can decide how much pain you want to dish out. Shoot at 350fps when playing your friends then raise it to 450fps when playing a team you don't like. There is a special "turbo"(uncapps the fps to your guns max) button you can hold down if you want to bonus ball the ref who made the bad call on you last match.

Release your abilities and beat those restrictive rules! Let's beat the paintball leagues rate of fire caps! Buy a Wolfpack Radar Sensing Ramp Board today!

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This product was developed, reviewed and posted on April 1