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WGP Worr Machine EG Electronic

worr machine eg

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Save your money for paintballs and field fees! Electronic paintball markers are becoming more competitively priced. The new WGP Worr Games Machine EG Electronic paintball gun sets new standards for entry level markers. With so many features of a high end paintball slinger, this little giant packs in a break-beam system and multiple firing mode adjustments. It's a gun that can take your game well beyond your budget.

The Worr Games Machine EG usually under $80

The WGP break-beam eye system is a new state of the art sensor that doesn't get confused like some of the other systems out there. It will not fire unless a paintball is comfortably seated in its ready position. It actually "looks" to see that the paintball is properly fed into the breach. This keeps the gun shooting more consistent and helps to increase its accuracy.

The 90 degree electronic two finger composite trigger frame has a lightweight pull that has three firing modes. You are in total control of how much paint you want to send down field. Choose from semi-auto, 3 round burst or unleash a hail storm of full auto.

WGP build the Machine EG paintball gun to be easily field stripped for quick service. No tools are needed to get to the important components. This can keep you in the action while other guns would required the operator to leave the field. The top cocking bolt is equip with a rear push pin that allows you to efficiently remove the bolt for a fast inspection.

The gun can run effectively on CO2 or compressed air. The inline regulator helps control the consistency between shots with an ultra fast recharge time. This is essential for smooth operation in full auto mode.

Other great features of this marker include a strong lightweight aluminum body, electronic operation done by a single 9v battery, an ambidextrous vertical feed neck, and the gun uses the very common autococker barrel threads for maximum barrel compatibility.

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Posted by Redwood

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