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X7 X36 Carry Handle

x7 x36 carry handle

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As far as Tippmann X7 upgrades go, we singled out the X7 X36 Carry Handle as one of the most useful improvements you can make to your paintball gun. Maybe it's because we are lazy, or maybe it's just so multi-purposely efficient. What ever the reason is, we all agree the X7 X36 carry handle is an awesome upgrade for your marker. It's a snap to install and it's very affordable.

Improve functionality with the X7 X36 Carry Handle

If you play large/long scenarios, you know there can be a lot of down time walking to an insertion point. Having the X7 X36 carry handle can ease the burden of hauling your gun around. Over a long day of paintballing, this can leave you with more energy for playing. The handle is conveniently located above the center of gravity for a balanced carry. It also allows you to maneuver your X7 through brush and over obstacles.

The X7 X36 carry handle is equip with a Weaver rail on top of it to mount your scope/sight or other accessories. It raises your sight line to a more accurate level that provides clearance for a mask wearing paintball player. You know what I'm talking about if you've had to quickly press your face against the gun stock for a line of sight and had the problems of interference with your paintball mask. The X7 X36 carry handle also has a peep hole sight for accurate shots when not mounting an additional sight.

The carry handle fits right onto your stock Tippmann X7 and is a quick and easy installation. It has a built in cutout to clear your hopper. It works with the stock hopper, a lo-profile design, or the off-set hopper. It's 12inches long as the base and gets our vote for a very smart Tippmann X7 upgrade that you should feel good about.

Check out the Tippmann X7 X36 Carry Handle now.

Posted by Redwood

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