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Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Top 10 Reasons Paintballers Live Through It:

paintball zombie
  1. Your crappy bunkering skills would finally work on the slow-moving zombies.
  2. Fact: Zombies are deathly allergic to gelatin capsules.
  3. Countless zombie scenario events played every year at fields all over the world.
  4. Typically, paintballers are more fit, and it's all about the cardio!
  5. Blind and disorient zombies with paintballs to the eyes. Then, RUN!
  6. Paintball masks protect your eyes and facial orifices from infected zombie blood.
  7. Can anyone say frozen paintballs to the head?
  8. Ninja-like reflexes honed over years of dodging 300 feet per second paintballs.
  9. Blend in - with enough welts you'll look just like a zombie.
  10. You finally get to shoot opponents with your marker at max velocity!

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Posted by on 05/24/2012