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Paintball on TV

Whoo Hoo! With the internet becoming more TV 'friendly', paintball TV shows will be easier to access on the web. The great invention of Hulu will bring paintball on TV right to your computer screen in an on-demand style. Search Hulu for Paintball and you will find a lot of great programming from Jackass to Hells Kitchen. There are more shows being added almost daily. You want paintball, you got it.

College Paintball on NCPA.
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ESPN Paintball
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The Outdoor Channel
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The NCPA has provided material that you can post at your store or field, send to your email list, or forward to your friends, on the NCPA website at Please feel free to use this material to help promote the sport to your customers, friends and family. The NCPA promises quality programming that everyone in the sport can be proud of. Check out the clip of the first point on the NCPA website for an example! The NCPA has always produced excellent programming, and it's great to show the public that paintball is an established, televised, college sport. Look below the graphic for information on how you can help promote paintball to the masses!
Chris Raehl