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Ali Express Coupon Codes

Ali Express is a huge retail market place that sells everything under the sun. Including a lot of items us paintballers love at discounts and with coupon codes to boot! Some of which include paintball equipment, high powered flashlights, consumer electronics, sports and causal wear, and airsoft items. There are even opportunities to purchase cases of paintballs at wholesale lots or pallets of paintballs.

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More About Ali Express:

Ali Express is a discount and coupon code wholesale outlet for international retailers. Most of them are merchants from China selling at very cheap prices. It's a market place that often brings you deals on an almost unlimited variety of products. Some of these are even eBay sellers and stores.

The market place offers feedback and promotions on products and sellers so you can choose who to do business with. They also offer a buyer protection policy where they don't pay the seller until you receive the merchandise you ordered and report it to them as acceptable.

They offer many different forms of payment, including: Visa & Master Card(credit or debit), PayPal, Western Union, and their Ali Escrow. They can also connect you with Moneybroker, a payment company that accepts almost any type of credit card or payment system based in Europe.

There are often several shipping options available, which is great considering the distance most of the merchandise has to travel. Besides the occasional free shipping coupon codes, if you're willing to wait for your order to arrive, you can often get super cheap or even free shipping. That saves you even more money.

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Posted by Redwood on 03/09/2012