Goggle Skinz Lens Stickers

Blend into your background

The two most recognizable shapes are your paintball loaders profile and mask. Of those two your mask is most obvious due to the light reflected by your lens. The shape of your lens is also easily seen. Installing goggle skins on your mask system will reduce your signature that people search for when scanning for enemies.

The guys at Goggle Skinz created several camo colors and patterns to fit your needs. Urban camo is the hot new look but the old school woodland is still a favorite. Tiger strip camo is also a sure to blend in option for your goggles too.

These lens add-ons are tough enough to with stand many direct hits and stay intact. Their unique design hold them to your lens in all kinds of weather and conditions.

Make a statement on your field letting everyone know your serious about not being seen. Your sure to change the odds in your favorite with Goggle Skinz...

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