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Team Wolfpack: Barrel Bore Size Chart

This chart is as accurate as possible. Most of the specs I got via e-mail from the manufacturers. I compared other websites that had charts and found that most agreed. However, some of these brands have been bought and sold over the years. This can cause and inconsistency of manufacturing processes/methods and bore size.
Obviously it's fairly important to have a close paintball to your paintball barrels bore match. The vertical accuracy of the barrel is somewhat determined by this match.
This method of published bore sizes should only be a starting point for correct match. The best method is the standard "blow test". Place a ball in the back of your barrel and try to roll it through, if it doesn't roll, try to blow it through lightly. It should take a medium to light amount of breath to pass the ball. You want a snap type exit with out having to blow hard. Any thing less and the barrel bore is probably too large.
Keep in mind paintballs are subject to inconsistencies of there own. They are sometimes oval or egg shaped. I'd rather have my bore match too loose than too tight. This would make up for poorly manufactured paint. Paintball to barrel bore match is something that takes a little practice. Good luck and don't forget to leave us feedback.

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