Paintball Basics - Q&A Guide

Noob Alert!

We get questions sent to us several times a week asking basic paintball questions. We're always happy to answer them, but hope to help you out a little better by creating a "Paintball Basics" guide where we'll answer the most common questions that beginner and intermediate players ask.

Every paintball player had to start somewhere and we were all new to the sport at some point. These questions are legitimate concerns that everyone needs answered sooner rather than later(or never). Our team will share our playing experience with you, from our first days at the field, to playing major tournaments.

Beginner Paintball Q&A

One of the most common questions we get from people who are interested in starting to play is, "Does it hurt to get shot?" Well, of course it does! But, how bad and is it worth it? Lets dig into that in depth in our first article: Does it hurt to get shot?

Some of the questions we will digging into as we continue to build this guide will be shaped by input from you and straight from our team's "oops" files(an assortment of embarrassing things we did wrong when starting out).

A few of the more popular questions we will be answering are:

If you've got a paintball related question, please send it to us through our contact page. You can find the link in the footer of the page. We'll try to get back to you ASAP.

Posted by Redwood on 12/07/2011