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Wolfpack Paintball Team Roster

Chad "Shifty" - Team Captain


Name: Chad
Nick Name: Shifty
Number: 21
Marker: Proto PM8 & Tippmann X7
Tank: 68ci x 4500psi Crossfire
Paintball Loader: Halo B & Vlocity
Mask: vForce Grill
Main Position: Front
Age: 33
Experience: 9 years
Profession: Maintenance
Quote: Play hard or go home!
Best Skill: Athletic Ability
Biggest Pet-peeve: People with big egos.

About Shifty: Commonly mistakes pods for Tupperware containers stuffing them with sub sandwiches for that on field victory snack. At times his attitude toward winning can be carried onto the field in an inappropriate verbal fashion. He can be quoted yelling at opponents with such phrases as; "I hope you have health insurance you pencil neck!" and "Remember me? Remember me? You're going to remember me!".

Caleb "Redwood" - Team Webmaster


Name: Caleb
Nick Name: Redwood
Number: 7
Marker: Smart Parts EOS & Tippmann X7
Tank: 68ci x 4500psi Crossfire
Hopper: Halo B
Paintball Mask vForce Grill
Main Position: Back
Age: 37
Experience: 10 years
Profession: Professionally Unemployed :(
Quote: I'd rather be lucky than good any day.
Best Skill: Communication
Biggest Pet-peeve: People with hindsight.

About Redwood: He can be spotted doing the moon walk to avoid being hit by an opponent out of paint. Other embarrassing on field characteristics include, but are not limited to, having problems playing because he is giggling too hard, being called out by refs for lifting his face mask to get a better smell of his own flatulence and incidences involving having to bend over to pick up his pod-pack 2 or 3 times during a game.

Pat "Dozer" - Team Airsmith


Name: Patrick
Nick Name: Dozer
Number: 75
Marker: Planet Eclipse X-Factor 08 Ego
Tank: 68ci x 4500psi CrossFire
Hopper: Halo B
Mask: vForce Grill
Main Position: Middle, Front, Back, wherever. Prefer the middle it's a good mix of everything.
Age: 29
Experience: 10 years
Profession: Auto Technician
Quote: Stay heavy on the trigger!
Best Skill: Accuracy Shooting
Biggest Pet-peeve: LOOSING!

About Dozer:(Short for Bull Dozer, revised from Bull Shitter) has been known to be inconsiderate by winning the game in the first 10 seconds while his team mates are trying to get to their primary bunkers. He is also an expert at effectively stalking and ambushing every referee on the field. Dozer has been seen in a speedball game shooting out a nearby player in an adjoining rec-ball field then arguing for the points.

Mike "Ramrod" - Team Physician


Name: Michael
Nick Name: Ramrod
Number: 00
Marker: Red Polished DM8
Tank: Dye Throttle 68/4500, PMI Pure Energy 68/4500
Hopper: Halo B
Mask: vForce Grill
Main Position: I love it in the rear
Age: 30
Experience: 9 years
Profession: Mill Rat
Quote: I respectfully decline to leave a quote, for this is a family oriented web site.
Best Skill: I look good in leather.
Biggest Pet-peeve: Last call!

About Ramrod: Aka. Dr. Ramathong Von Funkenstien. Mike has been an over achiever his whole life: he was the president of his 8 grade break dancing club, voted by Mobile Home Magazine as having The Perfect Mullet, and recognized as one of the founding members of the Rubber Knife Gang. After high school he followed a year long tour with the boy band Menudo. He was devastated when the group name was sold and changed. "It just didn't have the same tang" claims Ramrod. After settling down with his mom he has developed several hobbies; paintball, sheep handling and his true passion, corn dog sculptures.

Doug "Hero" - Team Super Hero


Name: Doug
Nick Name: Hero
Number: 33
Marker: AGD X-mag Extreme
Paintball Barrel: AGD Extreme and Stock
Tank: PMI Pure Energy 68ci/4500psi
Hopper: VL Evo2
Mask: vForce Grill
Main Position: Mid/Front
Age: 27
Experience: 7+ years
Profession: Mechanic
Quote: Don't run or you will just die tired.
Best Skill: 2 on 1 come backs
Biggest Pet-peeve: political correctness

About Hero: Doug also known as Hero got his nick name after spending years fighting off several disease's. Seems his mother dropped him, when he was an infant, into an unflushed toilet at the mall. Hero claims to have a list of illegal ninja moves that he will use if his life is ever threatened. Hero also has written and published a book entitled "99 other uses for powdered milk".

Obama "Cheese Ball" - Team Scapegoat

Photo Banned in all 50 US States!

Name: Mud
Nick Name: Hey You
Number: Z
Marker: Fully Semi-Auto Pump Cocker
Barrel: Aluminum Tube
Tank: Bic Butane Lighter
Hopper: 10 Round Gravity Tube
Mask: High School Lab Goggles
Main Position: Dead Box
Age: Smells Pretty Old
Experience: Some
Profession: Semiconductor Maintenance
Quote: Spray and Pray
Best Skill: Wiping
Biggest Pet-peeve: People who nag(i.e. my wife)

About Mud: He was recently fired from his job at the local "rent by the hour" hotel after he was found filling a hollowed out watermelon with sheet squeezings from the dirty beds. He holds the worlds record for the longest walk over hot coals and credits his tolerance of the heat to the extreme case of athletes foot and toe corns, "The corns come in handy during the hot coal walk but I find myself chewing on them during the off season".