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Misc Paintball Guns

Azodin Paintball Guns

Azodin makes some really fun paintball guns, from their affordable priced Kaos marker to the high end Zenith gun. They even developed a great shooting pump marker that is showing up all over fields at pump events.

BT Paintball Guns

BT makes one of our favorite paintball firing weapons to carry into battle. The SA-17 pistol is light weight and fun as heck to shoot. BT also makes markers like the famous TM7 and TM15, both serious guns for the scenario player.

CCI Paintball Guns

CCI has been blasting paintballs down field one at a time with their well know paintball pump guns. They have been the leader in development of this style of play for many years. If your looking for a new style of play, CCI is for you.

Dangerous Power Paintball Guns

Dangerous Power has come to this sport boasting some sick equipment. The all new Dev and Dev i guns have been rated as some of the best guns for the money. They shoot like silk and throw a ton of paintballs down range. Check out Dangerous Power guns now.

Empire Paintball Guns

For a company to make such great accessories for markers, you'd expect them to have some of the best paintball guns on the market. Empire recently re-released the Trracer pump paintball gun, it's awesome. They also have the Axe, a mini clone on steroids.

Gryphon Paintball Guns

An affordable option to some of the more expensive Tippmann guns, the Gryphon markers are produced by Tippmann and tested hard in woodsball games all over the world. These paintball guns are build for entry level player that demand more from their equipment.

Invert Paintball Guns

Invert may be best known for their ultra light Mini. It took the industry by storm proving that you can build a small 2lb paintball gun that can bring a reliable high rate of fire to the field and not break the bank.

JT Paintball Guns

JT isn't just the worlds number one producer of paintball masks, they also put out some great paintball markers. The Cybrid is a sweet little paintball throwing machine that can ruin the day of your opponents. They also make a hardcore milsim gun known as the Tac-5.

Planet Eclipse Guns

Planet Eclipse does paintball gun right. They have been producing popular gun that can give any one a bad case of "high rate of fire giggles". These guns are known to shoot fast and ultra smooth. If you need it, Planet Eclipse can deliver it!