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Paintball Harnesses Packs/Pods

Tactical Paintball Vests

Tactical Paintball Vests

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Walk onto the field completely prepared. A strong tactical paintball vest will put all of your essential equipment in arms reach. Those hugely demanding fire fights will be a walk in the park when your totally ready with your gear in tow. From pods to communications, a tactical vest can carry everything you need to keep you firing on the front lines of the battle.

BT Paintball Packs

bt paintball packs

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BT has been a growing dominant force in the scenario paintball world for a long time. Their reputation is well known as a leader in paintball gear designed for the serious player. You will demand respect when you walk onto the field with a BT paintball pack stuffed full of your equipment. These packs are very heavy duty and designed for a long service life.

CP Paintball Pack

cp paintball pack

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If you keep up with which paintball companies are making a large impact with new products, you will notice CP has been releasing some great additions to their line up. The CP Paintball Packs are right up there with some of their best inovative paintball gear. They have been producing field tested packs that meet or beat much higher standards than other paintball brands.

Dye Paintball Packs

dye paintball packs

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Dye is one of the best known names in the paintball industry. They have been building some of the most coveted paintball equipment since the sport began. Most the the Dye packs are considered to be the most high end and high performing. If your an upper level tournament player or a woodsballer who demands more out of your gear, then these packs are the ones you should be looking at.

Empire Paintball Packs

empire paintball packs

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Empire Paintball Packs are dominating at a field near you! Their strong durable construction is matched my their fit and function. Their comfort waste bands will hold the unit in place and not dig into your skin. You will have easy access to your pods with their quick release elastic cuffs. That's about everything that a paintballer could ask for!

Gen-X Paintball Packs

genX paintball packs

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Gen-X came along and changed the game. Now other paintball manufacturers have to raise their standards in quality and competitive pricing. With a full line of go fast products for the paintball scenario player, this company has been making themselves known. They have several camo'd packs, vests and harnesses to choose from to make your life on the field a little easier.

JT Paintball Packs

jt paintball packs

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When it comes to a name you can trust in paintball, everyone knows JT. They started out early dominating the world of paintball masks. Now their impact in the pack section has become a overwhelmingly strong place. JT paintball packs come in a lot of configurations to fit your playing style. Several of the packs have an air tank pocket for players that prefer remote air.

Kingman Paintball Packs

kingman paintball packs

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If your a loyal Kingman player, you will appreciate the Spyder packs. It's a perfect fit for any player who is serious about his skills, but doesn't want to brake the bank. The Kingman Paintball Packs are rugged and designed to deliver even in the harshest of conditions. Being left out in the woods with no paintballs is not fun, so buy a pack that delivers.

MadDog Paintball Packs

maddog paintball packs

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MadDog paintball carries everything from tactical vests to tournament fast loader harnesses. They have some high style designs that will show everyone your aptitude for the game. The tuff nosed razor sharp packs are designed to flow with your body as you move through the field picking off your competitors one by one. Show them now with a MadDog paintball pack.

NXe Paintball Packs

nxe paintball packs

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Hit them with brute force! The NXe packs are a line of hardcore products that will smack your opponents straight in the face. Don't take any crap when you play, let them know what your there to do! Dominate the paintball field with NXe paintball packs. Whether your a serious tournament player shooting around the bunkers or a sharp edged woodsballer stalking your prey, NXe!

Proto Paintball Packs

proto paintball packs

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Proto doesn't just produce some of the fastest guns in the world. They also have a full line of soft products to take your game up several levels. Proto is a sister company the the bid Dye corporation and therefore has to keep their quality standards high. If your searching for a pack to match your Proto Matrix, or just looking for an affordable high end pack, Proto is here for you.

RAP4 Paintball Packs

rap4 paintball packs

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RAP4 is one of the most dedicated scenario companies to ever grace paintball. Being seen with their equipment is a sure fire way to get noticed as a serious player. There performance matches their commitment to scenario play as well. They have been one of the most innovative companies in the woodsball world and continue there impact with a high standard of performance and quality.

Tippmann Paintball Packs

tippmann paintball packs

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Every player knows Tippmann. Recently, they have developed a true blood woods worthy line of soft equipment to keep their loyal brand players more than satisfied. With every move they make, Tippmann is becoming more and more "THE" name in paintball. If your as serious about paintball as this company is, then we suggest using their paintball packs, you won't be disappointed.

Angel Paintball Packs

angel paintball harness

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Angel has all types of paintball players covered with their tactical harness and speed packs. They offer the serious scenario player their "Fat Boy" vest with pull tabs to adjust for any player size, and the ability to hold 10 pods of paintballs. That should keep you assualting your target all day. They also offer super fast speedball packs that will keep paintballs within quick reach for tournament players.

Paintball Tubes & Pods

paintball tube pod

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Keeping a good selection of paintball pods and tubes is important. Not only for the ones your going to take onto the field, but you also need some backups for those on field disasters. You never know when the destruction monster will hit and claim the lives of one of your precious pods. Having a spare pod or two on hand will help keep you in the game.

Paintball Gun Cases

Paintball Gun Cases

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It's always a good idea to help cover up that awesome shiny finish on your paintball gun when it's in transit. Seems everyone has some kind of stylish paintball gun case. Maybe it's time for you to find a gun case that will protect your little baby. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than scratching up the beautiful finish on your gun.

Paintball Duffles & Backpacks

paintball duffle bags and packs

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Get all of your gear to the field safely in an organized manner in one of these stylish backpacks and doffle bags. They can even be used to haul all of your junk to school too. There are a huge selection of name brands to choose from. Your favorite paintball companies can now accompany you to school or help get all of your equipment in one place.

Paintball Pouches

paintball pouch

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There are all sorts of special configurations and needs when it comes to paintball pouches. If your in need of a south paw(lefty) system, or a leg mountable tank pouch, you can find them here. Having equipment that better fits your needs can make for a more efficient and comfortable day of paintball play.