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Proto Matrix Paintball Guns

Proto PMR Paintball Guns

Proto PMR Paintball Gun

Price Check: New

The Proto Matrix Rail and Matrix 2010 markers provide you with an incredible rate of fire at extremely efficient air consumption. The body has 3D milling that makes this one of the most beautiful guns on the market. The PMR's electronics provide you with total control over your guns operational characteristics. Several different firing profiles are available to match your playing needs.

Proto SLG Paintball Guns

Proto SLG Paintball Gun

Price Check: New

The Proto SLG paintball gun brings a whole bunch of things to you as a player that you would have to spend a lot more else where to get. The SLG is a hybrid of materials that provide a light weight chassis with ultra strong durability. This super gun operates at an extremely low pressure and allows the Hyper-3 regulator to maintain a very consistent internal pressure. The SLG's innovative break beam eyes will keep you in the game even when you are shooting cheap field paintballs.