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Kingman Spyder Gun Upgrades

Spyder Air Accessories

spyder expansion chamber

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Make your Spyder gun use its air supply more efficiently by upgrading its air related components. Conserving the amount of air used per shot will keep you on the field longer. Some Spyder air upgrades also let your paintball gun recharge its air system faster giving you and increased rate of fire.

Low Pressure Chambers

spyder low pressure chamber

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Just like the other air upgrades, a low pressure chamber will help your Spyder paintball gun recharge its internal air system much faster between shots. This can help your rate of fire and the consistency of accuracy. Having a predictable shot is very important. This will also help your gun be less affected by temperature.

Kingman Spyder Barrels

kingman paintball barrels

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Obviously, we all like to have some options for barrels when at the field. Some people have a different barrel depending on what style of play they are doing that day. Woodsball may include a longer ported barrel, while speedball wants a shorter more polished model. It's good to have barrel options for the different type of paintballs too.

Spyder Barrel Adaptors

spyder barrel adaptors

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Already have some money invested in a barrel for your Tippmann? No problem, buy one of these handy paintball barrel adaptors and start using your other brands of barrel treads on your Spyder. One of these barrel adaptors can save you a lot of money by allowing you to use other threads on your Kingman marker.

Batteries and Chargers

Kingman 9v Rechargeable Battery and Wall Charger Combo

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People underestimate the importance of having a fully charged battery in their electronic paintball markers. Taxing a half or undercharged battery by working it with a high rate of fire is a bad idea. The Kingman 9v Rechargeable Battery with Wall Mount Charger will keep your gun firing at full voltage.

Spyder Body Kits

spyder body kits

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Maybe you want to turn your blue marker red? Or your green marker blue? Time to freshin up your look? We've got you covered with the Kingman Spyder marker body color kits. Say you change the color of your team's uniforms and want to match your gun to the new apparel, no problem. Check out these body upgrades and color kits.

Kingman Spyder Bolts

kingman spyder bolt

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Thinking about increasing your rate of fire? Here's a great solution for doing that and increasing your Spyder markers air efficiency. Invest in a new bolt for your gun and lighten up your internals. There are several bolts and brands available from TechT, Orange and Kingman that will fit right into your marker with no modifications needed.

Spyder Electronic Boards

spyder electronics board

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An upgraded electronics board for your Kingman marker is definitely one of our favorite upgrades. There is nothing like being able to totally customize the way your marker responds to your trigger pulls. Set it up to ramp early or set your trigger settings to give your Spyder a serious tournament feel.

Spyder Feed Necks

spyder feed necks

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Have you ever had your stock feed neck let go of your paintball loader when you need it to perform the most? Like jumping over a bunker under fire and having your hopper fly off? It leaves you unable to return fire. Time to step up to a high end feed neck. You will thank yourself the next time the battle gets intense.

Kingman Spyder Grips

kingman spyder grips

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Sweaty slippery hands can make gripping your marker difficult, add mud or paint to those grips and you are holding on for dear life. Don't let your precious paintball gun hit the ground because your hard worn out grips don't let you control the markers weight. Get some high end paintball grips for your Spyder now.

Spyder Sight Rails

spyder sight rail

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Position that new paintball sight proudly on top of your marker with a sight rail. It can help you get the sight line out of the way of your loader. Adding a sight rail can also add convenience by giving you a handle to carry your weapon when trekking through the woods to your next battle insertion.

Spyder Sights and Lasers

paintball laser sight

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An awesome addition to any serious scenario player is a great sight. Being able to spot your opponent with a magnified scope or marking him with a laser sight is fun and can really give you a competitive edge. Don't get caught in someone else's cross hairs, get some of your own now and rule the paintball field.

Kingman Spyder Triggers

kingman spyder trigger

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If your tricking out your internals or upgrading your electronics, make the most of it by adding a trigger that you can easily walk. Start raining paintball down field like a bad hail storm and make your competitors run away crying. There are several triggers types to choose from including roller triggers.

Repair Kits and Parts

kingman spyder parts

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Don't ever get yourself caught at the field with your marker in need of repair and no repair kit in sight. Or having to shell out a ridiculous amount of your hard earned cash for a repair kit at a field. Pieces and parts for your marker are a good thing to keep on hand and a wise choice for regular maintenance.