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Paintball Gun Bolt Upgrades

There's nothing more disturbing than a problem with your bolt. Pinching paint and scratching your beautiful gun's bolt bore will cause a calm person to explode! Yet bolt upgrades can be one of the biggest improvements to your paintball gun.

Besides increasing the air efficiency, accuracy and life of your paintball gun, a bolt upgrade can increase your firing rate and prevent pinched paint. Now wouldn't that make paintball so much more fun?

Increase your Paintball Guns speed with a new bolt

Lighter weight bolts cycle faster with less kick. That means you can keep your eye on the target with out a bone jarring flutter from your gun trying to flop around. As firing rates of paintball markers increase, the need for light weight internals seems obvious. Your stock gun may be able to easily shed a pallet load of weight from replacing the bolt. Even a few grams can make a big difference.

Some bolts are build with materials that can help absorb the damage from dirt getting into your gun. Instead of pinching the dirt between your bolt and bore just to have it grind into both, the bolt can absorb most of the displaced space of the dirt. This causes less damage to your bore and allows you a chance of cleaning vs replacement.

Most of the more popular paintball guns like Spyders, Tippmanns and Smart Parts Guns have several factory made upgrades in addition to several aftermarket companies making innovative and unique bolt and internals to choose from.

A typical bolt replacement is a fairly easy task for a mechanically inclined person. The bolt may come with instructions or the gun owners manual should detail removal of the bolt. Most guns require little to no lubrication of the bolt, just a regular cleaning, especially after playing in sandy or wet conditions. Check with your guns manufacturer instructions on cleaning intervals.

Posted by Redwood 7/25/07