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Military Paintball Guns

Most scenario fans love Military Paintball Guns. They are the type of guns that really stand out in a crowd at an event. Some of the more popular configurations include the AK47 and the M16. Some newer designs are making their way into main stream paintball too. The MP5, M4 and several others make a great platform design for a functional milsim weapon.

AK47(solid stock)

ak47 paintball gun

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The AK47 could be the most recognized paintball guns in the world. It has been seen carried by some of the most dangerous terrorists around the globe. Imagine how your competitors would feel seeing you shooting at them with an AK47? This fear inspiring gun is one of the true military replica guns in paintball. It has a real look and feel with a wood stock and foregrip. It's a tough metal build with tons of features for a strong performance on the field.

AK47(folding stock)

ak47 folding stock

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The AK47 Folding Stock is a great version of the original AK. It has a medal folding stock for more configurable carrying options. It also provides you with a different type of look for an AK47. These guns have a 150 foot effective firing range and a max range of 300 feet. The velocity is adjustable from 200-400 feet per second. If it's a true milsim look your going for, this weapon definitely fits the call. Check out this marker now!

Ariakon SIM 4 M16

ariakon sim 4 m16

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Take a look at the Ariakon SIM 4 M16 and you will find one of the most realistic feeling military replica guns on the market today. It comes completely setup to dominate the paintball fields. This new build SIM 4 comes with a fully functioning field strip capabilities and adjustable sights including windage and elevation adjustments. Its ArmoBlast finish is a very durable tough finish that has a real gun appearance. With a gas efficient high rate of fire, this weapon can keep up with the best of the military guns out there.

Ariakon SIM 5 MP5

ariakon sim 5

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Wow the crowd with the total look alike Ariakon SIM 5 MP5. You would almost swear it is an actual MP5 gun. It has a very realistic weight and feel of the famous MP5 tactical gun. SWAT teams all over the world employ this gun as their primary assault CQB weapons. Constructed from aluminum alloy and an ultra tough polymer, the SIM 5 is at the top of its class for durability and can withstand the riggers of room clearing under adrenaline. Set yourself up with one of these highly respected paintball guns.

Ariakon SIM 5 Pro Elite

ariakon sim 5 pro elite

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The Ariakon SIM 5 Pro Elite takes the SIM 5 to a whole new level. It is equip with some of the coolest looking and functional upgrades that any scenario paintballer can put to good use. The low mount tactical flashlight, high mount red/green dot scope and suppressor type barrel are all contributing factors of this gun being one of the most realistic looking weapons on the field. The SIM 5 works well with CO2 or HPA air tanks. Its gas efficient high flow bolt keeps your shot consistent and very accurate.

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