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The Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun

Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun

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The Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun has been out for a while now. It was the first to bring us the ground breaking Cyclone feed system that did away with needing a battery powered loader to achieve a high rate of fire. Other amazing things that the A5 gave us were features like a field strip-able platform and it's amazing ability to be transformed into almost any milsim gun.

As the Tippmann A5 ages a little, it's certainly kept up its popularity and can be spotted on almost any paintball field or paintball store that you encounter. Players all over have found ways to create a totally unique customizable marker that performs well and doesn't break the bank.

The Tippmann A5's Cyclone Feed has eliminated the need
for battery eating hoppers to achieve high rates of fire.

Several of the larger Tippmann A5 retailers have build kits, either that can be purchased for your A5, or kits that also include a new A5. Many of these kits are designed to achieve a certain look, such as an AK47, MP5 or M4. Some of them are assembled to fit a specific paintball team position, such as a paintball sniper, a room clearing CQB, a SAW or Heavy Gunner position, or just as a well build all around assault weapon that's a more versatile paintball slinger.

Tippmann A5 core Sniper Rifle

Tippmann A5 core Sniper Rifle

Most of these kits are relatively affordable, and in some cases they can be customized to order. Paintball-Online and RAP4 are just two of the places that you can go to find these sometimes exotic looking Tippmann A5 paintball gun packages.

Want to add some accessories to the A5 you've been shooting for years? Tippmann designed this marker to accept a huge amount of add-ons and there are many manufacturers producing accessories for your A5. Core, TechT, Maddog and BT are just a few of the great paintball companies that are putting out very affordable options for you when customizing your gun.

Some of the more popular upgrades for first time builders are barrels, sight rails and stocks. But, it doesn't end there, there are lightened and balanced internal components that can help your A5 cycle faster. That can make your gun more efficient and kick less which leads to a more accurate consistency from shot to shot.

The Feed System
The Cyclone Feed System has some internal upgrades for it too. Squishy Paddles can help prevent cheap field paint or brittle paintballs from breaking when loading. There are also improved lever/linkages that make the system more consistent and operate smoother. Tippmann has even made available a low profile hopper to make you a smaller target on the field. Or, if you are running a sight of some kind, you can get an offset hopper adapter to keep the line of sight down the top of the gun more compatible with your scope.

Butt Stocks
Speaking of stocks, there are some really trick designs out that help you to manage your air. The Commando Gas Thru stock puts your remote line anchor point back against your body where it keeps the hose out of the way. This can help prevent getting your air hose tangled in the brush or into the rest of your gear.

Tippmann A5 Sharpshooter

Tippmann A5 Sharpshooter

There are so many designs of butt stocks available now that you can achieve pretty much any design that you are going for. If there isn't one that exactly matches what you have in mind, I'd suggest going to the Tippmann Forum or the A5 Operators Group and check out how some people have custom designed their own A5 butt stocks. There are some seriously inventive people who have created things from wood, metal or plastic to complete their look.

The Tippmann A5 barrel threads are now a very common thread that almost every manufacture produces their barrels for. Ported, rifled and micro polished designs dominate to market with promises of a more accurate shot and in some cases a more quiet shot. Different people swear by different brands and designs. There are a lot of high performing ones out there. Test what model works best for your playing style.

Certainly the Tippmann Flatline Barrel comes to mind when considering a barrel. It can out distance any other barrel on the market, but some claim its accuracy at shorter distances is very inconsistent. Luckily, the A5's barrel can be quickly swapped out with a simple 90 degree turn. Some people have been known to go onto the field with a Flatline installed and when the battle gets close, they swap out the Flatline for a more accurate barrel.

Although, the A5 comes with a small accessory rail on the top, most people interested in adding a scope or quick acquisition site, add a full size rail to the paintball marker. It's a cheap and easy thing to do and will highly expand the space and possibilities for adding accessories to the gun.

Depending on what you are adding, you may want to seriously consider that offset hopper adapter also. It really makes a lot of room for you to be able to accurately see down the top of the gun and provide you with the ability to have full access to the sight.

What you add for a sight is really up to you. Most people don't like how limiting a scope is when presented with multiple targets. Your mask can really limit visibility through the scope and can hinder how fast you can see your target. Other sights, like a Reddot, can make a higher mount for mask clearance and less limitations to your field of vision.

The Eternal Tippmann A5
One thing that is for certain, is that the Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun will be around for a long time to come. Used versions can be found on eBay retaining their original value pretty good. It's a very reliable and versatile paintball marker that can be build to high performance standards and to about any look you want.

Serious woodsballers, milsim players and hardcore scenarios will always be flooded with Tippmann A5's that can dish out some serious eliminations and keep the paintball field an exciting place to play.

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Posted by Redwood on 04/27/2010