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Kingman Paintball Markers

Kingman Paintball Markers started in 1992 and a year later gave us the Hammer series pump markers. Paintball has never been the same since. They have been producing reliable markers that are both affordable and high performing. Most of their guns are very easy to use and require minimal maintenance.

The Kingman Paintball Markers of today are a testament to their continued drive in preserving quality and a price vs. performance value unmatched in the industry.

There are two main distinctions of types of Kingman Paintball Markers; Electronic and Manual. This refers to their basic operation or the manner in which the sear is released. The electronic markers generally cost more but have a higher rate of fire. The manually release sear is less expensive and is often preferred by old-school paintball players for their reliability and simple design.

Consider buying Kingman Paintball Markers used.

The most common electronic models are:

Kingman Spyder RT

kingman spyder rt

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The Kingman Spyder RT is one of their newest electronic paintball markers. It has a rocking trigger and several adjustable rates of fire including; single shot, 3 round burst, 6 round burst and full auto. It's an all aluminum design that operates on CO2 or HPA. This affordable paintball marker is home on the speedball field as well as in the woods. It can reach a high rate of fire or be set up as a tactical sniper rifle.

Kingman Spyder Electra

kingman spyder electra

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The Kingman Spyder Electra has become a legendary marker. It will give you more shots per air fill with it's low pressure system. Standard equipment includes is a break beam eye that helps the gun reach a scorching max 25 balls per second rate of fire. Kingman built this paintball marker with their cutting edge LEAP rear facing color access mode display so you'll always know what firing mode your in. It's also a lower profiled gun milled from aluminum.

Kingman Spyder Pilot

kingman spyder pilot

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The Kingman Spyder Pilot paintball marker has been around for quite a few years but Kingman has kept it up to date. It has a light weight ultra fast cycling Delrin quick release bolt that is easily removed when you need to service or clean it. The dual eye break beam system has super sleek aluminum eye covers. You can crank out a higher rate of fire with the adjustable magnetic trigger that has a smooth feel in the high impact polymer trigger frame.

Kingman Spyder MR1-E

kingman spyder mr1e

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Kingman released their great MR1 gun with an electronic trigger, enter the Spyder MR1-E. The upgrades available for the MR1 range from sniper barrels to upper rail mods that can keep your sights in tune. This little monster has become one of the more popular markers with a top notch performance that anyone would be proud to walk onto the field with. It can be set up for scenario paintball games to clear rooms or be a tactical sharp shooter.

The most common manual models are:

Kingman Spyder Xtra

kingman spyder xtra

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The Kingman Spyder Xtra is a marker that Kingman has been updating over the years. It's a well tested gun that can keep up with a lot of markers in a higher price range. The latest version is 15% lighter than previous models. It has a roomy two finger trigger aluminum grip frame that has a no-slip rubber grip. The Xtra also has a standard CA threaded foregrip vertical adapter that has a built in expansion chamber. It's a great paintball marker for the money.

Kingman Spyder Sonix

kingman spyder sonix

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The Kingman Spyder Sonix has a hard to believe price when you see it's packed with tons of higher end features. It has a clamping feed neck, a quick release Delrin bolt and two finger trigger. The Xtra is designed to keep you moving on the field with it's tool-less striker plug to make for fast repairs or maintenance. It comes standard with an accurate micro ported barrel that will make buying an aftermarket barrel unnecessary.

Kingman Spyder Victor

kingman spyder victor

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The Kingman Spyder Victor paintball marker is one of their most affordable guns. It's an awesome entry level choice for players just starting out. The Victor will give you a two finger trigger, a light weight aluminum design and an external velocity adjuster for easy adjustments at the chronograph. It has a tough ASA bottom line with a stainless steel hose and operates on CO2 or HPA. It's a good looking gun and is well known in the paintball world.

Kingman Spyder MR1

kingman spyder mr1

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The Kingman Spyder MR1 is an obvious choice for some. It fits the roll of just about any team position in paintball and can be modified with affordable upgrades. The MR1 has a built in top dove tail to mount your favorite scope or red dot/laser sight. It comes standard with a 12" muzzle brake barrel and a detachable shoulder stock. The steel braided bottom line even has a built in drop forward so you can keep your tank forward in a more balanced position.

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Posted by Redwood

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