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Take back the tactical advantage!

Have you ever been in a firefight that you just couldn't win? Maybe your opponents were in good cover or behind a bunker that gave them a strong tactical advantage. Have you ever been playing in a tournament and really need to win against a certain team? Maybe it's a team that you have a rival with or a team that is just better than you.

Now you can put the odds back in your favor and take away any tactical advantage provided by circumstances out of your control. Take matters into your own hands and dominate your opponents completely leaving them temporarily incapacitated with no one, not even them, knowing what really happened.

Introducing Comaballs™ - Chloroform Filled Paintballs


Ships in a Stealthy Whitebox

Comaballs™ deliver a small amount of chloroform down field to your opponent's bunker. Shoot a small amount to lightly stun the player or stay heavy on the trigger for a full knockout effect. Our patented paintball fill will render your competition helpless for several minutes providing you with an opportunity to advance down field and gain the tactical advantage.

There is nothing more frustrating than a player who keeps wiping. You work hard to mark him just to have him duck behind a bunker and come out clean. Now you can put him down and out for the count. Teach him the hard way not to mess with you.

When the players are unconscious you have the opportunity to do mean things to them; bonus balling, tamper with their equipment, hit on their girlfriends, etc. Make the most of the time you have while they are enjoying their catnap.

We all want the unfair advantage, now it's yours for the taking with Comaballs™!

Order your Comaballs™ today.

Available soon:
Somniballs™ - A high end tournament ball in a .684 size.
Snoozeballs™ - A camo pattern shell for the scenario player.

ZZZ Balls™ - An ether filled ball that crates a hibernation effect.

Posted by Redwood(04/01/2011)

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