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As the paintball industry matures and spreads across the world the opportunities for media are growing exponentially. Although television doesn't seem to be too quick to get on-board with broadcasts of large paintballing events on main stream stations, the magazine world is heading in a good direction.

Manufacturers, promoters and distributors feel the impact of branding their names and advertising their goods in paintball magazines. So much so that several of these paintball magazines are able to offer their issues online for free.

Free Online Paintball Magazines
are a great source of inspiration

With a growing population of cheap media devices it's easier to receive and read these publications conveniently on demand. Depending on your cell/smart phones capabilities, many of these mags can be viewed on the go or downloaded for later consumption. In the world of "we want it now" it works better than ever imagined.

So what's so great about free online paintball magazines? Our team loves them for the ability to inspire us to play on days we are feeling a little lazy. They bring us new product reviews and news of products on the horizon. Most of these publications follow tournaments and give the blow by blow action that induces an adrenaline rush. Often these tournaments include player interviews which we love.

We also appreciate the included tips and tricks that others have discovered and used to their advantage. And of course there is always a section of some sexy paintball model with a full glossy picture spread. It's also a great way to keep up with industry news especially after coming off one of the toughest years of paintball companies closing their doors. - Paintball X3 mag is a great industry magazine that is packed full of high adrenaline action that helps you realize exactly why you got into this sport. They publish monthly and have their previous issues available for you to consume at your will. Click on the "Digital Mag" link to see all the available issues. - I'm not sure how long Face Full has been offering their paintball magazine online for free, but we've certainly enjoyed their printed copies for quite a few years. Click the "Online Magazine" link to view their current issue. BTW, this is a magazine that you really should be paying attention to. - Splat Magazine has been around for quite a while. They are certainly semi-famous for their ever so attractive "Splat Girls". They require an email address to read their current issue and have previous issues available for a small fee. - Welt magazine was one of the first free online rags to come into play. They have some of the funniest articles and picture series that you'll find in the sport. Their site may require you to give an email address to view current issues but they have a full archive of issues waiting for you to digest. - Paintball News Magazine is a down home roots type publication that will deliver worth while tips, event coverage and a spread of fun events happening all over the paintball world. It's easy to read and seems like they really connect with your typical paintball player.

Posted by Redwood on 07/06/2010

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