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Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun

The Planet Eclipse Etha comes from a line of markers that include some of the most coveted paintball equipment at any field. PE's markers are typically more expensive, ranging from $500 up to $1250. They've got a great reputation that's been built by high quality, innovative markers and a steady stream of high praise from industry professionals and players all across the globe.

With the release of their new marker they've raised the standards for entry level tournament paintball guns. The Etha is capable of outshooting many markers well above its 400 dollar price range. Packed with high end features and the Planet Eclipse name it's a serious marker for any player with a budget in this price range.

Enter The Etha Paintball Gun For General Consumption.

Planet Eclipse kept is affordable by simplifying the internal and external component design. PE says these parts are made using the same materials and machining process used in the production of their other markers. Many of the parts on the Etha are the same ones used on the Ego, Etek and Geo.

After production the Etha is run through a intensive testing phase where it's checked for leaks and variances in velocity. It fires paintballs down range over a chronograph while being subject to leak detection equipment to verify it meets the tough standards.

Planet Eclipse Etha

Planet Eclipse Etha

Most of us typically come across a huge variety of paintballs in changing playing conditions, the Etha is built to operate in almost any situation with whatever paintballs your field sells you. Cold weather, hot & humid weather, brittle paint and rough terrain, your Etha is forgiving to it all.

The T6 aluminum body and glass reinforced nylon grip frame are super sleek while helping the gun weigh in at just a little over two pounds. That includes the single 9 volt battery, barrel, and feed neck.

The Etha's has an adjustable T-Rail mounted ASA with a specially designed purge system for degassing your marker. It works via their new OOPS system that threads forward to release line pressure and help you remove your tank.

One of the most celebrated systems used on the Etha is the SL3 regulator. It allows you to run high pressure or low pressure tanks(no CO2) without having to make adjustments for each tank. The SL3 provides super fast recharging and is easily serviced.

Inside the trigger frame is an adjustable leaf spring style trigger that operates with a micro switch. It is very smooth due to its self lubricating brass bushing pivot pin and high standard machine tolerances. The trigger can be quickly removed to clean paint or dirt without having to separate the body.

See The Etha In Action by Planet Eclipse

If you're worried about needing to get a new barrel right away, you'll be glad to know the Etha comes with a 14.5 inch barrel in standard Autococker threads. It has a .693 bore with the ability to use any of the Shaft4 PE barrel accessories(fronts/backs).

Etha's internals include an in-line blow forward bolt system that uses a pull poppet spool to accelerate the paintball twice with a ramped rubber tip to ultimately keep the paintball in one piece until it's delivered to your opponents mask. This bolt system, with the SL3 regulator, makes this marker ultra air efficient while the minimal lightweight internals provide little to no kick.

The electronics are fiddled with using a single push button and a very clear multi color LED. The current firmware allows semi-auto and ramping with capped and uncapped settings. Rate of fire, dwell and debounce modes will help you set up the marker to take advantage of the eyes while maintaining legal restrictions with the tournament lock.

Have I mentioned the clamping feed neck or the padded hard case that the marker ships in? What about the full Etha gun manual to help you understand and service the marker?

Team Wolfpack Recommends the Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun

If your budget is in the $400 range this is definitely a recommended marker. The Etha paintball gun is hard(or impossible) to beat anywhere near this price. It'll shoot a lot of paint consistently while looking great and being easy to maintain. It's the perfect choice for any serious paintballer.

Price Check: Etha Paintball Gun

Posted by Redwood on 05/14/2012

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