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Kingman Spyder MR1

kingman spyder mr1

Standard Trigger Kingman Spyder MR1

The Kingman Spyder MR1 is gaining serious popularity as a strong scenario gun for value conscious players. After its introduction, many people pushed it off as just another paintball gun from Kingman. Yet, time has shown that it wasn't given the credit it deserves. Kingman has since created an electronic trigger version of the gun and aftermarket companies have responded to its success by producing a range of useful add-ons.

The MR1 is a strong scenario gun for value conscious players

It seems as paintball is taking a hard hit from the economic crunch going on in the US, and some paintball manufacturers have had to close their doors. But Kingman has continued adding to their strong line up of new guns(including an entire .50 caliber line). Kingman has had a strong line of conservative yet smart paintball markers, including the Spyder MR1, with a loyal following from players who want more for their money.

kingman spyder mr1 e-trigger

E-Trigger Kingman Spyder MR1

The Spyder MR1 was a happy addition to Kingman's line of lower priced paintball guns. The E-Trigger version of the MR1 adds a very well deserved and much appreciated trigger that can increase the guns rate of fire. The manual trigger has a significant travel to release the sear. The E-Trig makes it feel more like a tournament style marker with an ability to walk the trigger. It can also be set from semi-auto to 3 shot burst and it even has a full auto mode.

Core, BT and several other paintball companies have been producing upgrades for the Spyder MR1. There are mods for adding sites, triggers, barrels and a tactical carry handle that doubles as a rail to mount your sites. The gun can be changed to have the appearance of an AK47 military replica gun or a M16 rifle. There are even replacement stocks for the gun that come in folding versions or colapasable styles with a mount for a sling.

This gun will be around for a long time to come. It's yet another reliable, upgradable and practical paintball gun that will serve any of its owners for years to come. The Kingman Spyder MR1 recently had a price reduction. Several of the large online paintball stores offer discounts on the MR1 and we've seen it retail for under $90.

Price check the Standard MR1 or the Electronic MR1.

Posted by Redwood on 3/23/2010

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