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Crossfire Paintball Tanks

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45ci x 4500psi ~ The Ultimate Front Players Tank

crossfire paintball tank

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If you are looking for the ultimate in compact and light weight, this is the tank size for you. The tournament front/mid player or a smaller player without much carrying capacity will enjoy using the 45ci tank. The small size helps keep you out of sight and hidden behind bunkers or a small profile when on the run. This tank generally provides 800-1000 shots per fill.

68ci 4500psi ~ The Best "Fit All" Size Tank

crossfire 68ci

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A great all around size of tank for the typical tournament or recreational player. This tanks provides enough shots for just about any situation on the field. It's the most popular size and will serve you well. The size works great as a gun butt stock and won't weight down a scenario players belt when using it remotely. This tank provides about 1200-1500 shots per fill.

88ci x 4500psi ~ For The Back Man

carbon fiber tank

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Any good back player will go through a lot of shots keep air superiority. An 88ci tank will keep your gun firing long enough to get you through the longest of tournaments. The 88ci is also ideal for long scenario games when coming back to refuel isn't an option. Long term sustained fire fights will demand a larger tank. Depending on the gun, this tank can provide 2000+ shots per fill.

Team Wolfpack uses Crossfire Paintball Tanks

Shawn from Florida asks, "What do you think about Crossfire Paintball Tanks?"

Funny you should ask Shawn! Wolfpack is a strong supporter of Crossfire Paintball Tanks and Regulators. They have some of the toughest built regulations of any tank. Many other brands are actually manufactured by Crossfire. Their regulators are some of the highest flowing available. Crossfire will also hydro test any brand of tank and they offer a very competitive regulator trade in program. Crossfire can also customize your new tank with your teams' logo. Yes Shawn, we highly recommend them.

"Crossfire paintball tanks and regulators are the fastest reacting and most reliable on the market today."

Sizes: With tanks available in a high pressure output(800psi) and a low pressure output(400psi) they can provide a tank for any marker. The 4500psi tank comes in a 45, 68, 70 stubby or 88 back man sizes. They also make a 3000psi tank in a 45 and a carbon fiber wrapped 68ci.

Regulators: Most regulators suffer from pressure fluctuation when shooting your marker at a high firing rate. There is also a "recovery time" that it takes a regulator to charge back up. This can be a huge problem for most systems that regulate the pressure by restriction. The Crossfire Paintball Tanks system does not restrict flow and therefore can recharge at a considerably faster rate. This keeps your shoots much more consistent and can give you more shots per tank.

Rehydro: If its time to recertify your tanks hydro date, no matter what the brand, you can send it to Crossfire Paintball Tanks inc and have them do a recert. They will give you a great deal on a trade-in for your old regulator too. You can, at the time of the hydro, upgrade your old paintball tank regulator to an awesome Crossfire regulator and enjoy the flow of these incredible systems. They come with a one year warranty and offer a 25 dollar rebuild on all of their regulators after the warranty period.

Customize: Now Crossfire paintball tanks offer the ability for you to order a tank with your custom artwork on the side. You can send in your teams logo in what ever colors you need and they will print it on the side of the carbon fiber tank. You can get it with a grip bottom too. It's like a rubberized grip coating on the bottom of the tank to hold your marker setup firmly on your shoulder.

Who agrees: If you are a regular player of Greg Hastings "X-Box Live" you know Crossfires logo has been placed all over in that game and for good reason. Avalanche, Oakland Assassins, Infamous, Naughty Dogs, Brimstone Smoke, XSV and Iron Men are just some of the teams that use Crossfire paintball tanks and regulators. How can you disagree with that testimonial?

[added Oct 27. 2008] - Crossfire paintball tanks released a statement about some tanks that have the DOT-12695 stamp on them and have been recalled by the DOT for safety reasons. If your tank has this marking on it you will want to ask your local dealer if it is involved with this recal. I don't know how many units are affected or if it involves CO2 tanks too.

Check out a Crossfire Paintball Tank now.

Posted by Redwood on 06/23/2008

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