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Crossfire Indoor Reball Madison

Update: Spring 2007 ~ Madison Crossfire is now Closed to the public. Privite play is available by registration only! See contact information below...

Crossfire Paintball opens a new indoor reball field in Middleton November 17th, 2006 and puts life back in the Central Wisconsin Winter paintball Community. Madison used to boast Winter tournaments, open play and team practices when Dedicated Paintball field was open and provided the area with a paintball outlet. Crossfire Paintball, with an already established field in Dyre Indiana and on-line outdoor sports store, celebrated its one year anniversary June 11th.

Reball play can save you money and is cleaner than paintballs

Reballs are a paintless rubber type ball that measures the same diameter as regular paintballs and can be shot from a typical paintball marker. The reballs can be reused over and over again by collecting and washing them in a wash machine then dried. This can save the player money compared to a standard one time use paintball. Other types of reusable paintballs are made by LazerBall, Generation-E and Rufus Dawg.

The Madison area field offers:
A large indoor field in an inflatable playing air bunker field.
A proshop with an on duty air smith to repair your markers and equipment.
No mess of paint with reballs and a lot less money spent for a day of playing.
Your field fee pays for unlimited reballs for the entire playing time.
No paintballs breaking in your guns, no stained clothes and reballs hurt less.
Their field fee's are $30.00 for a three hour open play period and includes air fills.
Rental markers, paintball masks and other equipment available.
Even Timmy's and Ion's with Halo's available.

CrossFire Paintball
8312 Forsythia St.
Middleton, WI

Posted by Redwood on 11/10/06