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Indoor Paintball Fields

Indoor Paintball Torunament Fields are great alternative for Winter play. Indoor fields are usually a lot noisier and can cause problems during tournaments for teams to communicate. The noises come across louder, your bunker getting hit, the markers firing or peoples feet on the floor can all drowned out teammates trying to yell out opponents positions. Your team should understand this before your first indoor paintball tournament and prepare yourselves.
Most indoor paintball fields are on a concrete floor or a gymnasium type of floor. Once the paint starts to spread out, it's very difficult to run. Starting or stopping movement is very challenging and you could end up on your butt. Indoor paintball fields are a great place for elbow and knee pads. Going down onto a concrete floor while trying to protect your equipment and keeping your eyes on your opponents may leave you in a lot worse shape than you think. Some fields have artificial turf by the bunkers or if your lucky will have the entire place covered with the turf. These turfs produced by companies like: Maverick turf and Alpha turfs, are expensive but very well worth it.

Cold climates need indoor paintball fields

In my experience, all indoor fields are smaller, tighter and produce a lot faster play during tournaments. Most field layouts end up being as wide as they are long. Try to plan ahead for this type of play. It maybe a challenge to get out to the corner bunkers but imagine the angles you could have on your opponents.

Many indoor fields are starting to offer Reball paintless play. It tends to save you a lot of money. If your looking for Winter team practice it may be worth the extra drive to go to one of these reusable paintball fields. Less clean-up, wear and tear on your equipment and usually you get to shoot all the reballs you want at one of these places. That makes it a great time to run drills. No paint to slip on the floor either.

Indoor Paintball Fields can be an asset to any team if you prepare for the differences ahead of time and take advantage of the benefits they can offer.

Posted by Redwood on 12/26/06

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