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How Paintballs are Made

Ever wonder how they make paintballs? A paintballs shell is more important than its fill. If the paintball breaks in your gun or doesn't break on your opponent then the fill makes no difference. The shell starts by mixing non-toxic food ingredients in a large vat, adding hot water and sweetener. Then the same type of gelatin used to make gummy bears is added and every thing is heated to melt together and mixed for 30 minutes. Afterwards, the mixture is filtered, the color is added and then blended again.

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The paintballs fill is started by using polyethylene glycol, a common inert ingredient found in cough syrup, and adding crayon wax to thicken. Then the colors can be added and mixed in.

The shell material is then fed to a machine that flattens it into a sheet and cooled. It then forms a ribbon that gets sent to an encapsulation machine where it meets the fill material. This encapsulation machine takes the fill and shell ribbon and in one move it forms two half shells with the ribbon, lines up the shells, seals them together while at the same time injecting the fill. The paintballs then are put into a tumble drying process to ensure their roundness. Afterwards, they are put on a large drying pan and let to cool and complete the drying process. They are then counted in a machine that packs them for shipping. Sounds simple? NOT! That's how paintballs are made.

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Posted by Redwood on 11/20/06

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