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The biggest expense over time in paintball is when it comes time to Buy Paintballs. Some of us tend to skimp on the quality of paintballs that we buy and sometimes we have to in order to be able to play that day. We have selected some of our favorite more affordable paintballs that we commonly use. These paintballs typically start out around $40 for a 2000 round case and go up from there.

The Biggest Expense in Paintball
is when it comes time to Buy Paintballs

If we could, we would shoot PMI Premium or Marballizers every day. WPN makes some really nice paintballs too. Their Elixer paintballs are made very consistently and shoot very straight. We have their Weapons Grade listed below and they are a great paintball for the cost. BT has been making some good paintballs over the last couple of years too. Core usually does a good job in the quality department, and Nelson has been making paintballs since the invention of the sport.

CORE Action Paintballs 2000

CORE Action Paintballs

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Core takes woodsball to the next level with many of the products they offer the hardcore player. Their Action series of paintballs is a great buy for the money. It's a nice paintball with a fairly strong fill. You won't have to worry about those wipers that don't call themselves out when hit. If you have a Core sniper barrel, this is definitely the paintball to buy.

WPN Weapons Grade Paintballs 2000

WPN Weapons Grade Paintballs

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WPN produces some of our favorite paintballs on the market at any price. The Weapons Grade is perfect example of a paintball company doing things right. We buy paintballs from these guys all the time with total confidence that we are going to get a consistently good product. I'd get to know the WPN name and try some of their more expensive models when you can.

Nelson Special Forces Ranger Paintballs 2000

Nelson Special Forces Ranger Paintballs

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Nelson has been making paintballs since before some players were even born. They totally know how to make paintballs and have created some of the best shell and fill recipes around. The Special Forces Ranger Paintballs are an excellent buy at any price and we have shot through a lot of this stuff. The shell has a good balance for breaking on your opponent and not in your gun.

BT Munition Camo Paintballs 2000

BT Munition Camo Paintballs

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BT is serious about having their name well know as a quality producer of products for the scenario player. Although these are a little more expensive, they make a good paintball that any woodsballer should be proud to shoot. If you like BT, we recommend their Munition Camo paintballs for your next outing. We have shot through quite a few cases of this stuff and have had pretty decent luck.

Posted by Redwood on 05/13/2010

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