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Spyder Paintball Guns

Kingman Paintball Guns began the Spyder series of markers in 1992. They have established Spyder as a leader in cheap inexpensive guns with an unlimited array of custom parts and accessories to build your gun into a tournament or scenario worthy weapon. Some of the older guns are still preferred by paintballers and are bought and sold used on eBay. The AMG, E99 and Flash are some of the favorites. Spyder continues to introduce new models like the VS and MR series. The VS is a tournament based gun available in a $250 option with an anti-chop eye or a upgraded $330 model with an eye and a rocking trigger. Both have an aluminum body and feature a 200psi operating pressure with a Delrin bolt. Colored body kits are also able to dress up or change the look of these guns.

Kingman Spyder paintball guns and upgrades

Spyder recently unveiled the MR marker line too. A scenario based military replica type of gun. The basic version is $140 while upgraded electronic lcd models sell for $250-$330. A woodsballer can build one of the MR guns into a sniper rifle or and assault weapon. Old school paintballers can appreciate these new guns too with their classic look. A true scenario weapon with mounts for scopes, grenade launchers and other accessory parts upgrades. Spyder paintball still has many other gun/marker options with a catalog that includes: the Rodeo, TL-X, the classic Xtra, Sonix, Victor II and electronic guns with anti-chop systems like the Electra w/eye with ACS or the Pilot with ACS. (ACS=anti chop system).

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Posted by Redwood on 12/18/06

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