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US Army Project Salvo

tippmann us army

With the release of the new Project Salvo paintball guns from the Tippmann US Army series, comes a whole line up of scenario build packages. Snipers, night ops and room clearing experts can now purchase a cost effective pre-designed and well balanced Salvo gun kit. Be the first on the field to show up with one of these great kits and knock your opponents socks off.

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US Army Project Salvo Sniper Paintball Marker Package

project salvo sniper

What kind of scenario player doesn't like to play the part of a sniper once in a while. Being able to eliminate players from long distances is a lot of fun. Especially when you leave the other player wondering where that shot came from. If this sounds fun to you, the Salvo Sniper Kit may just be the gun for you. It has a Smart Parts 20 inch ported sniper barrel designed to give you a huge advantage on the field. It mates well with the Core Deadbox Red Dot Reflex sight and will give you the power to take down squads of players while remaining hidden. The sling and collapsible stock help you to safely get yourself in position and setup for those "one shot one kill" eliminations. A great marker for any serious paintball sniper.

US Army Project Salvo Elite Sniper Paintball Marker Package

project salvo elite sniper

Become the ultimate sniper on your team by surgically eliminating targets with the Project Salvo Elite Sniper Rifle. The gun will blow away anyone watching you paint opponent's beyond their capabilities. When your ready to take your sniper skills to the next level, this incredibly balanced gun kit will take you there. The 20 inch Smart Parts sniper barrel will deliver the ball to where the adjustable 30mm Red Dot sight is aimed at great distances. The barrel's porting will help keep you hidden and poised for your next victim. Attached is a folding bi-pod to steady those awesome long range shots. The collapsible stock is the rear mount for the sling that will allow you more control over your gun when moving through the brush to gain that hidden sniper position.

US Army Project Salvo Close Quarters Battle(CQB) Gun Package

project salvo cqb

One of our favorite things to do is room clearing. It makes for an adrenaline rush and ultra fast paced play. The Project Salvo CQB gun kits comes ready for you to start controlling buildings and clearing rooms in urban scenario settings. It's a super fast gun designed for kicking in doors and dominating structures. Included is the Salvo marker, tactical vertical foregrip, laser sight with rail mount and pressure switch, AR-15 style front shroud with 4 Picatinny rails, collapsible stock and adjustable sights.

US Army Project Salvo Tactical Paintball Gun Kit

project salvo tactical

The Project Salvo Tactical Gun comes ready for you to assault the field with the appearance of an AR-15. This sick little puppy includes a six position collapsible and foldable stock, AR-15 style magazine and a large front shroud with 4 Picatinny rails for mounting all of your sights, lights and accessories. The front shroud also makes for a durable shell to help protect and haul around your marker.

US Army Project Salvo Designated Marksman Gun Package

project salvo designated marksman

Most people confuse a designated marksman with a sniper. This Salvo gun kit is for the player who likes to fill the role of the sniper but still wants to be versatile. The Designated Marksman gun kit will allow you to have an upgraded accuracy for precision fire when needed, yet also allow you to perform other rolls on the team. It includes a collapsible stock to let you change the feel of the gun, a Smart Parts 16 inch tactical barrel for super quiet accuracy, a fast acquisition 30mm Red Dot sight with riser rail to pin point targets, a tactical sling and a vertical front grip to provide you with control of your gun.

US Army Project Salvo Rifleman Paintball Marker Package

project salvo rifleman

Looking for a versatile marker that will do it all? Enter the Rifleman Marker Package. It has a semi-long 16 inch Smart Parts ported barrel to poke out through brush and bunkers to deliver a nice surprise sniper shot to an unsuspecting opponent, yet it's short enough for urban assault. The AR-15 appearance will earn you respect on the field. It's vertical foregrip and collapsible stock let you control the gun while running and shooting. The adjustable sling allows you to set up the marker tight to your body for room clearing or loosely for play in open situations. It's a great all around weapon for any paintball player.

US Army Project Salvo Night Ops Paintball Marker Package

project salvo night ops

As night sets on the field and vision is limited, your advantage begins to grow. You know your ready to control the field with your Night Ops marker. Most players shutter at the thought of night time play, they will be shuttering for real this time at you. The Night Ops kit gives you everything you need to take the field with confidence. A tactical flashlight is rail mounted with a pressure switch to light up the night when your ready to shoot. It can also be used to blind your opponent's when at closer range with the press of the button. Included with this marker package is a collapsible stock, a vertical front grip and the AR-15 shroud with Picatinny rail system.

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Posted by Redwood

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