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Night Vision Paintball Games

night visioin scope

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Night Vision Paintball Goggles work by using the existing light and channeling it through a series of lenses and a photo cathode tube that intensifies the light by taking the protons and converting them to amplified electrons. The electrons are blasted into a phosphorus screen by an electrical charge that switches the electrons back to visible light. Ambient light generated from the moon, surrounding man made light or an infra-red light can help amplify the image also. The process of changing the protons to electrons and back again is what causes the image to become a green hued appearance. There are 4 generations of night vision with level one being the most affordable and commonly used. A night vision device can use an infra-red illuminator to assist in generating light. It's an intense beam of invisible light that works like a flash light and allows your night vision device to have an extended range.

Playing paintball night games can
be fun with the right equipment

Night vision devises are available in monocular, binocular, goggles and assorted weapon sights. There are several systems available for paintball at an reasonable price. RAP4 sells night vision goggles just for paintballers. Splat Tag Field and Challenge Park Extreme in Wisconsin run night time games. There are several teams that consider themselves as night playing specialists and have lots of money invested in night vision devise systems both direct mount to their paintball markers and for their goggles.

Posted by Redwood on 12/09/06

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