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Spyder MRX Magazine Fed Marker

spyder-mrx (98K)

Kingman is releasing the Spyder MRX Paintball Marker for their 20th anniversary. It's a dual loading system(DLS) that allows you to feed from a magazine or a standard loader. The gun is an AR15/M4 milsim look alike and should be a very affordable option for players interested in magazine type paintball play.

The MRX is due to be released into Kingman's already powerful lineup this December(2011). The suggested list price is around $299.99 with retailers pricing them in the $200 area. No word yet on the cost of extra magazines or other upgrades mentioned by Kingman.

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The new Dual Load System
From Loader to Magazine on the Fly

kingman spyder mrx

The MRX's Dual Load System(DLS) is activated by twisting the end of the barrel. This causes the internal gate system to change from the loader to the magazine, or vice-versa. The action does not disturb the front mounted site or the front barrel guard/grip. A player can quickly make the switch on the fly with no tools required. The MRX accepts any common paintball loader into it's offset polymer clamping feed neck. The magazines are easy to switch out and hold 10 rounds. Note: This is not First Strike compatible.

Kingman designed the gun to run efficiently on HPA or CO2. The gun uses the EKO valve system that is claimed to provide 1500 shots from a single 20oz CO2 tank. The air mount is Kingman's standard bottom line system with a stainless line and standard ASA. We'd recommend a 12gram conversion kit if you're planning on going with magazine feed only.

mrx barrel threads

MRX Barrel Threads(click^)

A polymer 45 style short pull single trigger grip frame gives you semi-auto operation. No full auto or 3 shot burst from this non electronic trigger. Not sure if any plans for a MRX compatible eGrip is in the works.

If you're a fan of adding your scenario accessories to your marker, you are in luck. This Spyder has a Picatinny rail on the front grip. It's long enough to mount a flash light, laser or bipod and still fit a vertical carry handle. They also put a Picatinny rail on the top of the gun that mounts an M16 style carry handle. Kingman says that they will be offering an add-on Picatinny rail that can be mounted to the top of this carry handle and allow for you to install a scope, Reddot, or what ever sight system you prefer.

An adjustable carbine stock is standard with the MRX. It is removable. No word on a gas through upgrade stock for you stealthy remote line fans. It would be great to see an 'air-in-stock' option for even more realism when playing magazine only events.

mrx barrel

Switch Feed With End of Barrel(click^)

The barrel has a build in muzzle break and appears to be around 12". It, however, is not a standard threaded Spyder barrel. Due to the DLS system, this gun cannot use a threaded barrel. No word yet on barrel options or how easy the barrel will disassemble.

The blow-back bolt system works with a side cocking aluminum bolt. It maintains Spyder's more compact internals and helps the gun keep a short length from trigger to feed neck.

Kingman packages the MRX with their standard one year warranty. This includes service to fix any 'on-field' reassembly errors and missing screws.

If you're ready to set up to a paintball gun that is magazine capable with customization options, the Kingman name, and a scenario players appearance, the Kingman Spyder MRX is your marker.

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Posted by on 11/18/2011

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