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Last Minute Shipping

There is still time to get guaranteed delivery of paintball goodies to those who deserve a great Christmas. If you need a few last minute stocking stuffers, or you've just procrastinated(like we do every year) then Paintball-Online has you covered. They have a delivery map of the U.S. updated daily with delivery dates. Don't panic..

ChristmasGuaranteedDelivery14 (31K)

Still wondering what to get for your favorite paintballer? There are lots of stocking stuffers in their Clearance Menu, plenty of ideas in the Apparel Section, or "let it rip" by gifting a new marker package.

For a more detailed list of ideas:

  • Barrel kits for their marker are always appreciated.
  • A case of paintballs will never go to waste.
  • New squeegee or pods are often overlooked.
  • Replacing that lens on their mask is helpful, or get a tint they don't have.
  • O-rings and rebuild kits can help them in a jam.
  • A new backpack or gear bag by their favorite brand will be sure to make them smile!

Check out Paintball-Online's Holiday Shipping Schedule page.

Posted by Redwood on 12/16/2014