The Destruction of a Paintball Marker, Tank, and Full Loader

loader full of paintball gets destroyed

What happens when a 50 caliber bullet hits a loader full of paintballs or a full tank of CO2?

No one is saying that a paintball marker is more capable than a real gun. But paintball is a lot of fun, pretty safe, and generally more affordable than real firearms. This video, especially some of the comments, may take it a little far. If you're watching this strictly from an observational point of view and not a rip on paintball then you'll probably enjoy the explosive destruction. BTW, love the cheap paintball gun he chose. Guess he didn't want to destroy a new DYE or PE marker.

The video creator likes to destroy things with guns. Sounds like fun! What would be a good video using a paintball gun to destroy something? I feel a video coming on...

paintball tank explosion

Posted by Redwood on 10/09/2014