Wolfpack Paintball Team Archived Updates

[September 24, 2014] - If you're seeking info on Barrel Thread Compatibility Info for Your Paintball Marker... we've started a list. As you know many markers use the same threads as other more common brands and it's not always clear which threads your marker is interchangeable with. Contact us with any corrections or requests for specific markers.

[September 8, 2014] - You still have time to trade-in your RAP4 T68 marker for the new DMAG 468. The program closes down in two weeks! Don't miss out on this huge opportunity to have your old marker transformed into the most modern Milsim weapon available. Call, email, or visit the RAP4 site to schedule your upgrade now - T68 to 468 Upgrade/Trade-in

[September 5, 2014] - We all love our Tippmann TPX pistols. As more aftermarket options become available we love our pistols even more. Air systems, extended magazines, sights, and barrels - to name a few of our favorite upgrades. Read more about Tippmann TPX Barrel Upgrade Options.

[August 1, 2014] - Not that you need many reasons, but here are 10 Reasons to Play Paintball Games Online. Hope you have a lot of time to waste. ;-)

[July 21, 2014] - Every year there are at least a few new paintball masks or new versions of existing models. Some of them are interesting and functional, others are less than exciting. One thing for sure is that there will probably be an increasing trend in the pricing of masks. Read more here.

[July 17, 2014] - The time has come for those of you interested in magfed paintball games. RAP4 is offering 10 free with the purchase of their MK5 converted markers. More from RAP4

[July 8, 2014] - We're often searching for ways to improve our paintball game. We've made a lot of mistakes and developed many bad habits. Although we aren't a top pro team, we certainly can share some of the experiences we've learned from. We hope these ideas can help you to become a better player and enjoy the game more. Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Paintball Game.

[July 1, 2014] - Splat Tag is hosting the Jungle Rumble series again this summer with 7 events scheduled for the last Sunday of each month. See more about the Jungle Rumble Scenario Event.

[June 30, 2014] - There are a lot of different mask brands/models available to choose from. Be sure to take your time and examine your specific needs before making your purchase. Remember to try on as many masks as possible and ask questions to help you discover the best paintball mask for you.

[June 26, 2014] - Commando Paintball Sports is having a Pirates of the Caribbean scenario event to celebrate their pirate ship field. See more about this even here.

[June 19, 2014] - People often search for cheap paintball guns and ask us which is the best one. There is no great answer to that, but a little guidance may help you make the decision for what will be a good marker for you. read more here

[June 5, 2014] - Tippmann’s TCR is their latest entry into magfed paintball. The military style scenario marker is american made and being sold for around $350 at most retailers. Future upgrades for its modular design include body kits, air systems, stocks and feed system configurations. read more here

[March 28, 2014] - The US Army Project Salvo still remains one of our favorite scenario paintball markers. It’s very functional and allows us to upgrade it to new standards. The Tippmann Custom 98 platform is the Project Salvo’s base, and is a proven performer with decades of experience to build on.

[March 25, 2014] - The warmer weather is just around the corner! Paintball-Online has some new equipment on sale that will make your 2014 a happy experience on the field. From tactical gear and apparel to new high tech markers and accessories.

[March 19, 2014] - Magfed paintball is really taking off. There are new leagues forming and fields that are running magazine only events. The interest in these new opportunities of play is increasing and creating a new genre of paintball. Read more about Magfed Paintball.

[January 30, 2014] - We are having some errors with our site loading correctly. We are aware of the issues and working on it. Thank you for your patience. *Update* After making things much worse for a while, we seem to have it sorted out. We've also decided Redwood needs to go back to school for web development and design. Haha, sorry Redwood!!

[January 23, 2014] - Selling your used paintball equipment can be fun and easy to do. Getting top dollar for your gear can help pay for upgrades or newer versions of markers and apparel. Read more about where to sell your used gear.

broken weapon site

[January 20, 2014] - Destruction of another Holographic Weapon Sight.

[January 17, 2014] - Register early for Living Legends VII to be entered in a giveaway that includes an Empire Vanquish, AXE, BT D'Fender, or a TM15. This event is one of the largest paintball scenarios in the world. It takes place May 16-18, 2014 at CPX Sports in Joliet, Ill.

[December 6, 2013] - The Christmas season is one of Team Wolfpack's favorite times of the year. Let us help recommend gifts for your special paintballer that they will fall in love with. This is our 2013 Christmas Shopping Guide.

[November 29, 2013] - Every year we watch the Black Friday Paintball Deals and post them all to one page. Don't miss out on one of the best days for paintball shopping.

[October 18, 2013] - Okay, so you and your friends are paintball aficionados and wish to take your love for the game to the next level by putting together a high school sanctioned paintball team. Let us take a look at the things you need to consider so that you may create a compelling case for approaching your high school authorities with confidence.

[August 30, 2013] - Whether you're looking for a paintball app to play while sitting in a waiting room or to use during real-life gameplay, you can take your pick from a seemingly endless array of options. It seems like new paintball apps debut every day, but how useful or fun are they? Read more about Paintball Apps for Your SmartPhone & Tablet.

[August 16, 2013] - Empire Paintball is giving free field passes to new players. If you are going to the field for the first time, or have a friend you'd like to introduce to paintball, Empire will pay for the field fee, rental equipment and paintballs at participating fields. Click on over to Empire's site to read the details: #URL EXPIRED#

[August 13, 2013] - If you're bored or wishing you were playing paintball instead of sitting in front of your computer, take a click over to our free paintball games and take your frustrations out. There are trigger speed test games and shoot 'em up games for you to play.

[August 12, 2013] - Ninja took the sting out of stepping up from CO2 to HPA with their aluminum 48ci 3000psi tank. It's one of the most popular and reliable tanks in its class outperforming similar, more expensive tanks. Read more about the Ninja 48ci 3000psi Aluminum Tank.

[August 5, 2013] - Paintball's most popular starter marker now comes as a complete kit with everything you need to get on the field playing. If having your own equipment to use and maintain is what you're looking for, the Gryphon MEGA Set should be on your list.

[July 26, 2013] - We just updated our available sponsorships page. Take the time to submit your team's resume to these potential sponsors and get some support this season. Paintball Sponsorships

[July 25, 2013] - The fastest gravity feed loader in the sport is affordable and reliable. The Proto Primo Loader means you never have to worry about dead batteries on the field or the need to haul spares in your gear kit.

[July 19, 2013] - Did you see this: Paintball-Online Free Shipping Offer? No minimum order amount! Going on right now through July 31.

[July 18, 2013] - Paintball is an expensive sport. If you're a regular player buying paintballs every week can quickly become overwhelming. Shopping for a good deal often ends in "seconds" or typical white box cases of paint that could ruin your day. Cheap paintballs tend break in your hopper long before you even get a chance to shoot them. Check out the Core White Box Paintballs.

[March 29, 2013] - Yikes! What happens when you take a Tippmann X7 Phenom and add functional M16 style upgrades? You get a sick looking scenario marker that shoots straight and has the appearance of a real milsim paintball gun. See more: Tippmann X7 Phenom M16 Paintball Marker

[March 27, 2013] - The Planet Eclipse Etha definitely aroused an enthusiastic group of fans; and rightfully so. This affordable marker is laying some serious paint downfield at tournaments and scenarios alike. We were ultra impressed when PE first released the Etha, but now it's getting more upgrades and colors. See more: PE Etha HDE Camo Marker

[March 15, 2013] - Welcome the long awaited RAP4 DMAG! For those of you who are fans of RAP4, and the T68 marker, you are well aware that it's been a long wait since the announcement of the new magazines conception and RAP4 actually being able to get the mags for sale.

[March 7, 2013] - Do you have a Tippmann Project Salvo paintball gun that you want to add some fun scenario type upgrades or turn into a stealthy sniper rifle? Check out our article on Project Salvo Upgrades.

[March 4, 2013] - We're always on the lookout for great paintball deals. We often evaluate some of the better paintball gun package deals for what we consider the best options. These three package deals are the best in their brand of what we have found for sale at affordable prices. Wolfpack's picks for the Best Paintball Gun Packages For Sale Under $250.

[February 26, 2013] - The long awaited DMAG is now available at RAP4. The first release of DMAGs is available in 14 round 10 pack, a 20 round 10 pack, or a MKP(and MKP II) mag-well upgrade with ten 20 round magazines. Get your RAP4 DMAGs now!

[February 25, 2013] - JT is very well know for producing some of the highest quality masks in paintball. The Spectra Flex 8 Mask is one of their most popular and a great choice for any serious paintball player, or weekend warrior, looking for a high quality mask.

[February 22, 2013] - Finding an extremely capable tournament level marker for under $250 is almost unheard of these days. The GOG eXTCy Paintball Gun shoots 20 balls per second and boasts a full array of features usually found on much more expensive paint markers.

[February 21, 2013] - If you're looking for a great deal on an entry level marker package, we recommend the Spyder Victor Player's Pack. It's a well rounded package deal for players trying to make the break from rental equipment and wanting their own gear to maintain. It includes everything, except paintballs, to get started.

[February 21, 2013] - Paintball is an ever changing sport with new innovative equipment being designed and released every year. This tends to produce a constant flow of Used Paintball Guns and Gear for sale.

[February 10, 2013] - When playing paintball there are many different types of games you can play. Probably the most common is elimination; where you eliminate all the players on the opposing team to win the match. Different types of flag capturing(or hanging) games are also very common. What other types of games and variations are there on these commonly played varieties?

- Black Ops Paintball will be holding an event to raise money for William Stewart. He was injured while serving his country on July 1st, 2012. Please gather your friends and family to play this fun day of paintball that includes 5-man speedball and a big game scenario event! All About Willie Charity Event

- All CORE paintball products are 10% off for a very limited time. Use coupon CORETEN at checkout to receive this discount. It's valid through midnight January 1st, so don't hesitate if you're interested in any of these CORE paintball goodies!

- Most of us Wolfpack players have owned a Tippmann A5 and built the marker up from a stock plinker to a full on milsim scenario weapon. So we've decided to post a new series of our favorite Tippmann A5 Upgrades and Modifications. This page covers the basic outline of what we'll be covering in the future as we add our list of top upgrades from each category.

- 50% Off Christmas Paintball Shipping! There is still time to buy markers and gear for your favorite paintballer. Zephyr has 50% off Fedex 2nd & 3rd day shipping if you shop now.

tippmann a5 x-ray

[December 07, 2012] - New Facebook Page photo upload to check out. Thought it was a fun picture of an X-Ray view to show the insides of a Tippmann A5. It demonstrates the tube angle of the Flatline barrel and all the other internals of this marker.

- Cyber Monday Paintball Deals are going strong until midnight Monday November 26. Find Paintball Gun Package Deals from Tippmann, Spyder, US Army, and all your favorite paintball gear at deep discounts. Many of the online paintball stores are offering reduced minimum order amounts to kick in Free Shipping. If you're shopping for a paintballer for Christmas, these are the types of seasonal discounts that could save you a lot of money now.

- All day we are posting Black Friday Paintball Deals. If you see any great deals we've missed, be sure to send them in using our contact form.

- A lot of people ask what the requirements are to start a paintball team. If you like paintball and have friends who play, you already have the difficult part done. Organize one or more friends and ask them to start the team with you. You don't need a permit or a magic fairy to give some kind of blessing. Simply get together with other like-minded player(s) and commit to being a team.

- Kingman's newly redesigned Spyder Hammer 7 Pump is a magazine fed(or hopper fed) pump action paintball marker. Kingman first released the original version of the Hammer 20 years ago. The Hammer 7 has been upgraded with the function and components of a modern marker.

- Empire is due to release the new Scion Paintball Loader later this month. It's essentially a more efficient Halo with speed adjustments, some toolless access improvements, and eyes that are more forgiving towards different paintball shell colors.

- Come join in The Rise of Atlantis Scenario Event at Wayne's World of Paintball on December 1st & 2nd in Ocala, Florida. It's the survival of the fittest in this post apocalyptic event depicting the crash of society after the end of the Mayan Calander event delivers havoc on society.

- The new Dye dual(hopper/magazine) fed, First Strike capable, marker is coming. It can be switched from hopper fed to magazine fed on the fly with a sliding mechanical button. Read more about the Dye Assault Matrix(DAM)

- See why the Tippmann Crossover is designed to serve the player who wants a marker for any type of paintball play. Be it woodsball or speedball the Crossover is built to conquer either engagement and do it well. Read more about the Tippmann Crossover Paintball Marker.

- Save Phace has been blowing our minds with their imaginative looking masks. If you're interested in scaring an opponent completely off the paintball field, Save Phace may have the mask for you. For this review we put the OU812 Carnage model into action. We found it horrifyingly repulsive - in all the right ways. Read about our experience with the Save Phace OU812 Mask.

- The Virtue Spire Loader is a complete redesign on the way loaders work and play. The totally toolless design breaks down effortlessly for a quick service inspection or a panicked cleaning session between tournament rounds. Its low profile stance atop your marker helps maintain a tiny target signature when dancing through a hail storm of ill intended paintballs. The innovative internals are lightweight, simple, and self optimizing.

- We apologize for sending out a failed newsletter this morning. Somehow our template got sent out instead of the actual newsletter. It's since been repaired and shouldn't be a problem again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

- If you're just starting out you may not know what to expect when you journey to the field and are faced with paintball rental equipment. This guide will answer some of the more common questions and concerns we get asked about going to the field without your own equipment.

- Tippmann Sports and Challenge Park Extreme(CPX) present the return of the Windy City Classic on Sunday August 19th.

- Joining a paintball team can be a fast fun way to meet new players and increase your learning curve. So many people want to start their own team that there tends to be an overload of teams searching for players. Finding a team to join is easy. Here are a few ways to start doing it: How To Join A Paintball Team

- We sometimes overlook great products that aren't initially obvious to paintball. It makes their discovery that much more meaningful when this type of merchandise solves problems we face in this great sport. Cleatskins not only resolve a few common concerns, they also look completely trick.

- Big tournament paintball returns to CPX Sports for the PSP Chicago Open on June 21-24, 2012. Watch all the big name professional paintball teams battle it out for top dog bragging rights.

- This year's Magazine Only scenario event, Operation End War "The 11th Hour", will be played at Battlefront Paintball Field in the Hubbard Ohio area. The site is home to a gun powder factory that met with an explosive end. The urbanized terrain is the perfect setting for this year's huge realistic milsim confrontation.

- The Zombie Apocalypse is inevitable, are you ready? Top 10 Reasons Paintballers Survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Check our list to see if you qualify and come up with a few reasons of your own. You never know when your mad skillz will be called upon!

- The hot new Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun is ready for you to take ownership and dominate your competition! Discover the magic of its super fast rate of fire while being ultra light.

- The huge Oklahoma D-Day Scenario Event is barely a month away. Join the other 4000+ players on June 11th-19th at the D-Day Adventure Park in Wyandotte, OK and live the battles of WWII on 800 acres of paintball madness!

- Living Legends 5 is coming to Challenge Park Extreme in the Chicago area. It's going to be a weekend long event designed to honor those that helped create and shape paintball over the years. This massive scenario event will take place across CPX's incredible facility including Bedlam, Armageddon, The Wastelands, and all the other awesome fields they run. Don't miss this event!

- We've added a new Paintball Events page to help you keep up with the huge games happening all over the globe. Every year there are more and more paintballers populating fields and making events more popular than ever. We'll add more events as we get them in form paintball fields as they update their schedule and event information.

- Discover how to dominate your opponents with our Top 10 Easy Ways To Improve Your Paintball Game - As compiled during a lazy spitballing hangout session by Team Wolfpack. What ideas would you add?

- Sears has always been a great place to shop, with or without coupon codes. All the outdoors, camping and hunting gear you could ever what in a single location. They also have a decent selection of discounted paintball equipment for you to choose from. Check out the new Sears Coupon Codes page if you're a fan of their paintball gear.

- The MRX is Kingman's new magazine fed paintball marker. It can be switched between the MRX Magazine and a normal loader with the twist of the barrel. No tools or downtime required to make the change. This military replica inspired marker has opened up a new price range of magazine fed availability for paintball players to get a taste of pure milsim action. The popularity of magazine only games has increased and the need for accessories and upgrades for this marker is huge.

- Another Q&A fresh out of the mail bag: How Old Do I Have To Be To Play Paintball? We get this question a couple of times a month. After doing a little digging, and contacting our local field, we've got the answer for you.

- I remember when we first started out and were all shooting with CO2. The best place to get our tanks filled was at Dick's Sporting Goods. They always have a great selection of camouflage attire and sports equipment for anything from, paintball and airsoft, to running and kayaking. Going there is fun and now we offer some of their products on our site including their discounts and coupon codes. Keep an eye out for more of their gear offerings in our store and throughout our website.

- If you're a beginner, or newer paintball player, and are wondering how to enter your first tournament - that is a question with a simple answer: if it's a 3 man tournament, find two other players and sign up by going to or calling the field running the event. For Scenario events you are typically not required to have any other players to sign up.

- RAP4 Paintball is well known by most hardcore milsim and scenario paintball players. They produce and sell some of the most respected true military replica type equipment in paintball. They successfully simulate the experience of real life weapons into the world of paintball by innovation and high manufacturing standards.

- Ali Express is a huge retail market place that sells everything under the sun. Including a lot of items us paintballers love at discounts with Ali Express coupon codes. Some of which include paintball equipment, high powered flashlights, sports and causal wear, consumer electronics, and airsoft items. There are even opportunities to purchase cases of paintballs at wholesale lots or pallets of paintballs.

- Shop for Paintball Gun Packages to fit every budget and every brand. If you want to stop relying on rental equipment now is the time to look at package deals. You can save money when you buy everything you need in a preselected package.

- Who wants to carry a heavy gun/tank combo? Me neither. Thanks to Empire for the new Ultra Light Carbon Fiber HPA Tank system. It's one of the smallest and lightest tanks available for paintball today.

- Winter is the perfect time to work on your paintball team's resume. If you don't have one yet, now is a great time to Creating Your Sponsorship Resume and submit it to new potential sponsors.

- RAP4 T68 owners can now drastically reduce the chance of chopping paintballs with the Lok-Bolt Anti-Chop System for your generation 5, 6, and 7 magazine fed marker. It's RAP4's new drop-in system that helps keep your gun cleanly firing down range without the need for pause to clean a mess out of your marker's chamber.

- With so many choices in equipment to use with your gun, Tippmann has created a loader that will match your specific markers needs. Enter the light weight SSL-200 paintball loader. It's a sleek efficient loader that will give you reliability without breaking the bank.

- Tippmann's TPX Pistol is a great side arm. It's become popular with scenario players as a secondary marker and it's popularity continues to grow as pistol only events are on the rise. With it's lower tactical rail, serious milsim looks, and the Tippmann name backing it up, the TPX is here to stay.
As new add-on components are developed, the TPX can now be enhanced by installing the Remote Line Adapter. This will add the ability to connect a standard remote line to power the pistol instead of having to replace the 12 gram CO2 cartridges.

- As much as we love to play this game, sometimes it's difficult to get our playing gear clean. Certain paintballs stain easily and not cleaning your gear right away can increase the chances of stains. Most paint is water soluble, so cleaning it right away in a good quality washer should remove any traces of paint. So the question we get sometimes, Do Paintballs Stain?

- If you're a new player wondering how much does it cost to play paintball? We've got some answers for you. - Many fields have a package deal you can get. It often includes rental of all the equipment needed(mask, gun, loader, tank), field fee, air fills(CO2, HPA), and 500 paintballs. Depending on the field and the type of equipment, the cost could range from as low as $25 to $50 or more.

- When it comes to paintball clothing true comfort means not having to think about what you're wearing while you're playing. Gearing up with the right apparel can make or break a day of paintball. It's too often that we see people who didn't give themselves options for a day that the weather took a complete turn for the worse, or they over dressed for conditions. If you're looking for basic advise on what to wear to play paintball check out our guide.

- We get questions sent to us several times a week asking basic paintball questions. We're always happy to answer them but hope to help you out a little better by creating a Basic Paintball Q&A guide where we'll answer the most common questions that beginner and intermediate players ask us.

- We posted a few ramblings of our first impressions of the Spyder MRX. Since we like to play scenario as much as tournament we are looking forward to this marker being released by Kingman.

- Cyber Monday Paintball Deals are in full swing. It's like getting bunkered by awesome paintball deals. We'll keep posting the deals all day as we find them or people report them. Embrace it while it's here, 'cause it's only for today! Woot! Woot!

[November 25, 2011] - Holy Paintball Black Friday Deals Batman!! WooHoo!! If you're a paintball player(and of course you are), don't miss out on the best shopping day of the year. Paintball retailers are blowing out prices and offering big time coupon codes to get your business. Take a quick visit to our Paintball Black Friday Deals page and see what's hot!

[November 21, 2011] - Kingman is releasing the Spyder MRX Paintball Marker for their 20th anniversary. It's a dual loading system(DLS) that allows you to feed from a magazine or a standard loader. The gun is an AR15/M4 milsim look alike and should be a very affordable option for players interested in magazine type paintball play.

[November 03, 2011] - The way GoG brought back a proven design with big improvements could change the way you play. Enter the GoG eNVy paintball marker. It's a familiar face with some much appreciated performance enhancing upgrades at a reasonable price. Thank you for that, GoG. Now, lets get this thing ripping!

[October 26, 2011] - We've recently revamped our Paintball Arcade page. Please take a moment to have some fun playing paintball in the virtual world. Because of all the changes to the page, please let us know if any of the game pages give you problems. Thanks!

[October 10, 2011] - Kingman has been making paintball guns and accessories for many years. Most of their products are very affordable and readily available. They made it through the tough years of paintball when other large companies were closing their doors. Countless used Kingman Spyder items can be found on eBay holding their value and moving quickly. Why not invest in a loader or hopper from this loved company?

[September 29, 2011] - The brand spanking new Empire Prophecy Z2 Loader is in stores and ready to ship. Empire put the best of every loader into this sleek nugget of love. Get one now and rain some pain on your opponents!

[September 16, 2011] - What accessory could be more basic and useful? This is a no brain-er here. The Tippmann X7 Low Profile Offset Hopper does double duty by making your target signature smaller and clearing the top of your X7 paintball gun for a scope or site. It's an easy decision. Read more...

[August 29, 2011] - Valken recently released the Valken V-Max Loader. It's a high end system that feeds 30+ balls per second and is proving to be a big hit with all who try it.

[August 18, 2011] - Visit our new Paintball Giveaways page and sign up for our newsletter to get yourself entered to win one of three Zephyr Paintball Lanyards.

[July 28, 2011] - The new Tippmann Multi Tool is sure to grace many a tool kit at the field. This handy little item is the Swiss army knife for a paintballer at any level. It's definitely a welcome site to the sport as its included gadgets are paintball based. The Tippmann name on it should inspire just about everyone to grab one of these.

[July 16, 2011] - Woot!! Free shipping from Paintball-Online.com this weekend only!! Check them out for all the sweet details.

[June 29, 2011] - When it comes to buying a paintball mask, saving money is OK, but buying the cheapest mask will get you mad quickly. Getting stuck with a fogging mask will frustrate you. Don't worry about it though, because many of the top paintball online retailers have deals on Cheap Paintball Masks with free shipping that you can take advantage of.

[June 14, 2011] - Let's face it, this is an expensive sport. Buying cheap paintballs is definitely something we all want to do to save some cash. A hard day of playing can end up costing a lot of money if you have to buy high end paint. A few weekends of playing can cost more than your equipment. What paintballs can you trust to deliver quality at a cheap price?

[June 3, 2011] - How awesome does a Paintball Silencer make your marker look? Well, we think it really kicks things up a few notches. Adding a suppressor to the end of your barrel is an easy and affordable mod that can have a huge impact. It can be functional or just aesthetic, but it will definitely let everyone know that you are a milsim master with intent to do harm.

[May 17, 2011] - Check out our Shots Per Fill Calculator to see how many paintballs you can plaster your opponents with before running out of air. It's a kind of an estimation based on accumulated data and our years of personal experience. Feel free to give us your input on the calculator or drop us suggestion on new resource projects.

[May 5, 2011] - With the release of the next generation of Tippmann A5, many hardcore Tippmann fans are unloading their older A5s for a new one. The market has become saturated with cheap used guns and now is the time to get in on it. Read more on the Used Tippmann A5 Paintball Guns to get one now for cheap.

[April 22, 2011] - One of the most seriously looked at upgrades for the Alpha Black is the Tippmann Cyclone Feed. It operates off of the markers used gases and never requires batteries. The Cyclone feed is not only an upgrade - but can, itself, be upgraded if you demand even more out of your marker as you continue to build it up.

[April 15, 2011] - There is no doubt that the Alpha Black magazine is one of the biggest areas for improvement. As much as the storage space is appreciated, we'd probably all like to have a sturdy medal magazine with some styling options. A high cap looking mag or a mag that could double as a front grip. Either way, something better than the plastic piece that comes stock would be appreciated. Read more about the Alpha Black Tacamo Magazine.

[April 8, 2011] - Who doesn't love having the RAP4 Box Magazine as an option for your T68? (hint: it's a trick question) Your opponents, of course, don't want you to have a box mag. Switching out 18 and 20 round magazines is perfectly OK, but the time has come to walk onto the field with full intentions of complete domination.

[April 1, 2011] - Chloroform filled Paintballs! Comaballs™ deliver a small amount of chloroform down field to your opponents bunker. Shoot a small amount to lightly stun the player or stay heavy on the trigger for a full knockout effect. Our patented paintball fill will render your competition helpless for several minutes providing you with an opportunity to advance down field and gain the tactical advantage.

[March 11, 2011] - Some of the most radical milsim paintball guns we've come across have had their certain look topped off with a Paintball Muzzle Brakes on the end of their barrel. Whether it was a mock silencer or a brake that completed a sub-machine gun look. With the huge selection of models available, you are sure to find the right fit and function for your application.

[February 16, 2011] - We recently created a Facebook page for Wolfpack Paintball Team on Facebook. Please feel free to stop by and give us a "Like". We would be willing to return the favor if you also run a paintball related Facebook Page. Thanks in advance.

[February 10, 2011] - We've recently updated our How to Start a Paintball Team guide. If you are interested in starting your own team you will probably want to read this article to find insights for start-up, sponsorship and maintaining the team. Several of our team members contributed their ideas.

[January 27, 2011] - Check out our project for 2011. We are creating gun guides as requested by our visitors. It will take the form of an expanded FAQ. Although most of it is still in the works, you can have a sneak peak at the initial page of the US Army Alpha Black Paintball Gun Guide.

[January 20, 2011] - Some of your paintball marker's most usable upgrades are mounted to a rail. Although the Kingman Spyder MR1 has a rail, upgrading the rail can really open up some opportunities for bigger and better rail mounted equipment. Read more about Kingman Spyder MR1 Rail Upgrades

[January 10, 2011] - To all Northeastern Wisconsin High Schoolers: Commando is running a tournament series designed just for you. Get a couple of classmates to sign up with you and make your school the areas best paintball representative. Find out more about this great opportunity at Commando Paintball.

[December 29, 2010] - OK, we may be revisiting a loader that has been on the market for a while now. But, the Empire Magna Paintball Loader has come down in price and it's definitely on our list of great loaders. It feeds like crazy(30+ bps) and has technology that is still cutting edge.

[December 20, 2010] - There are so many great things about the Proto Rail Paintball Gun that it's tough to know where to start telling you about this gun. It shoots like a million dollars yet it's priced very reasonably. I've seen people turn their nose up at them on the paintball field just to get schooled by a Rail owner. These guns may be priced a little lower, but they shoot great.

[December 15, 2010] - Great news for you last minute shoppers! Zephyr Sports is offering 50% off 2nd and 3rd day shipping with coupon code XMAS at checkout. Plus, they are offering free shipping on orders over $75. If you are a big procrastinator like we are, you'll be sure to take advantage of this sweet offer.

[December 14, 2010] - If you get as excited about new paintball equipment as we do, you will celebrate the new Gryphon Paintball Guns. This is a new line of entry level markers released by Tippmann Sports recently to fill the void needed in helping get players onto the paintball fields with their own equipment.

[November 19, 2010] - The Empire Trracer Pump Paintball Marker is another push forward in the growing pump revolution. After the industry took paintball to an extreme high rate of fire, lot's of players want back into the sport's roots. Some claim a high rate of fire isn't a replacement for accuracy and tactics. The pump leagues, that are sprouting up all over the place, are once again making players focus on the core of what paintball is all about.

[November 18, 2010] - Get ready for Old Man Winter with Rockstar & Monster Apparel. Be the first to trick out your look with hoodies and beanies for the cold season.

[November 02, 2010] - The hot looking and cool running Empire Paintball Jerseys are designed for the hard playing tournament and scenario paintballers. These jerseys come in fast colors and patterns that will make you and your team really stand out on the paintball crowd.

[October 29, 2010] - Tippmann Facebook fans can receive a free collapsible stock and two special edition patches with the purchase of selected Tippmann A-5 paintball guns for residents of the United States and Canada. Buy the marker between October 8th and January 15th, then fill out the rebate form and postmark it by January 31st to receive your items from the rebate. Read more about the Tippmann A-5 Rebate - Free Gun Stock...

[October 26, 2010] - Zephyr is definitely one of our favorite paintball stores to shop at. They offer great customer service, a huge selection of products and some of the best prices on the web. Luckily, because of our relationship with ZephyrPaintball.com, they have offered us a coupon code to help promote shopping at their website. Read more about Zephyr Paintball Coupon Codes and save some cash on your next paintball gear order.

[October 19, 2010] - The Empire Paintball Gear Backpacks and Bags are available in several different styles and configurations to fit your needs. Each piece is optimized with huge storage capacities especially for paintball gear. And most of the units are equipped with a padded laptop or netbook pocket so you can keep your favorite technologies close by even at the field.

[October 12, 2010] - Well, it's getting close to that time of year again, when you need to replace your calendar. Honestly, it's one of our favorite times. Paintball retailers all over the place are scrambling to clear out their selection of the year's unsold apparel to make room for the fancy new model year of designs, colors and looks. Read more about which stores are having their big end of year Paintball Apparel Clearance Sale.

[October 7, 2010] - If you are serious about your Tippmann A5 you know you need to have a parts kit on hand. Don't create an emergency by not being prepared. You should always have one of the Tippmann A5 Parts Kits in your bag if that is the main marker that you're shooting. It doesn't hurt to have an o-ring rebuild kit at home either.

[October 2, 2010] - Valken is a cool company. Seriously. The Valken V-Tac Paintball Gear is just a tiny part of what this company does. They cover several of the true sports in this world. The type of sports that people actually get out there and play hard. Hockey players, dirt track racers, MMA fighters and us hardcore paintball scenario players can battle it out with Valken Gear proudly equipped.

[September 30, 2010] - When trying to step up from CO2, sorting through the good Cheap Paintball Nitrogen Tanks can be daunting. There are many manufacturers that offer great tanks for under $50. Some even down into the mid thirty dollar price range. Don't walk out onto the paintball field without a great tank.

[September 20, 2010] - We all like to save a little cash when buying paintballs. There is definitely a lower end of paintballs available if you want to buy cheap paintballs that way. Another great way to save some cash is to find a large online retailer that offers free shipping with a minimum purchase. Many of these retailers offer the free shipping on orders over $150.

[August 17, 2010] - RAP4 has a huge selection of affordable grenade launchers for your paintball gun. There are several different styles to match your look or some basic models optimized for full function on the battle field. If you are ready to step up to a more realistic state of game play, maybe it's time to finally add that grenade launcher to your marker. Read more about the RAP4 Grenade Launcher.

[August 10, 2010] - BT is certainly well known for there incredible paintball guns, but did you know they make one of the most popular paintball masks for scenario and milsim players? The BT Avatar Paintball Mask comes in a digital camo that helps your enormous pumpkin blend into the background. Pair them up with some Goggle Skins and you almost completely eliminate your mask's visual signature.

[August 4, 2010] - Certainly, it's possible to get ripped off when Buying Used Paintball Guns, but approaching the purchase with an education as to what to look for can increase your chances of making a good, or even great, deal.

[July 20, 2010] - The Invert Mini Paintball Gun has certainly earned its reputation as an icon in the sport of paintball. It is a very small and light weight marker that can deliver a fury of paintballs down field. Its soaring popularity has created a demand for aftermarket products that can take the guns performance to a whole new level. If you're in the market for a new paintball marker, the Invert Mini may be your answer.

[July 15, 2010] - We paintballers spend so much money pursuing the sport that we love so much. Paintball equipment and gear is hard enough to afford, let alone being able to pay for paintballs and field fees. We would all probably play a lot more often if this great sport was a little more affordable. Now, with RAP4 Coupon Codes, we can all have a little extra money to spend on our equipment and at the field.

[July 13, 2010] - Probably one of the most over looked pieces of equipment on the field is a good pair of paintball shoes. You will see people drop a thousand dollars on a marker and several hundred to upgrade it, but they will be running around in some worn out everyday shoes. Seems such a waste to have all that great equipment and no traction when trying to move it from one bunker to another.

[July 6, 2010] - As the paintball industry matures and spreads across the world the opportunities for media are growing exponentially. Although television doesn't seem to be too quick to get on-board with broadcasts of large paintballing events on main stream stations, the paintball magazine world is heading in a good direction.

[June 18, 2010] - We aren't often really impressed with a product. Usually you get a pretty good performance out of the high priced paintball items, but the Invert Halo Too Paintball Hopper continues to blow us away with its performance and price. It's a high end performer at half the price, and now they even gave us a RIP drive to add onto our existing hoppers for only a few bucks more.

[June 10, 2010] - We often get questions about which Tippmann A5 Barrel Shrouds are the best ones. Well, without a question we like what RAP4 has to offer the A5 owner. Which one of their selection you should choose depends on what type of a build you are going for. There are several styles to choose from and all of them are made to the high quality specifications that RAP4 demands in all of their products.

[June 7, 2010] - The all new BT SA-17 Paintball Pistol is out and ready for you to take control of the battle field. The gun's full size internals make this pistol a handful with a big enough kick to let you know your shooting a serious pistol. BT has been providing us with some of the best scenario weapons and accessories that this sport has ever seen.

[June 1, 2010] - Terminators are trying to overtake the earth and it's up to a diehard band of humans to stop them. This year's game is going to be intense. Over 200 people are expected to arrive at Commando Paintball Sports for the best scenario action in the area. This game will include difficult missions and non-stop paintball action. Also every player will get a chance to win a brand new Invert Mini paintball gun, a $325.00 value! Prizes for the best terminator costume! Gates open at 8:30. An intense "D-day" type start will begin at 10:00. The terminators are entrenched in the castle area and the humans will be attacking them! Then the action will go all day long until 3:30. Registration is only $35.00 for the entire day. Register before June 8th, buy a case of our paintballs, and you will receive a free Commando t_shirt! Free rental equipment to everyone who needs it! Call 920-826-5554 or goto Commando Paintball Sports for more information.

[May 31, 2010] - RAP4's T68 is an awesome paintball gun that any scenario player would be proud to carry onto the battle field. It's an ultra realistic marker that can be purchased in a magazine fed all metal chassis. Its feel and function is very realistic. Read more about the RAP4 T68 M4 Paintball Guns and Accessories.

[May 30, 2010] - Happy Memorial Day Weekend. There are lots of big paintball games going on all over the US. Wolfpack wishes everyone a safe and fun holiday weekend. Please take the time to remember our soldiers who fell in battle to protect our great country. Stop by Wikipedia and read what this holiday is all about.

[May 28, 2010] - How awesome is the Project Salvo paintball gun? It's another easy to afford dedicated scenario gun that has serious players all over the world buzzing. The Tippmann/US Army line of guns is growing stronger every year, the Salvo certainly made a huge contribution to that, and now that it has had time to circulate in the paintball world, it's time to make some hardcore upgrades to this baby! Read more about US Army Project Salvo Upgrades.

[May 25, 2010] - Your typical scenario player makes good use of a Paintball Coiled Remote. It provides the ability to take the weight and bulk of the air tank off of the gun and put it on your back. That can free up your paintball marker to make it more mobile or give you more configuration options.

[May 20, 2010] - RAP4 Strikeforce Paintball Vests are fast becoming a huge hit on paintball fields all over the world. As one of the largest vest dealers for paintball, RAP4 has been listening to feedback and producing the vests and accessories that players are seeking.

[May 13, 2010] - The biggest expense over time in paintball is when it comes time to Buy Paintballs. Some of us tend to skimp on the quality of paintballs that we buy and sometimes we have to in order to be able to play that day. We have selected some of our favorite more affordable paintballs that we commonly use. These paintballs typically start out around $40 for a 2000 round case and go up from there.

[May 13, 2010] - Be sure to stop over and visit our friends at the The Catshack Reports. They have all sorts of paintball info to help you along with your game. While you're there be sure to check out the Miss Catshack Contestants!

[May 12, 2010] - People underestimate the importance of having a fully charged battery in their electronic paintball markers. Taxing a half or undercharged battery by working it with a high rate of fire is a bad idea. The Kingman 9v Rechargeable Battery and Wall Charger Combo will keep your gun firing at full voltage.

[May 11, 2010] - If you're looking for an affordable scenario gun we have officially given the US Army Carver One CQB Marker Package the head nod. It's a seriously tough looking milsim weapon that can deliver a bucket load of paintballs down field or a single paintball to an unsuspecting sniper victim.

[May 5, 2010] - What: 11 Hour Scenario Game. When: Sunday May 8th 2010. Where: JungleCat Paintball Field(Juneau, WI). Give me details: [URL expired] or ~ Game will start at noon and run until 11:00 PM, with a dinner break at 5:00. Cost is: $30 for every player, covers field fees, air, and food. Paintballs for sale day of the game $55 a case. BYOP is allowed.

[May 5, 2010] - I get emails every now and then asking what The Best Paintball Sniper Gun - Barrel Combo is. I guess that all depends on who you are and what you are using it for. Some people are playing a true sniper/sharpshooter and others are using their gun for a multipurpose weapon. So what makes a great paintball sniper gun or barrel?

[May 4, 2010] - Most of us enjoy the protection of Paintball Gloves. Depending on what kind of a player you are, you seek out different types of paintball gloves. The tournament player typically buys a light weight glove that focuses on breathable material and high color high resolution graphics. The scenario player looks more for a little heavier protection from brush and bunker snags. Both type of gloves have a huge selection if you know where to look.

[May 4, 2010] - Straight from Commando: ~ "Our first Big Game of 2010 is coming up Sunday May 16 and its going to be a blast!!! A whole day dedicated to paintball action and fun. We turn all our fields into one big field and all the players divide into two big teams and battle it out for flags and points. Its intense non-stop outdoor paintball action at its best!!! Gates open at 9:00, play starts at 10:00 and goes all day until 4:00. Get there right away for the intense start or come later and join in, it's a great time. We will be giving away t-shirts and door prizes! The field pass for this all day action is only $25.00, rental equipment included!!! Have a great day playing some intense paintball at Commando!!!" ~ For more information please visit: Commando Paintball Sports.

[April 29, 2010] - Please take the time to go and read this press release about the Dye Paintball theft[URL expired]. We need to protect our industry and bring these thieves to justice.

[April 29, 2010] - Milsim players will love the new Kingman Spyder MR4 Paintball Gun. Upon first glance at this beautiful marker, you will notice a built in shroud with a serious amount of real estate available on the tactical rails for all of your scenario goodies. Kingman understands that scenario players want a gun that looks the part of a serious milsim replica right out of the box. The MR4 definitely looks the part without having to add a bunch of visual accessories.

[April 28, 2010] - Join us on May 15-16, 2010 in Ettrick, Wisconsin at Hidden Valley Paintball Field for their annual Alamo paintball event. Battle to defend or conquer the 300 foot long, three story high Alamo replica. It's sure to be a great weekend for any level of paintball player. For more information and a discount for early registration, visit The Alamo Paintball Event.

[April 27, 2010] - The Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun has been out for a while now. It was the first to bring us the ground breaking Cyclone feed system that did away with needing a battery powered loader to achieve a high rate of fire. Other amazing things that the A5 gave us were features like a field strip-able platform and it's amazing ability to be transformed into almost any milsim gun.

[April 20, 2010] - The all new Sly Profit Paintball Mask was created with a high degree of distortion free vertical and horizontal visibility as its main goal to set it apart from competitors. Sure this mask has a lot of the features of the usual high end masks, but there are several areas where the Sly Profit has that, "little something extra."

[April 14, 2010] - The JT QLS Carnivore Paintball Mask is an asset for any serious player looking to step his game up a few notches. We all know that JT has been making some of the best masks in the sport for many years. Their new design masks are the next step in paintball safety performance. They are a reliable build with a full face protection and an extra wide range of view.

[April 13, 2010] - Dangerous Power has been making high speed quality paintball markers for players who demand an affordable tournament platform that will perform with the higher end guns. The introduction of the G3 Spec-R marker is a definite step in the right direction for paintball. It proves that an affordable marker with a high end performance can not only be competitive at paintball tournaments, but make a strong name for themselves as a leader in the industry.

[April 12, 2010] - A Heavy Gunner can use the Paintball Bipod as a pivot point to keep his muzzle level and sweep his aim across an effective plane of a target rich environment. A sniper can use the bipod to optimize his platform and spend more of his energy on breathing or predicting the targets movement. Read more...

[April 7, 2010] - Just posted a guest blog post by our friend VampireSkunk about Paintball Safety: Paintball has thousands of players throughout America and the world. Many organizations sponsor this extreme game at many venues across America. Although originally created for fun, many devotees take this game very seriously now. It is actually one of the most popular games in the world. Read more...

[April 5, 2010] - The Invert Mini has collected a vast amount of die hard fans over the years that love its small size packed with plenty of high performance. The Mini is a super light weight and ultra fast paintball gun. Big performance gains can be had by upgrading your Invert Mini's bolt. It's a very affordable upgrade that can increase your rate of fire, improves your markers air efficiency and can reduce the markers internal wear and tear. Read more: Invert Mini Bolts

[March 25, 2010] - Let's take a look at the Tippmann Carver One Sniper Rifle, a new build on a new weapon platform. Tippmann recently unveiled the US Army Carver One and put another very customizable paintball gun in the hands of scenario players. It's a smooth working affordable marker that sells in the standard version for under $100. The Tippmann US Army line up of weapons has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last year. The Carver One comes after the introduction of the Project Salvo. Both guns sport room for mucho add-ons.

[March 24, 2010] - The Paintball Loaders page got a fresh coating of paint today. Take a look around and check out some of the sweet deals to kick off the 2010 paintball season. There are a few paintball hoppers that can seriously spit out a fast stream of paintballs!

[March 23, 2010] - The Kingman Spyder MR1 is gaining serious popularity as a strong scenario gun for value conscious players. After its introduction many people pushed it off as just another paintball gun from Kingman. Yet, time has shown that it wasn't given the credit it deserves. Kingman has since created an electronic trigger version of the gun and aftermarket companies have responded to its success by producing a range of useful add-ons.

[March 22, 2010] - As paintball evolves there have been some sweet sniper rifle kit build ups made available to the hardcore players. Check out our freshly redone Paintball Sniper Rifle page.

[March 20, 2010] - If your looking for great deals to start off your summer 2010 paintball season, Paintball-Online is offering coiled remotes with paintball tanks. Prices start under $30 for a tank and remote combo. Read more about it here.

[March 18, 2010] - Dangerous Power Paintball Guns are back in stock and ready help you dump bucket loads of paintballs down field. The G3 IQ, G3 Spec-3 and Rev-i models are available in a ton of color combos with free shipping! If you have never looked into these things, take a serious look. Get on it now!

[March 15, 2010] - There isn't a large selection of Paintball Pistols Under 100 Dollars. The industry doesn't exactly flood the market with pistols, let alone cheap pistols. Paintball manufacturers would rather spend their research and development on paintball guns. Full size guns are better selling and fit into a more accepted market. But, never fear! We too are big fans of having a paintball charged sidearm and we will explore the cheap pistol option with you.

[March 4, 2010] - We have refreshed our Paintball Masks page and added used listings to it. Hit the field this year with a fresh light weight mask and you will experience less fatigue and a stronger field of vision.

[March 4, 2010] - With the Summer Paintball Season just around the corner you are probably looking over your equipment for any area that you need upgraded. We have just updated our Cheap Paintball Air Tanks sale page. There are several deals that you may want to look at if you are in the market for a new air tank or need to upgrade from CO2 to HPA. There are some affordable entry level tanks on sale now and a 68ciX4500 carbon fiber tank that comes with a free tank cover for a limited time.

[March 3, 2010] - If you are searching for Cheap Paintball Guns Under $50 be very careful what people recommend to you. We have a problem with people promoting guns that won't perform or that will crash on you after a short use. There are a few out there that would be perfect for a newer paintball player looking to start playing paintball with their own equipment. If you want to make a break from rental equipment or need some paintball gear for shooting around on your own fields, these paintball markers could be your way into the sport.

[March 1, 2010] - Happy March! This month always makes me look forward to warmer weather and outdoor play returning to the local fields. Indoor paintball is fun, but lets get back out to the forts, castles and random hyperball fields. Get your gear tuned up for spring play also. One of the biggest things I take a look at is the condition of my paintball mask lenses. They usually take a beating and this time of year is an perfect time to reconfirm your commitment to paintball by replacing your paintball lens now!

[February 28, 2010] - Tippmann released their new product catalog for the 2010 season. They have really been putting out new guns and equipment over the last year. It is well worth your while to take a peek at what they have to offer now.

[February 25, 2010] - The Core Aluminum Tippmann Gun Stocks are available for your 98 Custom, A5 and X7. These are fully adjustable and styled in the M4 design. They can complete your guns look and add great function. Each stock is designed specifically to fit the model of Tippmann you are shooting.

[February 24, 2010] - Upgrading your Invert Mini Board seems like an obvious upgrade for some. With electronic guns gaining so many innovations and programmable controls by installing an aftermarket board, it can really increase your guns capabilities and efficiencies.

[February 23, 2010] - The Future of Paintball? - The facts show that paintball is on a financial decline. This isn't anything new. It's been on a downward slope for some time now. Whose fault is it? Where do we point the finger? What are the contributing factors to its decline?

[February 20, 2010] - Tippmann A5 Shroud or accessory body kits are an awesome way to deck out your paintball gun. Adding one of these not only makes it more functional but also adds some sweet milsim looks to your killer weapon of mass destruction. There is an assault style and a SAW style, both add tactical rails for mounting your accessories. The assault style body kit transforms your A5 into a modular tactical system. The SAW style shroud adds the look and feel of the original military SAW gun.

[February 19, 2010] - Core builds some of the best paintball gun upgrades. One of the brands they like to accessorize is definitely Tippmann. They make a whole gamut of upgrades from barrels to stocks and everything between. Some of their equipment is considered to be the ultimate in scenario add-ons. It's affordable and serves its purpose well and can transform an ordinary Tippmann 98 or A5 into a full on military replica. Read more about the Tippmann Paintball Gun Kits by Core!

[February 18, 2010] - Introducing the all new Planet Eclipse ETEK 3 paintball marker. It's a new ultra sleek designed gun with most of the features of the higher end Planet Eclipse EGO 10. The ETEK 3 remains an affordable option for the more value conscious player, and today we are all looking for a way to make our paintball dollar go further than before.

[February 17, 2010] - The BT Paintball Vest is one of the most functional pieces of equipment you can buy to walk onto the field with. It holds your pods, radio, hydration pouch and what ever else you need to be an effective player in battle. Having a vest that is customizable and reliable is a must for any serious player. Scenario events have been won and lost by players being able to attack effectively. Let BT help you be an affective attacker.

[February 11, 2010] - It's that time of year to check out the even farther discounted 2009 Paintball Apparel by many of the top companies in the sport. Dye, Proto and Empire have huge price drops that you can take full advantage of. Imagine getting some top name brand paintball apparel for half price or less.

[February 8, 2010] - Paintball scenario events are all about making the battles seem realistic. Adding a Paintball Grenade Launcher to your gun or carrying a stand alone launcher can add realism to the event. Grenade launchers can be used to take out tanks or bunkers with foam rockets or you can shoot a system that fires clusters of paintballs to eliminate groups of people. There are many different type of launchers, from stand alone bazooka style to under gun mounts that are light a portable.

[February 5, 2010] - Introducing the new Tippmann Carver One paintball marker. It's a great addition to Tippmann's US Army line up of weapons. Last year they released the very functional Project Salvo and it has made a huge impact in paintball. The Carver One is similar in it's base design, but offers a more affordable price for an entry level player. It can be purchased as a standard semi-auto mechanical trigger or with the upgraded Tippmann E-Trigger.

[January 25, 2010] - Most scenario fans love Military Paintball Guns. They are the type of guns that really stand out in a crowd at an event. Some of the more popular configurations include the AK47 and the M16. Some newer designs are making their way into main stream paintball too. The MP5, M4 and several others make a great platform design for a functional milsim weapon.

[January 22, 2010] - Support Your Local Paintball Fields ~ As paintball becomes more challenged in this economy, we need to protect our own. If supporting your local fields can succeed, then paintball can once again flourish. Focusing on growing the sport locally should have a dramatic impact on the overall success of this great sport.

[January 2, 2010] - Kingman Paintball Markers started in 1992 and a year later gave us the Hammer series pump markers. Paintball has never been the same since. They have been producing affordable markers that are both reliable and high performing. Most of their guns are very easy to use and require minimal maintenance...

[December 30, 2009] - Have you ever played indoor paintball with black lights, strobes, smoke, neon paintballs and some awesome tunes jamming out? Tomorrow night(12/31/09) Commando Paintball is hosting the fun Cosmic Paintball Event. You know it's going to be an absolutely great time. We hope to see you all there.

[December 23, 2009] - This is the wicked looking Core Tippmann 98 Custom Sniper Platinum Sharp Shooter Combo Paintball Gun. If looks could kill, everyone who laid eyes on you would be eliminated when you are carrying this bad-boy! Read more...

[November 24, 2009] - Targets Wanted! Apply on the field in front of our barrels. Be sure to have your goggles on!

[November 9, 2009] - Stand apart from the traditional paintball cookie cutter gear wearers and make a statement. Spook the hell out of your opponents with a skull mask. The new Save Phace Paintball Masks are as unique as you need them to be. They have designs from mild to wild and will make you stand out in a crowd of standard design Dye, V-force and JT masks.

[November 3, 2009] - Save your money for paintballs and field fees! Electronic paintball markers are becoming more competitively priced. The new WGP Worr Machine EG Electronic Paintball Gun sets new standards for entry level markers. With so many features of high end paintball slingers, this little giant packs in a break-beam system and multiple firing mode adjustments. It's a gun that can take your game well beyond your budget.

[October 28, 2009] - Kingman has released their first series of .50 cal paintball guns. Introducing the new MR4, Advancer, OPUS and the Stormer Pistol. See Kingmans promo here.

[October 21, 2009] - Introducing the new spool valved Tippmann X7 Phenom .68 marker. It's the latest and greatest addition to their already tough line up of scenario markers. This spool valved X7 has a high rate of fire capability in a easy to maintenance familiar package. This electro pneumatic paintball gun is the birth of something special from Tippmann. You now have the ability to battle with the rate of fire of the tournament markers that are brought into the woods.

[October 19, 2009] - Tippmann says, "We will be launching a Electro-Pneumatic Marker with a new spool valve design on Wednesday, October 2 at 1 pm CST." WhooHoo!!

[October 8, 2009] - More about the .50 cal paintball, there is a fairly detailed post from a person who has shot a prototype and gotten a chance to tear it apart here.

[October 8, 2009] - The ultimate paintball position for most scenario players is the sniper job. Any large game in the woods will include paintball sniper guns doing their job. Most organized teams want several people toting these guns and making eliminations. What makes a good sniper rifle? Can one get carried away with the build? Is the best sniper gun a basic paintball marker with accuracy?

[October 7, 2009] - The 2010 Proto Rail is out. Priced at around $450, it's yet another gun I won't be affording any time soon. It looks like it can really rip though, take a look here.

[October 6, 2009] - With all of the paintball gun barrels available, what one makes the most sense for you? We've posted before trying to answer several questions about paintball gun barrels. We still get lots of questions concerning what barrel is best, concerns about barrel bore to paintball match, and several questions about gimmick barrels.

[October 5, 2009] - There have been several companies announcing new lines of .50 caliber paintball guns and equipment. Kingman has jumped on the .50 wagon early with a full line up for paintballers wanting to save some cash. There is rumors of a re-tooled .50 Smart Parts Impulse to be released with the help of the GI Milsim company. I will post links to the new product catalogs as soon as they are offered. Here is a little teaser from Kingman.

[October 4, 2009] - Big news for Northeast Wisconsin Paintball Players, a new Commando Indoor field in Green Bay is opening up on November 7th. It will feature the best indoor game play in the state! Check it out now!

[September 23, 2009] - The 2010 Dye Paintball catalog has arrived. It makes a guy wish he were rich and could afford a whole new trick Dye set-up.

[September 22, 2009] - As newer guns keep getting better air efficiency, there has been a strong shift to smaller air tanks by tournament players. The smaller your set up, the smaller of a target you are. And too, if you can shave some weight off of your equipment, it allows you to run faster and be quicker snap shooting. The new Pure Energy 48x4500 HPA Tank is fast becoming a popular choice for players who are optimizing what they walk onto the field with.

[September 17, 2009] - Tippmann has released a new $50 rebate on the X7 Paintball Gun! If you've been thinking about getting an X7, now is the time. This is a limited time offer, and you need to act now. The rebate says it's for select Tippmann X7's, but I spoke with a representative from Paintball-Online.com, and they have verified that any Tippmann X7 Gun you buy through them is covered by this rebate. With Paintball-Online you get free shipping, the $50 rebate, the low price guarantee and can use the $5 off WOLF5 coupon code at checkout. That can save you a lot of money compared to some of the other paintball stores. Read more about the Tippmann X7 Rebate.

[September 14, 2009] - We've been getting a lot of spam from our contact page. Mostly bots trying to send me links. I've put some IP blocking script in place to try and block it. If you experience any problem with the contact form, I apologize. I'm am against putting up a captcha at this point, but maybe forced to later on.

[September 14, 2009] - Sickness to insanity. Many consider the 2009 Planet Eclipse Ego Paintball Gun to be the best firing marker ever produced. If you've never spent much time with this gun, you'll be amazed at how smooth and easily rapid this thing can deliver paintballs down field. It has the ability to rip a hail storm with minimal effort or make you feel comfortable quietly popping shots at a bunker waiting for an opponent to stick his head out. It is packed with all the features that most high end guns have, but the 09 Ego sets its self apart by its unmatched ability to deliver these features in such a graceful package.

[September 13, 2009] - Looking for a great way to bring in the Fall Paintball Season with a hugely understated BANG!? Meet us up at the Patriot Paintball Field for the 3rd annual Boys and Girls Club 5-man tournament on September 26th. The PSP World Cup field layout is going to provide an excellent day of tournament play for paintballers of any skill level. For preregistration and tournament info, check out the Patriot Paintball Website.

[September 12, 2009] - Join us tomorrow at Commando Paintball for their end of year Big Game. The entire park will be littered with platoons of paintball shooting mad men(and man women). The event has always been a really crazy good time. The woods are swarming with targets that shoot back. Prizes, free food, incredible paintball play, and like always at Commando ~ a great time! Check out their site for more info: Sept 13th Big Game.

[September 9, 2009] - Paintball is turning into a fashion platform. Seems every year some new crazy trend comes out in appearance. This year I've been noticing people with their White Paintball Camo. It's the hot new thing!? Lot's of the top teams are shifting towards it, and every young team that want's to look the part on the tournament scene has been turning a ghostly white too.

[September 2, 2009] - Truly an end to an era, Smart Parts has announced that they are no longer able to make it in this economy. They are laying off a large portion of their employees. No matter what your opinion about Smart Parts, this will be a loss that will negatively affect paintball. Please take a minute to understand how large of a loss this is to the sport we all love.

[September 2, 2009] - Goto the field in style with your favorite paintball brand on your bags. These tough nylon constructed Tippmann Gear Packs and Bags will keep you organized at hectic events. Protect your expensive gear and stay ahead of the game!

[August 31, 2009] - As expensive as paintball can be, it's good to know that things go on sale from time to time. Paintball Air Tanks can be a large expense to consider. We try to help connect you to quality tanks that are on sale. Get yourself a top rated tank at an affordable price. We offer new or used listings where we try to find you the cheapest deals to save you money.

[August 25, 2009] - To enjoy paintball a good set of Thermal Paintball Goggles are an absolute MUST! I think we have all gone through the miserable days of fogged up vision when using cheap rental masks. A single plane non thermal lens can flat out leave you blind. It's frustrating as hell!

[August 24, 2009] - Accuracy, distance, noise reduction and looks are all great reasons to get yourself a new Spyder Paintball Barrel. It's one of the best and most basic upgrades you can make to your paintball gun. It can provide you with a real game changing experience. Adding a quiet sniper barrel can help keep you hidden, or adding a new sleek speedball barrel can increase your accuracy when shooting large volumes of paintballs down-field.

[August 23, 2009] - Is your Summer coming to and end? Have to go back to school next week? Make the most of it at Commando Paintball with their End of Summer Special. Invite all of your friends to have one last knock down brawl before school sucks the life out of you for another year. There is still time to have fun, do it like a rockstar at Commando Paintball!

[August 19, 2009] - Is your paintball mask giving you away? Your paintball mask is one of the most recognizable shapes that people use to help spot you on the field. Why not use every advantage possible to reduce its signature. A Camo Paintball Mask and some Goggle Skins can make your huge pumpkin head disappear into the brush around you. This can help you to spot your opponents before they spot you.

[August 18, 2009] - There has been a scenario weapon that recently caught my attention due to all of the great reviews that have been posted about it. The new BT Paintball TM7 scenario gun. When it first came out I though it looked kind of silly and over priced. After reading about its capabilities and rugged design, I have to say that this paintball gun now looks like a winner. I have yet to shoot one, but count on it, I'll be draining a high capacity loader on top of one very soon.

[August 17, 2009] - The Tippmann A5 has become one of paintballs best known scenario weapons. It's capable of being built up into a gun that can fill any roll on the field. Now check out the new balanced A5 build up kits available a the lowest prices inline.

[August 14, 2009] - Why do people name their paintball teams such terrible names. We get sponsorship requests regularly from teams with names like Anthrax Warriors or Urban Paintball Terrorists. Why would any serious company want their name associated with these names? They might as well be saying company X supports the 9/11 Murderers or the Community Paintball Vandalizers.

[August 12, 2009] - If your already shooting one of the best scenario weapons available, you know how important it is to get a stock on that X7. The Tippmann X7 Stock upgrade maybe one of the hottest selling accessories available. Setting your gun up to perform in a highly balanced manner requires you to have the ability to shoulder the weapon quickly and accurately.

[August 11, 2009] - We hope to see you all at Commando's 3-man tournament this Sunday(Aug 16th). Great prizes including brand spanking new Dye Rotors(that feed your gun 50 gabillion paintballs per second or something like that). Second place is an in store $100 shopping spree! Woot! Get your team entered now! You know how fun the Commando tournaments are. Check the 3-man tournament details for more info. Only $45 for a case of economy field paintballs! WOW!

[August 10, 2009] - The US Army Tippmann Alpha Paintball Gun fits into the entry level(low) to medium bracket of markers and is an excellent choice for anyone interested in breaking into the scenario scene. Its build is based on the Tippmann 98 gun design and has the ability to be upgraded and accessorized with many of the countless 98 components offered by Tippmann and aftermarket companies.

[August 6, 2009] - For some it seems a pretty obvious choice for the Project Salvo Sniper Gun. It has been a major release for Tippmann into a demanding scenario market place. This gun is being embraced by serious mil-sim players as perhaps one of the best choices ever for a sniper gun. Its huge list of available upgrades, cost effectiveness, and almost unmatched ability to deliver a paintball down field, set it apart from its "wana be" competitors.

[August 4, 2009] - The Tippmann 98 Custom is arguably one of the most popular guns in paintball. Upgrading its barrel is an obvious first choice when looking for an improvement to the gun. There are a lot of aftermarket companies making Tippmann 98 Custom Barrel options for you. Several styles, lengths, colors and inventive designs are waiting for you to pick from.

[August 3, 2009] - PMI has given us some great paintball equipment over the years. Believe it or not, they started in 1981 and continue to contribute with their affordable priced Piranha Paintball Guns. Their Black Maxx and GTI guns are some of the more commonly found in the Paintball World. They also introduced us to the programmable electronic chip many years ago with the multi-mode Rampage Board.

[July 30, 2009] - Just when you though paintball was getting boring, the Stiffi Barrel Kits come along and wake your dumb ass up! These things are a super fun barrel kit. They deliver high tech design, ultra light weight, and all the accuracy you would expect from a high end barrel. With the different size backs, it's also one of the most forgiving barrels for shooting field paint.

[July 28, 2009] - The Pinokio loader has created a big splash in the paintball world. They seem to be taking it to the next level now with the new Urban Digi-Camo version and charging a pretty penny for it. This maybe the single most expensive loader in paintball today. Just when you thought it couldn't cost you any more to play this crazy game.

[July 23, 2009] - Bring your game play back to where paintball began. Instead of accuracy by volume, make each paintball count. Pump Paintball Guns give back to the game what high end ultra fast guns have taken away. Imagine the money you would save on paintballs with a pump gun. The limited fire power will heighten the other parts of your game and even increase your abilities when you return to a semi-auto.

[July 22, 2009] - We are all about looking the part and being functional when upgrading your marker. One of the hottest upgrades is the Tippmann 98 Shroud. Some of these are basic barrel covers that will help complete your look. Others can be functional shrouds that include a Picatinny rail system to mount all of your scenario goodies.

[July 21, 2009] - New Tippmann Catalogs Now Available Online: New Tippmann Catalogs

[July 20, 2009] - Just when you think CO2 is loosing it's place in paintball, JT comes out with a new cutting edge tank. Introducing the all new JT IVT CO2 Paintball Tank! It's full of features that even a high end HPA tank can't provide. It's priced very reasonably and available in two sizes to fit your playing style: A standard 20oz capacity and a heavy hitting 24oz'er for the player that goes out for the long haul.

[July 18, 2009] - We have just updated the paintball air tanks page to reflect all of the recent HPA and CO2 tank price drops. As this wonderful sport gains popularity and brands fight for market presence, the price of paintball tanks has been dropping. Maybe it's time to upgrade your tank to one that will keep up with that extreme new playing style you took on this year to stay competitive. Check out the reduced prices now and save your self enough cash to afford an extra day out at the field to show off your new tank.

[July 17, 2009] - With the increase of dedicated tournament paintball teams, the serious competitors are buying paintball bunkers for their practice fields. Most start out by purchasing a pair of bunkers that can be set up and used for snap shooting drills. Then when the success of these practices is felt, usually a full set of paintball bunkers is purchased. The difference between 1st and last place at any given tournament can be determined by a teams practice dedication.

[July 16, 2009] - If your a big fan of JT, one of the most popular paintball companies in the sport, then you will be happy to see the huge selection of JT Paintball Pants. They have been producing paintball products for us players since before the sport got serious. JT makes top performing equipment at prices that won't send us all to the dead box. The popularity of their masks is certainly well known, but JT produces a full line of paintball apparel including some tough and very durable paintball pants.

[July 14, 2009] - Come out to Commando Paintball Field(Little Suamico, WI) on August 2nd for the 4th annual Commando Extravaganza. Fun events include a 2 on 2 speedball tourney, a 3man woodsball battle and a 1 on 1 Ironman Hyperball match up. A swap meet will take place in the morning for you to buy and sell equipment. Free hot dogs and a paintball gun giveaway ~ How could you possibly miss this great event?!?!

[July 13, 2009] - As HPA tanks come down in price, CO2 tanks for paintball also drop a few bucks. This makes the sport more affordable for all of us. 10 years ago, a basic 20oz CO2 tank was $25, now you can find them for under $15. They perform just as good and last just as long. With the high price of equipment now days, it's nice to see the price drop on some things.

[July 10, 2009] - Show'em yo Grill Playa. The V-Force Grill Paintball Mask is a Team Wolfpack favorite. Most of our players sport them proudly. They are affordable, lightweight and have features not found in other more expensive masks. The Grill is a high performance mask that won't disappoint.

[July 8, 2009] - The paintball sniper or marksman position is growing in popularity every year. What better way to accomplish this position than with one of scenarios best paintball gun ~ the Tippmann X7 Sniper Rifle. Set up correctly, this will be the dominant marker on the field. The Tippmann X7 is one of the most customizable weapons, with hundreds of upgrades available from several popular paintball companies.

[July 6, 2009] - Disgusting! What more needs to be said about the new Ollie Lang Dye DM9 Paintball Gun. This thing takes paintball to a whole new level. Imagine the laser beam ropes of paintballs you can stream down the field with this little monster. How much respect do you think you'd get on the field, or the looks you'd get from competitors when waiting in the staging area. If this gun doesn't earn you some serious fear, nothing will.

[July 4, 2009] - Happy 4th of July to all you crazy paintballers!! I hope you have a safe one. I know there are several scenario events going on this weekend around the US. It's a great weekend to introduce your family to paintball, take advantage of it.

[July 1, 2009] - Holy crap, these TechT Fang Trigger are taking off! It seems like everyone and their sister is sporting a Fang on their Tippmann, Matrix, Ion or Brass Eagle Talon(OK, the Talon was just a lie). TechT dropped into the paintball world with a sonic BOOM gaining popularity with their TechT Cyclone Squishy Paddles, and they haven't stopped creating wonderful and affordable paintball gun upgrades since.

[June 29, 2009] - 10 Tips for Getting Paintball Sponsorship ~ I admit that this list was somewhat built as a rant after years of receiving sponsorship requests. Some of them are so ridiculous that I don't know if I should feel sorry for them or be upset that so little thought and effort was put into it. I know in most cases these people don't understand the value of money or what work is. I can only hope for these people that eventually they will start to see the opportunities that this world can provide for them if they want it bad enough.

[June 23, 2009] - With the release of the new US Army Project Salvo Paintball Guns by Tippmann Products comes a whole line up of scenario build packages. Snipers, night ops and room clearing experts can now purchase a cost effective pre-designed and well balanced Salvo gun kit. Be the first on the field to show up with one of these great kits and knock your oppenents socks off.

[June 22, 2009] - Just a heads up for anyone looking for a new paintball air tank - Pure Energy 3000psi x 68ci CARBON FIBER Tank is only $74.99 with coupon code WOLF5 at check out. The Pure Energy tanks are not only one of the most efficient flowing regulators, but it's also rebuildable. Take advantage of this price while it lasts!!

[June 19, 2009] - The Spyder MR1 Sniper Gun makes for a good entry level marker that can deliver a paintball at a long distance. The sniper kit comes with the standard MR1 paintball gun and a 20" Smart Parts Tactical Barrel. It's a reliable design that is set up for a woodsball environment player looking to shoot at distances.

[June 17, 2009] - Ninja Paintball is all about producing quality air systems. The Ninja Paintball Tanks and Regulators are an affordable option that you should take a serious look at. The tanks come in most popular sizes, including a 13ci x 3000psi model for pump paintball players. The 68ci x 4500psi carbon fiber tank is about $155, which makes for an affordable high end tank.

[June 15, 2009] - The well known Halo B Paintball Loader have been price reduced. These great loaders have been dominating the fields for years with their advanced belt feed technology. Odyssey designed the Halo B for the tournament player in mind, but its use has become a reliable part of any serious woodsball players equipment check list. The reliability and performance keeps even the fastest paintball guns fed consistently in the most demanding situations.

[June 14, 2009] - A lot of serious scenario players are switching from standard pod harnesses to tactical vests. The BT Battle Paintball Vest is a solid choice for this upgrade. Its function and construction are designed for the hardcore player who demands all the features that a professional vest can offer. BT has been producing higher quality equipment for a long time and this vest is a perfect example of their commitment to quality.

[June 10, 2009] - The Tippmann US Army Project Salvo CQB Paintball Guns are now in stock at Paintball-Online. Take $5 dollars off of manufacturers minimum pricing with coupon code WOLF5 at check out.

[June 9, 2009] - Plop! Kingman drops in another entry level priced marker with the performance of a mid priced gun. Enter the Kingman Spyder RS Paintball Gun! The new RS is an electronic paintball gun that operates on CO2 or HPA. It has an anti-chop eye system, an inline regulator and an adjustable trigger. So many features that you would expect in a marker two or three times more expensive.

[June 7, 2009] - The new Invert Halo Too Paintball Loader is a high performance option to the high priced loaders out there. It has most of the features of loaders in the $120-150 range including a feed rate of over 20 balls per second. That's fast enough to feed even the ultra fast electro guns, yet it's price tag is in the $60-65 dollar area. That leaves you with more money to spend on entry fees and paintballs.

[June 6, 2009] - We hope to see all the Wisconsin and Upper Michigan paintball players at Commando's huge Turf Wars scenario game this weekend(June 14th)! It's going to be an action packed day of paintball with two teams battling it out all over the entire field. There will be several missions throughout the day with fun objectives for each team to accomplish. For more information stop by the Commando Paintball Field Website HERE. We will see you there...

[June 4, 2009] - What do geeks who like paintball do with their spare time? Check out what this guy made in his idle time: Self -Targeting Paintball Sentry Gun.

[June 3, 2009] - Everyone knows the popularity of the Dye C8 Paintball Pants. The new C9's are all the rage too. You can save yourself a lot of cash now by buying last years C8 pants. Most of the major online paintball stores have clearance on the C8's now. They are selling fast and may be gone soon. Paintball-Online is one of the better online paintball retailers to show you how much inventory they have remaining.

[June 2, 2009] - Are you ready for the new paintball season? Did you get a new ultra fast marker or did you upgrade your existing marker to shoot at an alarming rate? Test your fingers speed with paintball trigger pull game.

[June 1, 2009] - Yet another dumbass getting shot by a paintball gun for some free promotion ~ ShootPaul.com.

[June 1, 2009] - BOOM! Here it is... the new ultimate scenario players gun, it's the new US Army Project Salvo Paintball Gun by Tippmann. This thing is a dream come true for any serious paintball player who is looking for a marker that is super customizable. This thing will lay down a sick amount of suppression fire, make a serious sniper jump for joy and convert to a CQB room clearing disaster tool all in one walk onto the field.

[May 31, 2009] - As time goes on, paintball HPA tanks are coming down in price. The new Ultra Air Pure Energy Tank is a perfect example of this. It's a fully tricked out carbon fiber tank with a strong regulator and nice graphics. Pure Energy has made some of the more affordable tanks with a strong commitment to quality. The new Ultra Air series is built directly off of this mold.

[May 30, 2009] - We are constantly getting emails from beginners and long time tournament and scenario players asking us for Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Strategies. They usually want to know how to drastically improve their game. As much as I'd like to be able to spout off some brilliant sounding epiphany of knowledge to them, I don't really think we have the answers. Years of playing tournaments and scenarios doesn't teach you so much what to do, as much as it teaches you what not to do. Believe me, speaking for myself, I've done enough stupid things for a life time of paintball play.

[May 29, 2009] - If your a big Tippmann fan you can now download Tippmann Wallpapers for your desktop. Tippmann has created several Wallpapers including their full line up of paintball guns. The new latest and greatest "Tippmann Rocks" Wallpaper seems to be the most popular at this point. Go grab your favorite now!

[May 28, 2009] - We've added some new gun kits to the Tippmann X7 Guns page. We are planning on adding not only functional custom designed scenario gun combos, but also coming soon will be a whole line up of X7 Military Replicas. Included will be the UMP, M16 and of course the famous AK47 assualt rifle.

[May 27, 2009] - The Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun is certainly a legendary marker in the paintball world. Most of us do or have at one time owned a Tippmann 98 Custom or some version of it. The after market companies have responded to the guns strong following by releasing a vast amount of Tippmann 98 Custom Upgrades.

[May 24, 2009] - One of Wolfpack's favorite upgrades is the Tippmann A5 Flatline Barrel. Most of us here have or do own an A5, and adding the Flatline Barrel has been a huge tool in tagging more opponents in the woods. If you have an A5, we highly recommend this upgrade. It will allow you to shoot under trees and canopy vegetation to reach your opponents at distanced beyond what they can shoot back.

[May 22, 2009] - Put the paintball where you want it with a Paintball Laser Sight. Being able to put a red dot on your opponent and deliver a paintball right to that spot can be a very big advantage in this sport. Every element of accuracy that you can put in your favor will make you that much more dominant of a player. Using a paintball laser sight will greatly increase your chances of hitting the target.

[May 22, 2009] - Check out this funny love paintball video on the T-Square Paintball Blog.

[May 21, 2009] - Paintball-Online is offering $5 off a $50 or more purchase with coupon code WOLF5 at checkout. This time of year when your getting ready for a big Summer paintball season it's great to save a little cash. Take advantage of it now!

[May 20, 2009] - Shoot Fasta than your friends with the Spyder Fasta 18v Loader. This electronic loader will increase your game play by packing your marker with paintballs at an impressive 30+ balls per second. That will keep you in the game spraying paintballs like a motivated paint salesman at Home Depot who drank too many Red Bulls.

[May 19, 2009] - Snap, react and shoot faster with a Tippmann A5 Stock. Your Close Quarter Combat(CQB) skills will show immediate improvement from being able to quickly shoulder your A5. Any serious sniper knows the importance of steadying their weapon with a functional stock. Now is the time to bring your game up to a higher level of scenario play with a Tippmann A5 Stock.

[May 16, 2009] - The perfect upgrade for people with big sausage fingers! The 98 Custom Double Trigger will accommodate the plumpest of filangies! Of course, I'm just joking around. The 98 Custom Double Trigger conversion kit is best used for paintball players that like to wear gloves and have more control over their gun/trigger.

[May 15, 2009] - A worth while read is David Muhlestein blog post about German Politicians are Cowards. He hits the nail on the head about the ridiculous reaction of German officials to a 17 year old boy who went on a shooting rampage in a school killing 15 people.

[May 12, 2009] - The all new 2009 Empire Vents ZN super slim paintball mask is designed around protecting you and keeping you in the game by bouncing balls instead of breaking them. The Ultra flexible rubber construction cushions the ball and changes the trajectory. Its' slim low profile gives a minimum target and is extremely stylish.

[May 12, 2009] - Calling all Wisconsin Paintballers!! Let's kick off the season at Commando Paintball Field this Sunday(May 17th, 09), it's the Commando Kick-off Tournament. The 3-man tournament is only $75 a team + $55.00 a case. Very nice prices to start off the year. It's 100% payout and should be completely a great time. Call Commando to register at (920)826-5554 or visit their website for more information on this event at Commando Paintball. See you there!

[May 11, 2009] - Who said road-rash isn't possible in the woods? Paintball Knee Pads are fast becoming the most important piece of protection right behind your precious paintball mask. Knee and shin padding has become an essential part of any serious players list of tools, making you more confident in bunker slides and/or running through brush to dive into cover. Don't overlook this great improvement to your game.

[May 7, 2009] - The Tippmann Sniper Barrel is Tippmann's continuing effort to help develop sniper accessories for your paintball gun. This series of barrels is a perfect match of length, stealth and accuracy to deliver a tactical barrel for your A5, X7 or 98. Great for the player who likes to shoot from long distances and hit his target with extreme accuracy.

[May 6, 2009] - Let's face it, head shots suck! The JT Elite Headshield Single Paintball Mask will save you from throwing out a string of swear words the next time you get gonged in the pumpkin buy a 300 feet per second paintball. Skull welts are brutal, yes - skull welts. Your standard paintball mask doesn't cover your big melon from taking abuse, the Elite Headshield Single Paintball Mask will keep it covered and safe.

[May 5, 2009] - Ease of use and durability are part of a good Paintball CO2 Fill Station. Safely having several users being able to quickly fill co2 tanks is important. But having a paintball co2 fill station that will last for many years will keep you playing and not paying. For most paintball fields, DOT, CGA and ASTM standards must be met for their insurance carriers. Most also require a dual valve type fill station.

[May 4, 2009] - If your shooting a Tippmann 98, you probably already know what the Flatline Barrel can do. Now is the time to buy the Tippmann 98 Flatline Barrel and improve your ability to reach beyond others. The design adds 100 feet of flat trajectory onto your shots. This will help you to play in heavy wooded canopy vegetation.

[May 4, 2009] - One of the sickest new paintball guns on the market today ~ the Dangerous Power Rev i. Spank your opponents silly with the capability to sling an ungodly amount of paint down field. The smooth operation of this gun is a statement to its innovation. Packed with a blast of true high end features, the Dangerous Power Rev i will be the hottest gun on the field in 2009 and for years to come. Make sure your behind one and not on the receiving end!

[May 2, 2009] - Paintball Online is giving away Free Paintball Gloves. These great armored fingerless gloves are perfect for protecting your hands while slinging paintballs down field. They are constructed of cool Airmesh and fully armored. Normal price is $24.99, but Paintball Online is giving them away free for a limited time. All you pay is the shipping and handling costs.

[May 1, 2009] - If your making the change from a gravity feed to a force feed, the 9v Overdrive Paintball Loader by Extreme Rage might be the right loader for you. It's a very affordable loader and will feed your gun a consistent 9+ balls per second to help you out shoot your competitors. The Overdrive paintball loader makes sense for a better player on a budget looking to increase their effective rate of fire and step up to the next level.

[April 28, 2009] - As far as Tippmann X7 upgrades go, we singled out the X7 X36 Carry Handle as one of the most useful improvements you can make to your paintball gun. Maybe it's because we are lazy, or maybe it's just so multi-purposely efficient. What ever the reason is, we all agree the X7 X36 carry handle is an awesome upgrade for your marker. It's a snap to install and it's very affordable.

[April 27, 2009] - One of the most popular upgrades is the Tippmann 98 Expansion Chamber. It drastically increases your guns efficiency when shooting with CO2. It can also solve inconsistent feet per second issues when at the chronograph.

[April 23, 2009] - Break out of your stock gun configuration and BLAZE on the field with a Spyder Rocking Trigger Frame. If you've never shot one before, you are going to be blown away at how fast your gun will rip paintballs down field. The Spyder Rocking Trigger Frames are available for most Spyders as an upgrade and will seriously change the way you play paintball.

[April 22, 2009] - Shoot the crap out of your friends on the paintball field with the new Tippmann TPX Pistol. Besides being a sweet little gem of a marker, this customizable scenario pistol can be completely tricked out. X7/A5 barrel threads and an under gun Picatinny rail open the possibilities to upgrade this hand cannon into a serious assault weapon feared by everyone on the field. Great for CQB fighting or shooting at targets up to 150 feet away.

[April 21, 2009] - Strap it in and carry it into battle with a Camo Paintball Harness 4+1. An essential piece of equipment for any serious player is a good harness. Easy access to pods and a place to mount your remote air tank. The Camo Paintball Harness 4+1 is available in many designs, configurations and camouflage patterns. Don't get caught in the middle of a fire-fight without one! A quick pod to hopper reload is an armsreach away.

[April 20, 2009] - Boom!! The Brass Eagle T-Storm hits the target for a super affordable entry level marker price. Brass Eagle graces us with a very attainable scenario looking semi-auto woodsballer dream come true. This tactical appearing paintball marker is effectively with in range of any paintball players budget! This little gem is a perfect way for new players to escape rental equipment and look like a serious player in the process.

[April 16, 2009] - Have you considered buying Seconds Paintballs? With newer guns having an increased rate of fire and newer paintball loaders being able to spit paintballs into your gun at an alarming rate, the typical player burns through a lot more ammo every time they play. Paintballs are fast becoming the most expensive part of playing this great game. The days of shooting 500 balls with an auto gun during a day of playing is long gone.

[April 15, 2009] - Paintball Sniper Barrels can put distance, accuracy and stealth on your shots. Looking the part of a serious scenario player can be accomplished by adding a 18-21 inch barrel to your marker. Adding one of these barrels will give you the chance to out-shoot your opponents and deliver a paintball out of their return range inducing fear and respect.

[April 14, 2009] - The TechT Squishy Paddles are an internal upgrade for your Tippmann Cyclone feed system. They are primarily designed to prevent paintball breakage. Their soft paddle arms gently grab the paint and push them into the guns feed port.

[April 14, 2009] - Wisconsin and Upper Michigan young guns paintball players have a new opportunity to meet and practice. Commando paintball field in Little Suamico, Wisconsin is having paintball play for ages 17 and younger every Friday night 4:00pm to dusk. Play against your friends and team mates for only $5.00 entry(includes equipment). See the Commando Field website for more details.

[April 13, 2009] - The new Kingman Training Pistols (aka KT markers) with the Reversal Striker Valve system puts the full size weight and feel of a hand pistol into an 11mm(.43 caliber) paintball shooting marker. The new Chaser and Eraser models have hit the market and are available now. These hot little markers have a 9 round magazine and shoot up to 80 rounds at 250 feet per second using a single 12 gram CO2 cartridge.

[April 10, 2009] - Have you ever gotten dinged in the neck before? I mean a straight on full 300 feet per second shot to the throat? It's time to buy a Paintball Neck Protector! Shots to your neck usually leave a healthy size welt and are very painful. Paintball players all over are choosing to wear paintball neck protection due to the new levels of comfort and cheap prices they are commonly found for.

[April 9, 2009] - CPX Sports and Tippmann to offer free rentals at Living Legends Paintball Event May 29-31, 2009 ~ http://tinyurl.com/cc5pjg

[April 9, 2009] - Any serious scenario player knows his success can be hinged on how prepared he is when walking onto the field. A good Tactical Paintball Vest can help bring the items you need to the fight and make sure your prepared for battle. With countless accessories and extra ammo needed for a long term mission, a tactical paintball vest that you can rely on is a much needed tool.

[April 8, 2009] - We can't help but do a post about Invert Paintball Gear. They have gone and created some of the best looking paintball gear for 2009. The pictures of their apparel don't do it justice. These pants, jerseys and gloves are some of the sharpest protective clothing to grace the paintball field in a long time. Quite honestly, this stuff is priced right too. Compare the same quality of apparel from a bigger name and you will pay a lot more.

[April 7, 2009] - Kingman has built themselves a reputation for building great affordable guns. The 2009 Spyder Sonix Paintball Marker is more proof of Kingman's commitment to this tradition. With standard features of pricer models, the '09 Sonix out shoots most non-electric guns in it's class and for well under $100.

[April 1, 2009] - Announcing the Wolfpack Radar Sensing Ramp Board! Most major paintball organizations have strict rules on how many balls per second your gun can shoot. PSP is 12.5bps and 10.5 bps, Millennium is down to 10.5bps. We all know that the guns we pour our money into can easily out shoot those tiny limits. Why not take back the advantage you deserve?

[March 31, 2009] - The Tippmann X7 Free Upgrade Offer has been Extended to April 15, 2009! Take advantage of this great offer while it lasts. You can save up to $130 by participating in this offer on one of the best scenario guns available. It will be gone soon...

[March 31, 2009] - This is no wooden doll with a growing nose! The new Pinokio Paintball Loader is a high end adjustable extra capacity paintball feed system for serious players. It's extreme shell capacity and high ball feed rate make it one of the most desired loaders on the market today. It's two in one design is great for a front player or a back man. Spend less time loading and more time focused on maintaining your shooting lanes.

[March 30, 2009] - The JT Tac 5 Paintball Gun is an entry level marker that can be tricked out to keep up with the toughest scenario marker. It offers two accessory rails for sights or lights. The all aluminum construction make it light and durable. It's got a rear cocking knob and no external bolt openings, so the inside of your gun stays clean. This paintball gun comes standard with a double finger trigger.

[March 26, 2009] - The Dangerous Power G3 Paintball Guns are seriously sick weapons of paintball destruction. The G3 is all about simplicity and lightness. At just under 2 lbs, it's an ultra light gun and the smallest on the market today. The easy to access minimal interior moving parts uses only 6 o-rings throughout the entire gun. The bolt can be quickly removed with the turn of one allen bolt.

[March 26, 2009] - One of the most common paintball air tanks in the woods is the Aluminum 20oz CO2 Tank w/Pin Valve. It will deliver about 1200 shots from a single fill and is a very affordable alternative to an expensive carbon fiber HPA tank. 20oz CO2 tanks have dropped in price over the last couple of years and commonly sell for under $15.

[March 26, 2009] - Scenario fans rejoice! The Tippmann 98 stock is multiplying. Most serious scenario or woodsballers find using a stock on their gun is effective and makes the gun more comfortable. If your a sniper, you know the importance of being able to line up a steady shot. Even if you need the gun for quick CQB(close quarter battle) situations, you know how a stock can help you to quickly and accurately react to aim.

[March 26, 2009] - Every serious woodsballer needs a good Heavy Duty Coiled Remote for CO2 or Comp Air. Many are very affordable and come with slide check quick disconnects and an on/off valve. Heavy duty coiled remotes are all compatible with CO2 and Compressed Air(HPA/Nitrogen). These high pressure hoses help you relocate your air tank to your podpack and leave room to make your gun's stock more effective.

[March 25, 2009] - The new Tanked Paintball line is taking over the paintball world. Their pants are getting great press and reviews for being ultra light and very comfortable. These paintball pants are tough and build for the hardcore paintballer. Tanked Paintball Gear is produced in Germany by paintballers for paintballers. Tanked is fairly new(2007), but already a major player in the soft parts category. They produce a high end line of apparel for serious paintballers. The fit and function of the new Tanked Paintball Pants is built to be stylish and keep you playing for hours.

[March 24, 2009] - Extreme Rage Inflatable Paintball Bunkers are a great way for your team to set up a tournament style practice field. The Rage bunkers are available as individual pieces or as a kit. Set up, move around and quickly clean or take down these great bunkers to fit your team's practice needs. The Extreme kit is affordable and flexible for running drills and snapshooting.

[March 24, 2009] - Commando Paintball Field has announced a training clinic with Oliver Lang and Nicky Cuba set for July 11th and 12th, 2009. The weekend long clinic will be held at the Commando field in Little Suamico, Wisconsin.

[March 23, 2009] - The Dye Pro i3 Paintball Mask is designed for the most extreme playing conditions. Its smaller design is not only 20% lighter than previous versions of the i3 mask, but it has a smaller profile to keep you in the game longer. It's price reasonably and is available in colors to suit any paintball player.

[March 22, 2009] - The Evil Pimp Paintball Gun is an ultra fast electro-pneumatic open bolt design. It's a super fast gun and one of the best looking at the field. An extremely adjustable trigger sensitivity and rate of fire are included on the easy to program version 7.0 electronics board. Other system adjustments include ball delay and break-beam sensitivity. The Evil Pimp Paintball Gun is a great buy for the money and can be seen on many fields, be it tournament or scenario, ripping up its opponents!

[March 20, 2009] - Happy first day of Spring! A great time of year for paintballers in Wisconsin! If your looking for a new very affordable electronic marker, check out the 2009 Kingman Spyder RT. It's hard to beat the value this paintball gun provides. With the ability to shoot over 30 balls per second and a totally adjustable rocking trigger, it's sure to be a game stopper! Don't get left behind on this one or you'll be the player with a face full of paint.

[March 18, 2009] - What fulfills your paintball sniper craving? Do you and a friend skirt the edge of the field and try to flank the opponents, picking them off one by one? Do you find the highest shooting position on the field and go for the one shot one kill technique? Or does simply looking the part with your gear(a ridiculously long barrel) and demeanor make you feel like an accomplished ghost shooter? What defines you as a paintball sniper?

[March 13, 2009] - After popular request, Wolfpack Paintball has decided to offer Paintball Advertising again to reputable businesses. We are offering text ads and a banner ad spot. Advertising spaces are priced based on what we have been making with our affiliate programs. They have been filling up fast from previous requests and we only have a few spots left(we are limiting rotational spots). Click the above link to get in on the introductory pricing. Depending on specific requests, we may make more or different ad space available.

[March 6, 2009] - The new Dye Rotor paintball loaders feed at an amazing 50 balls per second and are available in many colors with speed feed quick loading lid systems. Color Kits come in camo green for woodsballers to crazy pink and leopard for the speedballer who wants to make a statement. See all of the Dye Rotor Paintball Loader Color Kits and Speed Feed Lids

[March 2, 2009] - I'd like to apologize to anyone who went through our paintball store yesterday(Sunday March 1st). We had an outage of our merchant referring software. We had 227 store clicks that led to nowhere. The problem is fixed and the discounted shopping is up and running again. We would like to offer everyone $5 off an order of $50 or more by entering coupon code WOLF5 at check out. That's 10% off of a $50 order, paintball has never been more affordable =)

[Feb 22, 2009] - Looking for the current Paintball Online Coupon Codes? We have the latest active coupon codes and the best deals from Paintball Online. We get regular email from them concerning their up-to-date specials that can save you money. Before you make that purchase, check here for the latest and greatest Paintball Online Coupon Codes.

[Feb 21, 2009] - A Huge opportunity by Tippmann: If you've been waiting around for a great deal on paintballs best scenario gun, now is the time. Tippmann is offering a free upgrade of the century, buy a Tippmann X7 paintball gun and get a Tippmann Flatline Barrel or a Tippmann E Grip Trigger upgrade absolutely free. See the details for the Tippmann X7 Gun Rebate for the Flatline Barrel and E Grip Trigger.

[Feb 19, 2009] - Empire brings us another top notch paintball loader. The Empire Prophecy Paintball Loader comes as an improvement over the Magna Drive and B2 loader and delivers an alarming 'on gun' feed rate of over 40 balls per second. That's one of the fastest rates in the industry and will feed the hungriest of high end paintball guns.

[Feb 12, 2009] - We've started documenting and trying to answer some of the questions we commonly get asked. Lot's of these are just a note someone will send us with a quick question for info on a product or a misconception they want cleared up. We thought we should start posting these for future reference. Read our Paintball FAQ and Queries.

[Jan 30, 2009] - Wisconsin paintball players, get your Commando Field memberships now for $25 off the regular price. You must act before February 15th! Commando Memberships Hurry!! They are planning a new field this year behind their huge castle fort. Several other improvements are also planned for the field. We will see you guys there for the team practices in April. Don't miss it!

[Jan 16, 2009] - Visit our guide to paintball loaders. Find a loader that suits your play style and budget. From the top of the line paintball loaders to budget models that can still win battles. Read more: Paintball Loaders, match your upgraded paintball gun with the loader it deserves. This is a work in progress, we will be adding more to it as we can. Thanks for visiting...

[Jan 10, 2009] - Paintball is an expensive sport to play; gear, paintballs and entry fee's can quickly add up. Getting a paintball sponsorship will help your team with expenses and can help get you noticed. This is a step by step article on how to get sponsorship money and equipment for your paintball team. Read more: Getting Paintball Sponsorships for your Team.

[Jan, 2009] - Happy New Year! From all of us at Wolfpack Paintball Team. We hope you all have a happy, productive and very safe year.

[Dec 21, 2008] - Thanks to all who helped out at the paintball event this weekend. Although it turned into a vicious snowball fight instead. It's good to know my new DYE Rotor paintball loader will work when it's below zero and half full of snow. Thanks to WPN paintballs for the cases of Toxic paintballs. They shot well in the temperatures, no one reported any unusual breaks - Great Paint!

[Dec 19, 2008] - Grab your cold gear and let's play some paintball this weekend. OA Paintball Field is opening their gates for a walk-on play. Bring your white camo and let's get buried in snow covered bunkers.

[Dec 18, 2008] - Website redesign is (mostly) complete. If you see any problems with viewing, broken links or anything out of the norm - please let us know immediately! Thanks a ton. - On another subject, the NPPL is closing down? WOW!!

[Dec 10, 2008] - A notice to anyone who would like to join us. We are having a team practice at BFG indoor paintball field in Milwaukee this Tuesday night. Wolfpack Players: Bring your tournament uniforms, as we will be practicing in full dress to prepare for the "indoor" floor challenge. Remember tennis type shoes(not cleats) and elbow/knee pads! We don't need anymore bone sticking through the elbow skin incidence again(PAT!)

[Dec 1, 2008] - We received this a few days ago: Planet Eclipse Paintball Sponsorships - Planet Eclipse is always on the lookout for teams in all different types of paintball, skill levels, and divisions who are as passionate about the sport of paintball as we are, to help represent the Eclipse brand. Teams have the chance to receive a Planet Eclipse Sponsorship - Apply now!

[Nov 28, 2008] - Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you all had too much to eat like all of us did. As soon as the pain went away, I went back for seconds! - Indoor paintball field schedules are popping up all over full of great tournaments for the long cold Winter season. Check your local indoor field for events to keep your team active(and burn off some of that turkey.)

[Nov 27, 2008] - Our Paintball Bunkers is the first store page to get the new lick of paint on our redesign. So many obstacles to over come. I would just like to say as a designer, Internet Explorer is the biggest turd browser! This browser has so many bugs to design for. If you use IE please consider downloading and installing FireFox. It's a superior browser to say the least. Plus, the countless plug-in available - including games and gadgets!

[Nov 24, 2008] - Today we got our Paintball Article section updated to the new Wolfpack design. Wednesday, we will be working on the store section and hope to have that completed by Thursday(Turkey Day) evening. Friday and Saturday may provide an opportunity to get our team section up to date with the new design. Watch for many exciting innovative paintball resources and utilities to follow. Our new design will allow us to bring you new useful and frequent paintball related updates.

[Nov 23, 2008] - Everyone Is Invited to The BadgerBrigades Holiday Party!! Hosted by the BadgerBrigades(http://www.badgerbrigades.com) Date and Time: Saturday, December 6, 2008 - Starting at 2PM till ? Who is Invited: Anyone who plays Paintball, (girls and guys), or is interested in paintball and their Significant other. You do not need to be a member of a team or the BadgerBrigades to attend! The Location: Bud's Pizza Inn in Portage, WI(We will be meeting in the bar area.) 1505 New Pinery Road (Business Hwy 51) Portage, WI. Full menu will be available, (they do have a Sat. Night Buffet also), as well as the bar. Gift Exchange: This is an optional activity but for anyone who wants to participate bring a paintball related gift $10 or so and we will have a gift exchange. (Examples- magazine, toolbox, gloves, paintball book). Come hang out with your friends, make some new friends, meet other BB Members and Teams, talk about the season, and eat some good food!

[Nov 20, 2008] - Our Paintball Directory has gotten the first of our official site make over. The rest of the site will follow over the next week. Our 300 page team website will soon have its new look complete in time for our 5 year team anniversary this coming weekend. - Mean while, we are also working on gathering and posting Indoor Paintball Field tournament schedules.

[Nov 16, 2008] - Wisconsin says goodbye to a paintball icon. Paintball Sams is closing their doors after this weekend(November 15-16th). Racine, Wisconsin was host to one of the first paintball fields in the state. Some of us Wolfpack players remember games played there in the late 80's and early 90's with pump guns and bad goggles. The "Big Game" events were a huge deal back then. It was like attending a current NPPL event. Paintball Sams you will be missed. Congratulations on your contribution to this great sport and we wish the owners and employees our best. Caleb - Wolfpack Paintball Team.

[Nov 11, 2008] - Our switch to a new webhost last week went off without a hitch. Next on the "To Do" list is get our new website design up and running. Our current design is from 2003 and several section of our teams site is a mix and match type design. Although our new design is meant to be very basic, it will allow us to focus more on bringing you paintball information and resources in a more streamlined manner. With almost 500 pages, the Wolfpack site may take a while to switch over to the new design =).

[Nov 2, 2008] - We are switching web hosts this week. You may notice a few glitches. Our contact form maybe down for a couple of days. Our email service may also be disrupted temporarily. We apologize for any inconveniences and hope this transition period will be short lived. Our goal is to be able to bring you more paintball resources and easier, more frequent updates. Thank you for your patronage.

[Oct 21, 2008] - Wisconsin paintballers rejoice! A Halloween event is in the making. "Terror Tag, a Night of Paintball and Terror". This event will be held October 25th at Shawack Field in Wisconsin Rapids. They will be selling cases of paintballs for only $50 or a $10 BYOP will be in effect! Woot! A very fair $10 field fee will include all day air. This is a night game with a briefing beginning at 5:45pm and game play starting at 6:00pm sharp. Wear your craziest costume and throw some paintballs at the all of the other scary ghouls and goblins. - If you have never played at Shawack paintball field, your in for a treat. They have an excellent dark and scary woodsball field. It's like a haunted house in the woods. Please visit the event website here: (URL Expired). Oh by the way, look out for the flesh eating zombie hordes sprinkled throughout the woods!

[Oct 20, 2008] - Thinking about a new mask this season? Read our little "blurb" on paintball masks. Also watch for our new Google based calender of indoor paintball events to keep your team active this winter. We will sort local and national tournaments by location and affordability.

[Oct 13, 2008] - The fall paintball season is upon us again. We shift our thoughts and playing style to indoor fields and outdoor snow camo outfits. Fall is always a great time of year for paintball in Wisconsin. The more popular fields set up some big end of year games and Halloween events to keep us all entertained as one last gasp of outdoor play. Commando paintball field in Abrams, Wisconsin usually steps up for a large Halloween fund raiser. BFG in Milwaukee lays out a new winter schedule and we populate our team schedule to take advantage of these tournaments and outings. Fall is also a great time of year to take inventory of equipment and trade in or sell the old to prepare for the new model year items.

[July, 18 2008] - Commando paintball field in Abrams is one of Central Wisconsin's most popular venues and Green Bays closest active field. With new scenario playing fields and unique events Commando provides unmatched paintball game play and value[read more - click above]

Shawn from Florida asks, "I'm buying a new paintball tank and Crossfire seems to be one of the best reviewed tanks for the price. Does your paintball team like these tanks?", Read our response now onCrossfire Paintball Tanks

Commando Paintball Field hosts the Green Bay Packers Football Team. The Green Bay Packers take some time to build their team skills and visit Commando Paintball Field in Abrams, Wisconsin June 18th, 2008.

We are working on our website redesign. Please be patient with our construction. Team news updates may be delayed for a month our two. We will be out dominating Wisconsin fields and running drills though, =).

Paintball Barrels and facts about accuracy. Are you shopping for a paintball barrel and wondering what is best? We discuss the information you need to know before buying any paintball barrels. Don't buy your next barrel without arming yourself with this knowledge.

Sponsorship for the New Year, As a new year is upon us, it's a great time to organize your priorities for the new Paintball season ahead of your team. As this article is being written it's the first week of 2008. Stop right now and think of the new year as an opportunity for your team to do some major things.

Look for our updated 2008 team event schedule soon as we are trying to coordinate or roster changes for the paintball season. Most Wisconsin fields have released their 2008 tournament and scenario schedules. It looks like another great year for Wisconsin and Paintball in general.

Every week I get half written scribbles of gibberish from paintball players asking for "stuff", guns and money. My attempt to figure out what is going through their minds is baffling. Peoples paintball sponsorship expectations.

Wolfpack survived another year with some bumps and bruises. From the near demise of our team, to the impact of fields closing. 2007 will go down in our books as one of the most challenging years for us.

We have become a mostly woodsball/scenario team and have tried to shift our efforts away from tournaments. 2008 should see us traveling to farther scenarios around the country and equipping ourselves with a more Milsim appearance.

Our HotClickZ sponsorship has provided us with an opportunity this season to once again run safety/training clinics both locally and in key positions around Wisconsin. Watch for a schedule of these clinics as we reach agreements with Wisconsin paintball fields.

Speaking of paintball fields, it's the time of year again when we anxiously await the release of the new tournament and scenario schedules for the year ahead. There are so many exciting fields in and around Wisconsin that we should have unlimited opportunities this year to play. We will post an updated schedule as we get more information and set plans.

Today(Sunday, January 6th) We are playing in our newish, hopefully permanent, Wolfpack Resource Training Complex in the Neenah One Center in Downtown Neenah. With to-be-announced sponsors, we have been able to set up an indoor training field. At this point we don't know if it will be open to public. The indoor field is a heated 12k sq ft turf'ed field with our ultimate air bunkers moved in and some of the salvaged netting from Matt's House utilized. At this point it is a Reball field thanks to our friends, at the now closed, Crossfire Reball Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Although, lacking in scenario practice abilities, we can/do run basic and advanced drills on a regular basis. Playing on one of the higher floors over looking the Fox River and Neenah, it's an exciting experience.

New for this year on our website, look for a strong amount of content for Wisconsin Paintball Fields and specific information on events benefitting these fields. As always we will be trying to help the development of a paintball field in the Appleton and Neenah areas. I may also be removing most of the team content from our index/home page to help utilize the ability to reach some of the resources built into our website. It may be more of a navigation page to; Team, Directory, Articles, Store, Events and continue to host new and current news. Our main goal is to get away from our old design created in 2002 =)

Although we want to travel more around the United Stated this season, our goal is to increase our impact in Wisconsin. Wisconsin has some of the best fields and a very strong, friendly paintball community. Each member of our team will be working to contribute to our area in their own unique way. We hope to provide more opportunities to others in the sport of paintball and set an example as a sport with a positive influence.

[added November 2007] November has always been a relaxed time of year for team activities. We schedule only one practice a week and will probably play one Thanksgiving based scenario event. Our Directory should have a Thanksgiving Paintball Events soon. Be sure to post any events you know of.

We have been encountering problems with our webhost over the last 3-4 weeks. They have, without our permission, renamed our website to "www1". They have since changed it back but now the search engines have us indexed as "www1" and those listings lead to a 404 error page that we have no control over. If you are searching for our ever popular Online Paintball Arcade Games page on the search engines, please remove the "1" from the "www1". We hope this will improve shortly but our webhost(www.freewebs.com) will NOT acknowledge that this is a problem or give us any kind of acceptable support. Thank you for hanging with us.

The Wolfpack October Halloween Paintball Newsletter is out for all you crazy spooky Halloween paintball costume freaks! A link to our updated Paintball Deals is in there too. We've also come up with a new survey for the scary season to test everyones Halloween spirit. Be sure to participate in it and be heard on our Halloween Survey. If you haven't had a chance to sign up for our monthly news letter, please do HERE. It will keep you up to date on paintball news, events, sweet price cut deals and a lot more.

Wolfpack paintball team signs Hotclickz as sponsor in three year agreement deal for paintball safety clinics. Read more; HotClickZ Sponsors Team Wolfpack. With more paintball teams getting sponsorship deals from non-paintball related businesses, this is a step in a great direction for our sport.

October brings us Halloween paintball Events!! Search for a local spooky scenario event in your area or submit one to us for posting. Paintball Fields please submit your events!

[added September 2007] This month we have added FirePower Airsoft Holsters so you can hang onto your Airsoft Gun with one of their hot tactical holsters available in a basic leg style, a deluxe leg or a shoulder style holster. Holsters come in black and digi camo to keep you hidden in the most demanding environments. We've also 'beefed up' our Airsoft Accessories page to trick out your Airsoft Gun with affordable accessories from Firepower and more.

With cooler weather on the way the Fall tournament season is getting underway this month. Many major scenario and tournament events are scheduled for September. Local Wisconsin fields are in full swing grinding out events all month long.

We have added FirePower Airsoft guns and magazines to our online paintball store. FirePower is another great Airsoft Manufacturer that produces reliable quality products for all you hardcore airsoft players. Be sure to check out the deals on free shipping too.

Later this month our directory will have an updated Halloween event guide for the 2007 season. Lots of fields really enjoy taking advantage of this great season to play some scary scenario paintball events. Many of these events are very cheap or free. Be sure to check out the events in your area and support them. Some of these games are geared towards charity donations and other good causes.

Also, look for a Spyder MR1 photo assembly/review guide this month from Team Wolfpack.

[added August 2007] Last months 'case of paintballs' winner has been draw and sent an email. We will announce the winner when we hear back from him/her. Watch for more giveaways to come from Team Wolfpack.

The Wolfpack online store now carries Airsoft Guns. Our main selection is Tippmann Guns but we will be adding more.

[added July 2007] Paintball Coupon Discount Codes - Ever wonder what those 'enter coupon code' areas are when you checking out at an online paintball store? We have started collecting coupon codes for you to use and save cash on equipment.

Tippmann A5 Gun Kits - Save yourself a boat load of cash by purchasing a balanced prebuilt A5 gun kit. Many of these come with Tippmann factory parts pre-assembled.

Paintball Gun Bolt Upgrades - There's nothing more disturbing than problem with your bolt. Pinching paint and scratching your beautiful guns bolt bore will cause a calm person to explode! Yet bolt upgrades can be one of the biggest improvements to your paintball gun.

Enter to win a case of WPN Toxic paintballs from Wolfpack Paintball Team this month. With so many fields now having a BYOP policy, hooking your team up with some free paint would be a great way to keep those practices affordable. Sign up to win!

Our store has added a recommended upgrades section for Spyder, Tippmann, Smart Parts and more guns.

Also watch for more hot tips on sponsorship, starting a team and a handy field guide soon.

[added June 2007] Information is out for the Young Guns 3-man Tournament Sunday, July 8th held at Commando Paintball FIeld in Abrams, Wisconsin.

Paintball Safety - Using your Head Beyond any equipment or rules the most important part of safety is you. Make decisions on and off the field with everyone's well being in mind. Use your head and understand what your doing. Learn about your equipment and environment to comprehend what safety obstacles and situation you maybe presented with. Be prepared and well educated.

We now sell Dye and Proto guns in our online affiliate store. We can offer you the best prices through Paintball-Online.com or Extremz.com. Check them out today...

[added May 2007] May is upon us and Wisconsin tournaments are in full swing. Our tournament, scenario and airsoft teams have been hard at it competing and practicing at paintball fields all over this great Cheese Head state. The Appleton and Green Bay areas have been buzzing with talk of new teams and the need for more playing facilities. Green Bay needs an indoor field and Appleton needs a field within the city. Outdoor Adventures has been doing a great job serving Appleton for years. They are an easy 30 minuted drive up Hwy 10 to Fremont. Commando Paintball has been offering their intense scenario field for woodsballers and their hyperball field for well organized team practices and tournaments alike. We hope to see you this month at one of the unique opportunities for paintball that only Wisconsin fields can offer.

Smart Parts SP8 Paintball Gun Upgrades. One of the latest and greatest paintball markers to be added to the growing scenario scene of popular milsim weapons. The Smart Parts SP8 is a true military replica gun for the hardcore paintball player.

The police invest in some sporting equipment to inflict pain on hooligans. Read about it here(link Expired).

The Tippmann X7 paintball gun is fast becoming the ultimate scenario paintball marker with an unlimited milsim selection of upgrades available. Tippmann has really done it this time by adding another great customizable gun to their already strong woodsball/scenario line up of markers.

[added April 2007] Finally it's April! Outdoor fields have their season tournament and scenario schedule's out and warm weather is coming! Enough of those stuffy dimly lit tight indoor fields(that we all very much appreciate). Lets get outside and shoot some paint at each other!

Our scenario guys tried out the Spyder MR1, an incredible paintball gun for under $100, our test unit was $89 from Paintball-Online.com. They put it through rigorous tests and shot gallons of paint though it. We posted a basic review of the Kingman Spyder MR1 Paintball Gun, and will add a disassembly/reassembly video next month followed by a performance/accuracy video. We'll let you know just what that entry level marker can do...

Be an ultimate paintball sniper by bending your most visible element into the surrounding terrain with camo Goggle Skinz™ lens stickers. The different camo colors and patters will reduce your mask's signature and make you the invisible one shot one kill warrior.

Stalker Paintball Field kicks off their strong season this month with an affordable 5 man trophy dash to help us dust off the cobwebs. They once again have a great season planned for Wisconsin and surrounding area players.

Another awesome area field, Commando Paintball also released their schedule of events for the 2007 tournament season. Their first scenario based game is June 17th. They always host well planned events that are sure to be a blast.

With a busy paintball event season on the horizon, we encourage you to sharpen up your team resume and start sending it out. If your Looking for Paintball Sponsorship we've added the second part of our paintball sponsorship article.

Be sure to watch the Paintball World News TV show on the MENS channel every Saturday night. With game action from woodsball to the tournament field. They even have weekly paintball product give-aways for you to get in on. Keep an eye on their schedule for local show times.

V-Force finally released stock of Grill Mask Replacement Lens. After a long wait to add a pair of smoke lenses or pick up a spare clear lens, the time has arrived. Hurry before stock runs low.

Snipers looking for hints on Using Natural Elements when searching for a spot to hide will want to read this article.

[added March 2007] Stalker Paintball Field of Wisconsin Tournament Events 2007. This years events promise to be a great season in Wisconsin Dells at Stalker. Many 5 and 3 man events are scheduled with a 10 man tournament set up for mid Summer.

Every month we get lots of questions about the basic differences between HPA, CO2, Nitrogen, and Compressed Air. We will try to explain the basics as best we can on which is which and what to use.

The new X7 scenario gun gets a ton of military look alike upgrades to turn it into an eye popping realistic assault weapon.

Turn your paintball marker into a lethal sniper rifle and take out your competition before they even see you. We find your best deals on the parts that will make you a feared sniper.

Center Lake Bible Camp in Tustin, Michigan presents the Return of the Kings scenario event. A huge BYOP action packed scenario game to be held April 21st. Don't Miss it!

Check out the sweet deals and awesome events scheduled for the 2007 season on Action Packed Paintball Field's News Letter.

[added February 2007] The Grand Canyon State gets its own field listings in our Arizona Paintball Directory.

Read the recent press release from Portal Paintball Magazine, the first and only paintball magazine written in Spanish and Portuguese.

Our paintball directory grows another page this month as we have added a new listing for Alaska's paintball fields. Please contribute a field listing if you see one we have missed.

Learn how to turn your A5 into a lethal sniper rifle. Our guide will show you the mods you need to be taken seriously on the field and put fear into the hearts of those that can't see you!

Our paintball store now price shops Military Replica Guns for all you scenario players. Guns from MilTec, PCS, Tippmann, BT and Smart Parts.

Wolfpack dig's up some more help for your team to take the first step toward sponsorship. More to come on building an effective resume.

[added January 2007] Happy New Year!

Build your team a killer website. Learn from our mistakes over the years as we pass advise to you on how to construct a great team website. Several free sources are linked to help get you started.

Reader Mail: Mark from Chicago, Ill asks; What about those awesome Empire Urban Grind Grey and Night Black Pants Team Wolfpack wore in the 06 season? How are they and where can I still get them? Read our answer about our Empire Urban Grind Paintball pants and jersey's grey and night black.

Team Wolfpack releases another great paintball utility. We've started compiling a list of links to Paintball Gun Service Manuals for all type of guns from around the Internet. Most popular brands of markers(Spyder, Tippmann, ect) are represented, if your marker isn't listed please drop us a line and request it.

The new Vforce Grill Masks are finally released. Wolfpack tests them out for you.

Read the press release on Xhaled Paintball. The new paintball news and video website with downloadable clips for your iPod and cell phone. Hilarious free videos and XPSL - NPPL tournament coverage.

Learn how to start a team. Our latest article gives you basic instructions on how to start a team and organize yourselves. Then begin playing tournaments and make plans for the teams future. Eventually gain sponsorship and represent them.

If you need Paintball Sponsorship then be sure to stop by our updated sponsor info page. There are a lot of available sponsorships out there waiting for your team to grab. Build a resume and start submitting now!

Being a paintball sniper requires patience and a lot of practice. Thought needs to be put into several things before going into the woods to begin hunting.

Inside Paintball TV Show airs its first episode January 1st. Coverage of the XPSL tournament event in Southern Calf., also Hot Paintball Babes will be the subject covering rookie girl on girl playing and Team Kolohe, an all girl team. Be sure to tune in for the kick off of Inside Paintballs new season. They will be airing a new episode every week this month.

Our paintball store now sells Smart Parts Guns and Smart Parts Gun Upgrades. Upgrade your new marker you got for Christmas! Smarts parts has been a leader in paintball markers and now they are populating the scene with their Ion gun and their latest Epiphany tournament gun.

This month also saw our online-paintball store launch the newest line of Kingman Spyder Guns and Spyder Gun Accessories. The most popular paintball gun at affordable cheap prices. Their new VS series is an awesome tournament marker able to compete with much higher prices guns, and Kingman's latest contribution to the scenario woodsballer looking for a military replica gun can now find happiness with the MR series of guns. The VS guns come with an eye and a choice of triggers styles, rocking or straight. Both are electronic and are capable of a sick rate of fire. The MR series comes in a standard less thrills gun or with anti-chop technology. Also for the MR guns, a disgusting amount of scenario add-ons to make your gun look like the real thing. Spyder does it again at a cheap price!

Not to be left out is Tippmann's new X-7 Gun, also a military replica type weapon. This beast has several rails fro adding scopes and laser sights. Available with their e-grip, response or standard triggers. Sure to be a contender at any scenario event.

[added December 2006] Wolfpack Paintball Directory released!! Find paintball related websites from all over the Internet listed by category. Add your team or paintball related website.

Inside Paintball starts airing a new season next month, January 1st 2007. Check their paintball listings schedule for air times.

[added November 2006] Apocalypse Paintball Field in Poynette Wisconsin has released their 2007 event schedule. Tournament paintballs will be sold for $50.00 a case! Their first event is a rookie-beginner event March 25th. Apocalypse is an awesome tournament field and highly recommended by Team Wolfpack.

Crossfire Paintball opened there indoor reball facility this month in Madison, WI. I was able to find some pics and a video for you to see... **pics and video have expired**. Please be sure to patronize them if you live in or around Wisconsin! See their website - http://crossfirereball.netfirms.com/madison.htm - We would like to set up a team practice there in mid to late January if anyone is interested.

Ever wonder how paintballs are made? This article and video explain the process and uncover the ingredient list. Can you cook up your own paintballs?

Check out our new collection of paintball girl pictures!! WooHoo!!

Wolfpack Paintball Teams now has a RSS Feed! It will be updated regularly with available sponsorships, paintball on TV listings and paintball or Wolfpack news!! WooHoo! Scroll down to see the add buttons for your favorite RSS/XML readers.

CSI New York will be airing and episode November 8th on CBS about a professional Paintball player who is killed. Check your local TV listings for time.

A multi-barrel paintball marker device is finally available for your robot!?!? And just when you were wondering what to get for Christmas?

Our Wolfpack players have started writing reviews and articles.

[added October 2006] Crossfire Paintless Paintball! A new indoor Reball paintless paintball facility coming in November to Madison Wisconsin!

"Its Official, Crossfire Paintless Paintball will be opening its new indoor reball location at the Keva Sports Center in Middleton, WI. Easily accessible off the belt-line at Airport Rd. in Madison. Nov. 17th- is the planned opening date (it may be sooner). Check out the Keva website at www.kevasports.com for directions. They plan to start out with a 5,000 sq foot arena and adding another 5,000' shortly thereafter if all goes well. Hours will be: 7 PM-10 PM Fri. and Sat. Private group/team rental is avail. late night any Fri. or Sat.(10:30-12:30 PM) Cost: $30/ session. Includes air and the balls you can shoot! Gun rental avail. Special times and activities are planned Thanksgiving week." see www.madisonpaintball.com

Does your team need a sponsorship? Of course it does! Visit Wolfpack's new Help your Team get a Sponsorship Deal page! It's full of sponsorship application from paintball companies around the Internet. We'll be adding links to it in the future so check back often. There are also some good links to articles on how your team should approach these potential sponsors.

Check out our spooky Halloween haunted holiday paintball event page.**page expired**

Wisconsin paintball is once again shifting gears from outdoor fields to indoor fields. BFG Paintball Field in Milwaukee already has a full Winter tournament schedule lined up for you dedicated paintballers, I'll post it as soon as I get all the details released to me. I have yet to see other Wisconsin indoor fields post their schedules. Let me know if you know of other Fall or Winter events.

Seems Smart Parts has jumped on board with YouTube. Check out their new Marker ads - Part 1 - Part 2. Also check out all the other paintball videos available on YouTube.

ESPN2 will air coverage of the 2006 NPPL's U.S. Paintball Championships on Friday nights starting October 6th at 5pm or Sunday October 8 at 2pm. Check local listings for show times as I had a discrepancy in listings on ESPN's website. Goto our new Paintball TV Listings page to get this program and many others.

[added September 2006] Commando Paintball Field in Abrams Wisconsin presents - Fall Brawl 2006 3 man tournament on Oct 1. Tournament day Information: Gates open at 7:30. Fields open to walk - Captains meeting 9:00 First game begins 9:30 - Listen to announcements and be on your field on time - NPPL rules FPS 280 - Prizes for Fall Brawl are as follows: - Smart Parts Ions or equivalent guaranteed first Prize. - Depending on amount of teams to determine second and third prizes. - Cost is only $90.00 for 3 man teams, $150.00 for 5 man teams. - Paint prices TBA.

[added August 2006] PB Emporium presents - 3 man paintball tournament on Aug 27, 2006 - Field Address - n1454 Keller rd - Marinette, WI - Call (906)-864-1410 to Pre-Register - 25 a person to preregister or 30 at the door - 45 a case to preregister or 50 at the door - Playing will be done on a 27 piece airball field - Team sign in: 8am to 9:30am - Captains meeting: 10am - Play Starts at 10:30am - Outdoor with modified NPPL Rules (NO ramping) - 1st place is Halo B's - open class and other prizes, depending on turn out, vary from cases of paint to profiler masks, packs, etc. Reffing by Team U.P. Rage

[added April 2006] The Paintball Zone is hosting a paintball swap meet in Appleton on May 21.

Where: - Waverly Beach - Menasha, Wisconsin
When: May 21
If you would like to reserve table space call 920-730-9220
Get more info here www.pballzone.com/swapmeet.pdf(this link has expired).

[added March 2006] Team Dynasty is running a paintball clinic March 31 to April 2nd at Santa Clara Paintball Field, San Jose, CA. Cost is $295. Includes 2 days of instructions from Dynasty warriors, Ryan Greenspan and Brian Cole.

Searching for a paintball team name? Don't forget to check possibility of domain name registration to go along with it. Getting a paintball sponsor is very dependent on a team website now days. Don't overlook your local paintball fields for those sponsorships.

Get your team a logo designed professionally too. Goto webmaster forums and find a design thread where you can hire someone to create a logo. Explain what your looking for and offer $100 to the winning design.

More Wisconsin paintball fields are posting their 2006 tournament schedules. With Stalker Paintball Field and Apocalypse being first to list their events. We are still waiting for Green bay and Milwaukee paintball fields to post.

The Fox Cities only paintball field, Matt's House Indoor Adventures(Appleton), has closed due to the Valley Fair Mall being shut down. Although they claim to be looking for a new field/store location, no definite news as to if they will re-open.

[added February 2006] It's that time of year again! The paintball fields are posting their 2006 tournament schedules. What a happy time of year ;) Stalker Paintball Field of Wisconsin has posted their new schedule of events. Apocalypse has their's up as well. I'll try to keep posting more of the Wisconsin fields as they come out.

ESPN has launched the air dates for the first series of the US Paintball Championships. The series will show Monday nights at 9:00pm Central Time, starting Monday April 10.
Show 1: April 10
Show 2: April 17
Show 3: April 24
Show 4: May 1
Show 5: May 8
Show 6: May 15
Show 7: May 22
Show 8: May 29

The Philadelphia 76ers Recently had a lesson in team building on a paintball outing.

[added January 2006] The Outdoor Channel is showing episodes of 'Inside Paintball' Check them out for their latest and greatest episodes http://outdoorchannel.com/. Or tune in to this months episodes:
Tuesday Jan. 10, 2006 9:30AM XPSL Semi-Pro/Red heads
Thursday Jan. 12, 2006 12:00 PM XPSL Semi-Pro/Red heads
Sat Jan. 14, 2006 3:00 PM XPSL Semi-Pro/Red heads

[added December 2005] The PSP has announced their tentative paintball tournament schedule for the 2006 season as follows:

Visit their website for details www.pspevents.com

[added November 2005] 50,000 shots from one 16 ounce tank?? Tippmann claims its new PROPANE POWERED C-3 paintball marker will shoot 50,000 shots without a refill!! It's a pump type marker with an aluminum and composite construction featuring a 13 inch mandrel wrapped composite barrel. Not cheap at $230.00 but maybe well worth it with the savings on an air tank and fill ups.
Another heads up about Tippmann, they suspended distribution through National Paintball Supply. Reason being, "due to pending litigation that alleges National Paintball is infringing on certain intellectual property rights of Tippmann Sports", per Tippmann Website.

[added October 2005] Paintball on TV!!
OLN is showing Paintball2xtremes! October 15, 19, 22, 26, 29 at 5:30-6:30. See the http://ww2.olntv.com/tvlistings/default.asp?nm=2- OLN Website for detailed times.

*Terror on the Trail
Commando Paintball Sports of Abrams Wisconsin is hosting their first annual "Terror on the Trail" haunted trail. Scary will not even describe this 45 minute haunted trail through some of the scariest woods in Wisconsin. Get past the haunted village, see a man electrocuted, watch out for the Commando Swamp Monster. See if you can get through it without losing your mind!
Starts Oct 22 at dusk. Cost for this scary event is only $8 per person or $7 per person if you bring ten or more. This is also a charity event, with proceeds going to help fight Juvenile Diabetes. Visit Commando's Website for more information.

*NEW!! SPLAT Magazine Renegade Paintball for Xbox and PC!! (Scheduled for release October 3rd 2005).
    Game Features include: Game types, capture the flag, siege, center flag pull, center flag push, elimination. -- Single player paintball campaign that includes more than 20 different competitions. -- 15 different environments - Indoor and outdoor fields including, stadiums, hills, military, arenas, hills and cities. -- Practice mode, paintball field editor mode and arcade mode allows you to customize, power up and create your own multi-player levels with over 200 different objects. -- 7 on 7 multi-player paintball tournament available with split screen. -- 1st and 3rd perspective optional view. -- Watch for it!!
* BFG paintball in Milwaukee Wisconsin is having a "3 Man Trophy Rumble" for beginners and rookies on Oct. 16th 2005 and includes free team entry!

[added September 2005] We been playing some woodsball this month. Funny how people we shoot out make fun of us for wearing our brightly colored tournament uniforms in the woods. Seems when you play in the woods its called a gun, but at tournaments it's called a marker? I don't mind getting paint out of my jersey, but I hate trying to get mud out! By the way, Wisconsin seriously has the best woods.

Commando Paintball Field in Abrams Wisconsin is hosting the 2005 Fall Brawl 3-man Tournament on October 2nd. check out the Fall Brawl[URL outdated] details. It may load slow, its a photo of the flier.
Action Packed Paintball is hosting the Big Game Charity event on October 1-2, 2005. Find details on their site http://www.appaintball.com/springbiggame.htm.

Crazy thought of the month: Does your vehicle fall under the (Link Removed)Lemon Law?

[added August 2005] New Paintball Markers, I don't know if I can keep up with our roster page. We seem to buy and sell markers and supplies like crazy. We have counted 128 cases of paintballs we shot this month alone, WOW! Man this sport is extremely nuts! If you let off the trigger during a game now days, you'll get over run by the other team. We went through 18 cases of paint at a 5-man tournament. Thank you to our sponsors for all the financial help this season. We are definitely feeling comfortable as one of Wisconsin's top amateur team's.

The Appleton indoor paintball field is going to get a big boost this Winter. We have been trying to set up tournaments there to keep Winter boredom low! Keep an eye on their tournament schedule! Maybe we will see you there.

[added July 2005] Whoo Hooo!! We bought a five man ultimate air ball field!! Man what an awesome addition to our already BOOMING team!! If your team is serious about playing, I highly recommend finding a way to buy one. What an awesome way to better understand field layouts. We try to set it up mimicking some of our more challenging tournament fields we've played on.

NLPL 5-man event comes to Stalker Paintball Field this July! Wow, we can wait to represent Eliminator Paintballs at this event. As you know Stalker is Wisconsin's number one paintball tournament field. With an awesome facility and a consistent performance you are guaranteed this will be a great event!!

[added May-June 2005] The '05 season is here in full. We've been playing a lot and enjoying the warmer weather. First part of July there should be an updated pictures page added. Need time to get to Photo shop some of our Spring Tournament pictures.

Eliminator Paintballs LLC is having a great year. If your ready to get some top quality affordable paint with free shipping be sure to check them out. Eliminator is Quickly becoming an industry leader for high end affordable paint. Congratulations Eliminator!

June 19th we will be making an appearance at Central Wisconsin's Premier Paintball Field. Come watch us play at Stalker Paintball Fields 3-man trophy dash.

[added March-April 2005] NLPL event was a shocker for us. We decided we need some younger faster players. Us old farts aren't too good on a short fast indoor field. Thanks to Raymond from Soultakers for filling in with us. The field at Dedicated is a great field and NLPL ran things very smoothly. We are looking forward to the July 23-24th NLPL at Stalker Paintball Field.

[added February 2005] Stalker Paintball Field announces a new stop on the NLPL tournament schedule! July 23-24th, 5-man event. The NLPL couldn't have chosen a better field. Also on tap for new info at Stalker is a BYOP 10-man tournament scheduled for July 31st!

Wolfpack enters the NLPL event #1 for March 5-6 at Dedicated paintball field in Madison. See event details HERE(URL expired).

Skyball Cancelled!
According to XO Communications, this year's Skyball event has been cancelled. The reason for the cancellation is due to new ownership of the Skydome!

Practice at Dedicated Paintball in Madison Feb 20th. Be there!

If you like pictures of sexy paintball girls, check http://www.splatmagazine.com/sg.htm! Keely Watson, Seannette Taylor, Lisa Harvey, Kat Gong, Michelle Chavez, Mona Hejazi and Katarina Van Derham. Where do these girls play? Not at my local field.

[added January 2005] Six Weeks of NPPL Super 7 on Fox Sports Net
Starting Tuesday, January 25th, the NPPL Super 7 will be broadcast on Fox Sports net. Catch all the action from Huntington Beach, Tampa, Denver, Las Vegas, and San Diego. The first episode will air on Fox Sports Net 3:30pm(Central Time Zone) Tuesday, January 25th and will feature the 2004 Huntington Beach event. Six episodes will air in all.

Check out our new FAQ page. Lot's of work to do on it yet though ;)

Looks like Wolfpack is going to be building their own Paintball Top site List too. Sign your website up now!

[added December 2004] Stalker Paintball Field of Wisconsin has done it again. They've not only beaten everyone else out with their 2005 tournament schedule, but filled it with an awesome assortment of events. Three 7-man events, seven 5-man events and seven 3-man events, all very affordable. With tournament fields that are second to none, this will be the field for 2005! New spectator viewing areas that over look the fields, air fill stations that almost guarantee no lines and hospitality that has become industry known. If you or your team doesn't make it there you are seriously missing out! See the Paintball Tournament Schedule.

Skyball 8 has put up their new http://www.skyball8.com/ - website. March 10,11,12 2005 at the Toronto Sky Dome. It's an event we hope to make this year. $100,000 for first place in open class!

We are planing a team practice at Dedicated Paintball Field in mid-January. Keep an eye on our 2005 schedule.

Happy Holidays and we hope Santa fills your stockings with Paintball Markers. If you need some Winter boredom beaters, check out our Paintball DVD(URL expired) picks and our [url outdated]Paintball Magazine picks, or get yourself an Xbox and play Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball.

[added November 2004] Happy One Year Birthday to the Wolfpack Paintball Team Website!!

ESPN will be airing the NXL WORLD CUP Over 25 ESPN cameras will be taping the NXL XBall event at PSP World Cup on October 30th 2004. The show is scheduled to air nationwide on ESPN2 in a full 1 hour time slot. Broadcast dates are Dec. 9th, 4pm Central and Dec. 16th, 5 PM Central.

Wisconsin Indoor Paintball Fields are starting to get their tournament schedules up. Black Rain Paintball is having a 5 Man open tournament December 12th. Cash and trophies to the top 3 teams. Paintball Dave's is having a Christmas Party on Sunday, Dec. 12th at 1:00pm. Prices are: admission $20, gun rental $5, paint prices 500rd - $20 , case - $75. We are still looking to set up some practice dates. Post in our forum if you or your team has some thing organized. Winter is a great time to tune up a little. Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball game is out for Xbox.

Are you a field operator looking for an Ultimate Air Inflatable Field or Paintball Field Netting or Fill Stations for CO2, N2O, or Scuba Tanks?

[added October 2004]The month of October has been a crazy ride for us paintballers. We finally made it to a tournament at Apocalypse paintball field in Poynette. An awesome field, they even served us lunch!! We took a respectable 2nd place. --> With Christmas approaching, paintballers all over the world are gearing up for a tasty paintball filled Christmas list. Give your favorite baller a great gift of a paintball magazine subscription[URL outdated] or a collection of paintball DVDs[URL outdated]. Don't forget about the Paintcheck board game too. Xbox is coming out with Greg Hastings Paintball video game. The ultimate Winter boredom beater. --> Spike TV is going to try to help us through Winter. They have been airing Paintball2Xtremes show on Saturday mornings at 8:00am. Its a half hour full of tournament coverage, scenario game events and tech/safety tips. Be sure to check it out. --> January 15th and 16th is the Sup-Air Bowl IV Tournament in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. Wolfpack is considering adding this event to their schedule. --> Skyball 8 that usually runs in February seems to be delayed. No official word on a date or location as of yet. --> Two team members have suffered injuries in the last month and we are postponing any events planned for the rest of this year. --> We are trying to set up some Winter practice dates with other Fox Cities paintballers on our forum. --> In the next months for the website, plan on seeing a Paintball Directory and a Paintball FAQ page being developed.

[added September 2004] This month started off with a great organized practice at Commando field in Abrams by Green Bay. Several area teams showed up and a good practice was had by all. --> Wolfpack reffed the 7-man paintball tournament at Stalker Field on September 26th. A lot of paintballs fly at a 7-man event! WOW! We set up the field and had a great time. --> Our website seems to get a lot of hits from the Neenah, Appleton and Fox Cities area with people looking for local fields. Nothing currently in the works for a local field that I know of. Outdoor Adventures in Freemont is still the closest. Otherwise there are many fields in and around Wisconsin if you feel like traveling. --> Team Wolfpack is searching for any information about the Skyball 8 event. Zap is no longer hosting this event. If you know of anything, please let us know. --> Be sure to fill out our top ten paintball survey questions on our new paintball survey page!

[added August 2004] August has been a great month for Team Wolfpack and paintball in general. We officially have become a 5-man team now. We have shifted our tournament schedule and are gearing toward 5-man events. Fields around Wisconsin are hosting tournaments every weekend. We seem to be practicing every chance we can get. Eliminator Paintballs has helped us out a lot again this month by suppling us with practice paint. If your team needs to buy paintballs and your on a budget, Eliminator paintballs are for you. They are as high of quality as brands like PMI, Draxxus and Worr. See our Buy Paintballs page.    Wolfpack is looking for area teams from Appleton, Neenah and the Fox Cities for practice. Contact us if interested.    We won a Sportsmanship award in August at Stalkers 5-man trophy dash. Thanks to Stalkers and the great crew there.   In the upcoming month we are reffing a 7-man event at Stalker and hope to play a few 5-man events too. Feel free to contact us with any questions or just to say HI!

[added July 2004]July seems a month when we all take vacations and plan outdoor activities. Paintball certainly isn't pushed to the back burner but some how it gets more difficult to find time for playing. Although we have been putting in time practicing, we only made it to two tournaments. A three man Trophy Dash at Stalkers field and the third Freak event at Outdoor Adventures field. Both tournaments were well attended and well run. Stalkers Trophy Dash had 24 teams show, with Wolfpack I and Wolfpack II being on the roster. Both teams put in a competitive finish, see results here(URL expired). The Freak event had 18 teams. Wolfpack took second to SoulTakers in the preliminary round. Then had to settle for a fourth place finish in the finals in amateur. --> August 8th is team practice at Commando. Any teams looking for a tune up should attend. Its BYOP, if you need paint try Eliminator Paintballs! under $40.00 a case, see details to Buy Paintballs. -->If you are looking for a day of fun, sign up for Coyotes Paintball Outing! $45.00 for bus ride, equipment, paintballs, food and BIG fun. We will be leaving from Coyotes in downtown Menasha and playing at Outdoor Adventures in Fremont. -->We've added a Contact page this month to encourage feedback or questions. Feel free to use it as needed. Next month look for a video page. With great paintball action from the areas number 1 paintball team ;)

[added June 2004] Appleton city planners are contemplating opening a paintball field on Appleton's old landfill. The 38 acre site is north of the Fox Cities by Mackville on Quarry road. Wolfpack is doing what ever we can to help this field to become a reality. If you are interested in being involved in this project use our contact page. -->The Team has picked up a new sponsor, Eliminator paintballs! Next month look for a dedicated page to this sponsor. Eliminator Paintballs are some of the best paint we have ever used. It is very inexpensive and the business is geared toward customer service. These paintballs have little to NO dimple, the seams are smooth and the balls are NOT egg shaped. The result is a ball that shoots extremely accurate and has minimal breaks in your gun/marker. The price will make you giggle with joy, four cases(of 2000 each) for less than $40 a case, see details at Buy Paintballs. -->Wolfpack's website seems to be popping up all over Google and Yahoo. We are currently Google's #1 paintball team and #6 on Yahoo! The keywords we seem to get visitors from is baffling, every thing from 'Wisconsin inflatable games' to 'Coyote Rose'. -->As summer goes on we are looking to explore more fields in and around Wisconsin. If your team or field is running a tournament, please contact us. Although we are based out of Neenah, we are willing to travel any where in the State.

[added May 2004] Team Wolfpack is back in action playing Paintball tournaments and practicing at fields around Wisconsin. Our team is now shooting all Smart Parts Impulse paintball guns/markers, see them on our Roster page. ->Stalker Paintball Field is host to the majority of our tournaments. This is mostly because of their affordable paint prices, Superior fields, plus Mike, Diane and the whole Stalker crew run a great tournament. ->Outdoor Adventures Paintball Field welcomes the launch of their new http://outdooradventurespb.com/ - website! ->June 12th-13th is the 3 on 3 StreetBall Challenge in downtown Neenah! Join in if you got game. June 5th and 6th is DropFest at W.I.R. in Kaukauna Wisconsin. See Drag Racing, Vehicle Judging, Hop Competitions, Bikini Contests, Burnout Contest.

[added April 2004] The tournament season is back in full swing! Tournaments can be found almost every weekend. Summer activities are renewing themselves. Time to come out of hibernation again. May 9th is our first tournament at Stalker Paintball Field. We are very much looking forward to it! The website has a lot of new things this month, a Guestbook, a Shoutbox, a For Sale page, a redesigned Navigation Menu and a Team Member Login area. Even the Roster page has been remodeled. In the next couple of months look for a Paintball Size Chart to go with the Barrel Chart. Also an Arcade page with all sorts of paintball games to play from around the web. I'm beginning to think I like building the website more than playing paintball! Keep an eye on our Forum to see the area team practices set up at Commando and Outdoor Adventures. Although a lot of these conflict with our Tournament Schedule, its a great opportunity for other area players.

[added March 2004] Warmer weather is on its way! Paintball fields are posting their schedules and practice sessions are being organized. Two new paintball fields appear to be opening close to the Fox Cities this summer. One inside Valley Fair mall and one by Chilton. Its an exciting time for area players. Our first team practice is scheduled for April 25th. We had a warm up tournament in Milwaukee this month and now we are looking forward to our first 3 man event at Stalker paintball field on May 9th. New this month is the Team Wolfpack Barrel Chart. A great tool for checking what size your barrel is or the new barrel you want to get. Be sure to check it out and leave me some input for improvements. Team Wolfpack has picked up two more sponsors, 'Geiger's Vinyl Lettering' and 'Coyote Rose'. Geiger's Vinyl Lettering will be doing a team banner for Wolfpack, look for it at our events. Coyote Rose is a very unique bar in Menasha. Please visit them, you will be entertained and going back for more!

[added February 2004] Great news for Fox Cites Paintballers! InnerCity Paintball is opening an indoor paintball field at Valley Fair Mall in Appleton. It is to be about 30,000 sq. ft. with the main theme being an urban setting, but will have an air ball field for tournaments and other special events. They also intend to open a paintball supply store with a good selection of markers and supplies from brands like; Tippmann, Kingman(Spyder), Worr Game Products, WDP(Angel), Armotech, Smart Parts, Brass Eagle, PMI, JT USA, Redz, and Diablo. They are offering season passes for the field at a savings if you buy early, or an all day field pass will be $15.00 + field paint costs. Rental guns and equipment will be available for a $10.00 fee. There will be a weekly day for team practice with the inflatable field. Preparations for construction are still on going and they can use your support. Weekly meetings are held at the mall at noon on Saturdays, everyone is welcome. For more information E-mail InnerCityPaintball[at]dustypenguin[dot]com or call InnerCity Paintball at (920)685-0556.

[added January 2004] Our team forum has been added, thanks to Rich at Wisconsin Paintball Teams, and is being filled with relevant paintball topics. Go there to check out the NPPL TV listings, the SKYBALL7 event link or participate in the on-line gaming discussion. ->Our schedule page is mostly updated. As always, we will keep you informed of team results of these events as they happen. ->Wolfpack has pick up its first team sponsor, Hell Airbrush and Design of Neenah. They will be doing the Wolfpack team jerseys for a new look in 2004. I will post pics of the jerseys and sponsor contact info as I get more. ->Forget about the presidential elections this year! Vote for the Wolfpack team website. Go to the bottom of the page to vote. Thank you in advance ;) GO Wolfpack!!

[added December 2003] Winter paintball depression fixed! Stalker paintball field of Wisconsin has released their 2004 tournament schedule. Their first event being a five-man trophy dash on April 25. Stalker also hosts the Midwest Open series thoughout the year. Then starting in May, a trophy dash event every month through October. These are excellent events for teams on a budget looking for tournaments to play. See Stalker's schedule for more information. We will be updating our schedule with the events we plan on attending. Wolfpack is looking for teams to play five-man events with.Contact us if interested.