How to Choose the Best Marker Package Deal

You want to start playing paintball with your own equipment? A starter package is probably the best option for getting started. These packages typically offer everything you need to begin playing. Most merchants have a selection of package deals ranging in price from $100 to over $500.

Typical Paintball Equipment

Paintball can be a very expensive sport if you want cutting edge equipment. But for someone interested in having basic gear that provides a good playing experience with minimal investment there is no reason it shouldn't be affordable.

What equipment is typically need to play paintball:

So how do you know which package deal is best for you? What type of paintball do you think you'll be playing? Do you want to play fast paced tournaments or are you going to be stalking and sniping in the woodsball field? One style of play may lead you to certain types of markers, but there are packages that will do well with multiple types of play.

Kingman Spyder has been making markers since paintball first started. Their price point is typically lower and their markers are a good choice for entry level equipment. Spyder markers have a lot of aftermarket parts, like barrels and triggers, if you're ever interested in upgrading. (Spyder packages in the $125 to $250 range)

Tippmann is also one of the great names in paintball. Their Tippmann 98 is one of the most popular markers that have been around for two decades. They also offer a more expensive A5 marker that eliminates the need to buy a hopper/loader and deal with batteries. If upgrading the marker over time is something you're interested in Tippmann has the largest selection of parts available and could be transformed into some pretty interesting milsim markers. (Tippmann packages in the $150 to $300+ range)

US Army markers are produced by Tippmann and offer several budget conscious options. The Alpha Black is built on the Tippmann 98 platform as a low cost woodsball marker. US Army's Project Salvo marker has had our attention since its first release. It's a great marker for the price and may be the last marker you ever buy. US Army markers are available in packages deals with a range of price points. (US Army packages in the $100 to $250+ range)

If you're looking to go ultra low budget there are usually some seasonal paintball gun packages available for a limited time at select merchants. Some of these include packages for well under $100. They will be lower quality parts, but would get you playing with everything you need. Check here to see what's available now.

budget package deals

With a larger budget you could get tournament level markers and gear. The Empire Invert is a good one for this price point. The Invert is an electronic semi-auto marker that will shoot fast and perform well in the woods or be very competitive on an air ball field. This marker is also very customizable with barrels, triggers, and electronics. (packages in the $500 range)

Budgets beyond the above price points usually buy items individually. If you have something more to spend than one of the Tippmann, Spyder, or US Army deals then you could buy the base package deal and add a much nicer paintball mask. Typically the mask is the most important part of safe and comfortable play but the packages have lower quality masks. JT, Proto, and V-Force have nicer masks in the $50-$100 range that would be appreciated by any paintballer.

Also note that most markers from these package deals come with, and will run well on, CO2 gas tanks. These tanks are cheaper than HPA(high pressure air) tanks but may cost a little more to refill depending on your field. A HPA tank may be purchased at a later date when interest or budget permits.

Finding the right paintball package deal for you or as a gift for your paintballer can be overwhelming. Knowing what the top sellers are and which brands offer more reliable equipment may help your decision. We've listed some recommendations and created budget guidelines. Hopefully you have some idea of which brands and models would best fit your needs.

Posted by Redwood on 11/13/2014