Build your own tournament field.

Paintball Bunkers are expensive and becoming more difficult to find at typical paintball retailers. When searching for bunkers you're usually going to find $15,000 inflatable arenas or a large set for a professional field. Individual bunkers can still be purchased at affordable prices.

inflatable bunker field

JT makes a single bunker that is available for about $20(here). It is lighter weight and small, but can be used to get started. It's also something that can be build up with more bunkers and combining bunkers into larger obstacles.

Another good source of cheap bunkers is eBay(new/used). These will most likely be used, but you can often find more expensive models and a variety of shapes. Some of these may need a little repair or have paint stains. Commonly these are from the events run by the major paintball organizations and were sold after the tournament.

You will also need a way to inflate and tie down the bunkers. Some people use a leaf blower to do the inflation. Plastic tent type stakes and bungee cords are used for tie downs.

Maintenance on the bunkers is easy if done often. Usually a quick washing off after use will prevent paint from staining. Keeping the bunkers out of the sun and wind when not in use will greatly extend their lifespan.

Having inflatable bunkers to practice with will make a big difference in how effectively your team can run drills.

Posted by Redwood on 11/06/2014