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Spyder Rocking Trigger Frame

spyder rocking trigger

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Break out of your stock gun configuration and BLAZE on the field with a Spyder Rocking Trigger Frame. If you've never shot one before, you are going to be blown away at how fast your gun will rip paintballs down field. The Spyder Rocking Trigger Frames are available for most Spyders as an upgrade and will seriously change the way you play paintball.

It's like having two triggers on your gun. The Spyder Rocking Trigger Frame has a trigger contact above and below the trigger. You walk your fingers and rock the trigger in the frame to contact both trigger sensors. This can create one hell of a high rate of fire, up to 30 balls per second in some guns.

Achieve Sick Speed with a Spyder Rocking Trigger Frame

These electronic trigger frames come with programmable options for semi-auto, full auto or three round burst. Also included with the all aluminum Spyder Rocking Trigger Frame is a Java 9.6 rechargeable battery with an external charge port. The easy to install kit has a secondary safety and a low battery light indicator.

***NOTE:This trigger is not very commonly available. Below are the most common places to find it:
eBay(Spyder Rocking Trigger)
Amazon(Spyder Rocking Trigger)
Zephyr Paintball(Spyder Rocking Trigger)
Paintball-Online(Spyder Trigger Upgrades)

Posted by Redwood

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