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JT USA has been in business for 30 years and is a leader in thermal paintball goggles. JT has a full line of eye protection to offer; Proteus, Proteus 2, Proteus Sportz-comm, Proteus Chameleon, FX-10, Flex, Proflex, nForcer, Proshield, Head Shield and Elite xFire. With replacement frames, straps, Spectra lenses, Vortex fans, timers, and a Sportscomm communication system available. Individual mask pieces of all sorts of colors are available including mouth pods, hard and soft ear pieces, spectra frames, visors and straps. The straps come in patterns and colors like tiger print, an American flag, black, olive, blue logos, a "cash strap", leopard print and "pro" versions of the standard colors. Some of the masks come in colors like black, clear, olive, blue, grey, smoke, red, yellow and navy.

Some of the most popular paintball masks are made by JT

Most of the masks have a quick release system for fast clean up between rounds. All of their masks should have enough clearance for your standard prescription glasses too. The Vortex fan is a great add-on and easy to install with the included instructions. Switching out the components and customizing your mask is a breeze. With all the different colors and parts available you'll be sure to have a one of a kind mask at your local paintball field.

Note: JT has an active recall on all grey smoke Proteus masks with clear ear pieces and serial numbers dated before June 2001. Contact them for details.

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Posted by Redwood on 12/13/06

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