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JT Paintball Pants

jt paintball pants

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If you're a big fan of JT, one of the most popular paintball companies in the sport, then you will be happy to see the huge selection of JT Paintball Pants. They have been producing paintball products for us players since before the sport got serious. JT makes top performing equipment at prices that won't send us all to the dead box. The popularity of their masks is certainly well known, but JT produces a full line of paintball apparel including some tough and very durable paintball pants.

Besides being super vented to keep you cool while performing incredible acts of bravery on the field, the JT pants have tons of conveniences and little extras. A hidden elastic belt, with Velcro side pulls, helps you to adjust the waist to a comfortable fit and keep them up where they belong, not down around your ankles as you go for a bunker dive. Of course, you can neatly tuck away your squeegee in the quick access pocket for that emergency cleaning of the barrel or pop other items in the two front pockets.

Protect your Important Parts with JT Paintball Pants

You'll look like a runway super model in the JT Paintball Pants with several colors to choose from that match the JT Team Jerseys. The tough nylon reinforced knees will protect your skin when sliding in bunkers or when kneeling for cover behind a rough bunker. The reinforced double snap closures keep your pants in place when moving through tight locations and need to be on the move.

The JT Paintball Pants are a great choice for any serious paintball player ready to stand up and fight. They are less expensive than most of the other big name companies and perform just as well or better.

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Posted by Redwood

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