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Tippmann A5 Stock

tippmann a5 stock

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Snap, react and shoot faster with a Tippmann A5 Stock. Your Close Quarter Combat(CQB) skills will show immediate improvement from being able to quickly shoulder your A5. Any serious sniper knows the importance of steadying their weapon with a functional stock. Now is the time to bring your game up to a higher level of scenario play with a Tippmann A5 Stock.

Get the look you're going for with a Tippmann A5 Stock

Countless models for different looks and play type are available to customize your mil-sim weapon. So many of the top scenario accessory companies are building Tippmann A5 Stocks that there are almost an unlimited amount of choices for any price range. Design function and fit are limited only by your playing style and needs. Some of the more popular styles of stock designs are:

  • Saw
  • Collapsible
  • Commando
  • Longbow
  • Tacamo
  • Dogleg
  • Tactical Folding
  • Carbide

Many of these designs are available as gas-thru making your Tippmann A5 Stock more efficient by placing the air connection at the rear of the stock. This provides you with an out of the way connection for your coiled remote to your pack mounted CO2/HPA tank.

Install a Tippmann A5 Stock and instantly see an improvement to your game.

Check out a Tippmann A5 Stock

Posted by Redwood

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