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Tippmann A5 Shroud

Tippmann A5 Shrouds or accessory body kits are an awesome way to deck out your paintball gun. Adding one of these not only makes it more functional but also adds some sweet milsim looks to your killer weapon of mass destruction. There is an assault style and a SAW style, both add tactical rails for mounting your accessories. The assault style body kit transforms your A5 into a modular tactical system. The SAW style shroud adds the look and feel of the original military SAW gun.

Tippmann A5 Gun Shrouds ~ functional and look great.

Both of the gun shrouds are affordable and easy to install without having to modify your gun. They are constructed of high grade impact aluminum and the rails of made from a super tough nylon composite that can take the abuse of the battle field.

These gun shrouds can be used to complete a replica gun build or be used just for the pure function they will add to your paintball gun. They have been custom made to fit onto your gun and help maintain a balanced assault weapon that will serve you for years to come.

NOTE: These specific shrouds may not be available.

Tippmann A5 Shroud - Assault

Tippmann A5 Shroud Assault

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The assault style body kit wraps around the sides of your Tippmann A5 and adds places for a foregrip, laser, flash light, scope, or what ever you need. It features a long top rail, two short side rails and a rail under the gun. When adding a scope or sight to the top rail, it raises the sight a little for mask clearance. If your planning on adding a grenade launcher at some point, this rail is a must have. This rail adds function to a part of your gun that is usually not accessible to you. By placing rail along the barrel, your gun becomes more efficient and creates a true tactical scenario paintball marker that you can be proud to show off.

Tippmann A5 Shroud - SAW

Tippmann A5 Shroud SAW

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If your trying to capture the appearance of a SAW(Squad Automatic Weapon) replica, this shroud will take you there. It's constructed of a high grade aluminum and the rails are made from a glass reinforced nylon composite. It covers a good portion of your gun and has clearance for your Tippmann Cyclone feed system. The venting holes give it a realistic look and feel. There are a total of six rails, two shorter ones on the top and bottom, and one medium length rail on each side. This Tippmann A5 body shroud adds great function and looks to your milsim weapon.

Posted by Redwood

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