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Used Tippmann A5 Paintball Guns Cheap

Many of these used A-5 guns are an absolute steal. People are unloading their first generation Tippmann markers for the new generations, and they're letting them go super cheap. Lot's of these guns are very tricked out. Get a bid in on a few of these.

With the release of the next generation Tippmann A5, many hardcore Tippmann fans are unloading their older A5s for a new one. The market has become saturated with cheap used guns and now is the time to get in on it.

The latest redesign of this super popular gun has a few new features and some slight upgrades. There is nothing wrong with the old model that makes them unreliable or prone to failure. Tippmann decided to update the A5 because its design usefulness has proven to last for a long time and be am easily marketable model. Just like the famous model 98, the A5 is definitely here to stay and the used guns are retaining their resale value. But you may be able to find them cheap on eBay now.

"Many hardcore Tippmann fans are unloading
their older A5s for a new one."

The 2nd generation Tippmann A5 has many improvements: a improved cyclone feed, a larger safety selector switch, a more accurate barrel, a light weight receiver design, functional sling mounts, the bottom gas line is now black to match the rest of the gun's finish, the front grip is larger, an easier to field strip internal design, the "tombstone" air connection has been redesigned, and the A-5 now comes standard with the much coveted low-profile hopper design.

And just like the new model, the 1st gen A5 definitely left nothing to be desired for those interested in upgrading, especially if you're buying a used A5. There are a ton of cheap aftermarket and Tippmann accessories that can shape the paintball gun into a piece of art that will fit any roll on the field. Most of the new improvements are simply designed to help the marker meet peoples developing expectations that Tippmann has come to match over the years.

Of course the Flatline barrel is a popular upgrade for the A5, it's extended range is unmatched in the sport and they are commonly found with the used guns. The Cyclone feed is still one of the favorite systems for any Tippmann A-5 lover. Being free from batteries and a chunky top mounted electric loader is a definite plus. The Cyclone is not something that wears out, so your used gun will be ready to go. It also helps keep the price of playing cheap by not forcing you to purchase a battery eating loader.

If you're ready to save some money on a gun, now is the time to act. Maybe you're on a tight budget or you want to have more money to spend on upgrading your A5, either way we definitely consider buying used if the prices are cheap enough and the selection is good. Bid on a used Tippmann A5 paintball gun now.

Posted by Redwood on 05/05/2011

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