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Vforce Grill Masks Review

vforce grill paintball mask

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The new Grill Masks with an evil looking style. Many people compare its looks to a Darth-Vader appearance. Most parts of the mask are designed to be quickly changed. That means between rounds you can quickly pop out a paint soaked lens or change the strap or pads. This mask even comes with a chin strap to keep it on your pumpkin during high speed maneuvers.

Obviously it has a thermal lens with a variety of replacement lens options from the typical clear and tinted to colored lenses like blue, red, and the common yellow or amber. Although not many retailers list the replacement lenses, the Vforce website describes them. Too bad Vforce didn't use the same lens that fits the Profiler. These are however, very comparable to the Vforce Profiler paintball masks of past. The profiler was the standard mask of team Wolfpack and we are upgrading to the Grill masks this year. This mask can be commonly found for $90 or less. eBay retailers are starting to carry the Grill masks new at a reduced price. Like the profiler, this mask is very light weight and flexible. Many people complain about getting shot in the mouth area as the mask lets some paint through and can cause a fat lip :( Like any good mask system a person needs head protection above all else in paintball(unless you think you'll get shot in the 'man parts'). The biggest area not to try to go cheap is your masks. There's nothing worse than a crapy mask ruining your game by being uncomfortable or fogging up. The grill has a higher forehead coverage area that's supposed to bounce high balls away. In the past we've had problems on hot days trying to get moisture to escape and not cause fog due to a visor or forehead shield. We will have to see this Summer how these masks perform. So far when we've played indoor fields that got kind of warm the Grill mask performed flawlessly.

An update to this article(Feb 09, 2007):
I received an email back from V-Force today about replacement lenses. They say, "We anticipate that new(replacement) lenses should be available just after Huntington Beach NPPL Tournament", and that "Colors(lens color options) should be launched then as well."
So hold on folks, replacement lenses are on the way. By the way, the NPPL Huntington Beach Tournament is scheduled for March 23-25. I bet you already knew that though...

Posted by Redwood on 01/24/07

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